One More Month! And Jetting Off!

Hello everyone, I’m sitting at Mcdonald’s using their wifi and eating my own, rice lunchbox. Yes, very asian. I wanted to update everyone on my days lately.

My friend and I attended an event called Taste for Fair Trade in South Pasadena last Saturday. She was very eager to meet the founders and CEO of Anti-Body, a fair trade beauty/skin care company. The sisters names are Tamara and Shelby- visit their website on

In addition, I am getting more involved with volunteering at Ten Thousand Villages, a fair trade store in Pasadena-visit their site at Training will start this Thursday.

Some exciting things that I did this past weekend, went to Venice and visited a cool hat store Titanic, got blown away by the wind and sand (hurt a LOT), went to my friends house and ate legit Mexican food…Pictures below:

Screen printing at the Fair Trade event, got a cool “Switch to Stitch” t-shirt created by Nueva Vida.

Judging Senior Projects (cake decorating in this picture) at Clark Magnet High. This was an interesting experience since I felt like I was deciding the fates of these high school students. They were EXTREMELY professional, nothing like me when I was in high school. Their work was exceptional and well, a lot of professionals that were judging asked if I was an alumni since I looked so young. Nope, sir.

At my friend’s house eating legit Mexican food. I love Mexican cheese and I got to eat Cactus!!! THE BABY IS SO CUTE but he turned around.


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