I have a confession. I’ve been throwing my trash day by day at the subway station. Guilty!

I’m never home when the trash truck comes, so that’s the only way to throw out trash.

since I watched The Town yesterday, my process of throwing out trash was very robber/movie-esque.

I walked into the bathroom nonchalantly with my “shopping” bag. I went into the bathroom, opened the lid and squished it in. I opened the door and who do I see, “the cleaning lady”! gasp.

I see her walk in, I run to the sink and wash my hands and walk so fast I stumble into an old man. I pass the ticket booth and walk downstairs to wait for my MRT. My heart is racing! “They’re going to tap my shoulders and throw the trash in my face!” or openly humiliate me by chasing after me with my bag of trash. I can just sense it coming.

With my THE TOWN enthusiasm, I decide to blend in with the people, I sneak behind a tower. Making sure the cameras are not on me. The MRT comes and I jump in. Swiftly the MRT leaves and I’m safe.

Thus, my confession. I apologize to Taiwan for leaving my trash in the MRT trash cans. I am a true foreigner I confess.

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