They don’t shave? Xidan

I went to Xidan today. Wanted to explore the outer parts, instead of just the old places. We were supposed to go to Forbidden City, but as we learned, the professor had changed the schedule and PESi staff was not aware of it until the last minute.

I got a pedicure. As I was sitting there relaxing, I was acutely aware of prejudice and injustice. I noticed the young girl helping the staff with cleaning. Even small gestures that the staff made towards the girl, like pushing her aside, made me cringe. She had darker skin so I assumed she might be a minority in China. I was thinking maybe she only got paid like 1 yuan or 2 yuan an hour.

Then this big guy walked in and was like accusing the worker, then flicked his finger at another worker’s head (sounded like it hurt). I assumed this was the boss or “the work pimp”. I was not happy, I was actually very upset and wanted to do something back to this big guy. Of course, I had no right to do anything. All I could do was ask my Creator for justice and also to give this minority girl a chance in life, to give her self-esteem, a reason for living. I can see how someone would feel inferior if they were treated like crap everyday. If I had the money, I want to give a minority a chance at life. I want to give them a dream, to show them that they can pursue their dreams and be someone in life. I would send them to school.

This is at Xidan- my sorta fail picture. People stare at you when you take pictures of random things.

So I go to in to this Mr. Lee noodle place, the napkin claims that they have 380 chain stores, especially in America California. I stare at it, “like really??”. So I ask the waitress- you guys have stores in California. She says yes. But I doubt it. I went to two places, and they’re supposedly chains in Taiwan, but I’ve never seen it. Imitation…everything?

BTW the noodles were really good, but the boba SUCKED. Waiting until Taiwan to get boba.

More pics to come- AND YAY! I’m teaching music!! 🙂 woot woot – instead of Chinese writing. thankssss G.

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