Mosquitoes. I think that’s how you spell it. I can’t believe I’m staying up to fight mosquitoes. As I was about to doze off to zZzz land- I hear mosquitoes buzzing in my ear. I tried to swat it, but when I turned on the light, I noticed my wrist was swollen from a bite. You little MOSQUITO! MUST DIE!! Plz TAKE IT AWAY, leave my room. I’m prying it will miraculously like die and fall to the floor. It’s so tiny, I can’t find it. Must buy bug spray soon…good nite.

2 thoughts on “Mosquitoes

  1. Jane

    omg… i feel ya sista!
    i think they sell those coil things at the market and u can burn them so that the mosquitos don’t come near
    its like an incense type of thinggggg

  2. Azores

    I thought they were transformed into some sort of supermassive alien monster. But now I’m not afraid of them, ‘cuz I’ve got my little weapon of mosquito destruction, essential oil! I just love it! Maybe you can have a try, it really works.

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