My Adventure at WuDaoKou

So today we went to C as a group, I was surprised at how American everything was. Of course, it was for international goers so you had to make sure you had your passport.

After about 2:30pm, we were free for the day. I decided to go back to my snuggly bed for a nap, turned out the nap was 2 hours long. I slipped into deep sleep. Upon waking up, I had renewed energy and wanted to go have an adventure on my own. I call this “therapeutic adventure”= Alone time + adventure + shopping + meeting strangers.

First, I rode my bike to Wudaoko. This only took 10-15 minutes. The sun was BRIGHT and shining, and I was feeling good. When I arrived, I locked my bike and started walking around. I saw some things I wanted, but just walked away if they didn’t give me a good price. Then, my adventure begun when I found “the shopping mall”. The shopping mall was pretty much an indoor outdoor mall, consisting of many many small booths. Some were clothing, some nail shops. I bought a few things, but what I had the most fun doing was getting a manicure for 10 yuan, which is like $1.50 US. Unfortunately, due to my rushed personality, a few flowers has chipped off. She took meticulous effort to paint purple, then purple shinny-ness, then little small white flowers. I forgot how long it took, but it was no small effort. I asked her if she was still in school- she said she finished high school and quit after.

I saw a woman get this black tattoo, but it was a spray on and lasts for 6 months. It was only 10 yuan again, so I decided to get a heart with wings on my right wrist. I can’t believe the price of everything. It struck me how the people were, I enjoyed observing their every words and sayings. Would they think that I’m observing them? Is it weird that my mouth is shut?

Next, I went outside and saw some squid things on a stick. I went to the portie potty first, but every door I opened consisted of “SHITS!” Like not just little shits, but BIG BIG BIG swirly lumps of shits. To my dismay! Well, of course, I went in and after weeing weeing, I realized I couldn’t find my tissue. So there I was almost gagging out my lunch, and I was trying to find tissue.

Finally, I was able to escape from hell.

I saw this booth that had everything on sticks. One that I was craving was pig blood, it comes in a rectangular form. The soup was hot hot hot spicy. I pryed that I would not number 2 because of it. At first I got the tin bowl and was able to wrap up my goods. However, I watched a lady stand and eat so I decided to imitate her. It was so freaken delicious I almost died and went to heaven.

But of course I didn’t and paid my 1.8 yuan for 3 sticks. Which was amazing! I could’ve gotten like 10 more. However, I needed to go eat with my new-made friend…so couldn’t.

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