Born watched by angels

Well, who would’ve known. The St. Thomas book I was reading is actually a seminary book. Hm, maybe I wouldn’t mind going to seminary.

1. Love is a gift?

2. Once we are born, an angel watches over us?

3. Only we ourselves can will ourselves to do something, only God and ourselves. Everyone else only persuades from the periphery.

Some quotes I love

“Among ourselves, until a man has learned to listen he has no business teaching; until he realizes that every man has something of truth and wisdom to offer he does not begin to learn; it is only when he sees how each of his fellows surpass him that a man begins to be wise, to himself and his fellowman”

“The least are led to God by the greatest; talent is not a mere personal favor but a social responsibility”

“We do not destroy God by denying Him, we destroy only ourselves”

“In this life, it is quite true that it is both better and worse to love than to know; for love can be either disastrously degrading or breathlessly ennobling. Our happiness or misery now is a matter of the objects of our loves.”

picture i took at Alishan, just got off the mountain today. watched the sunrise.

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