Travel Diva Is Sassy As Hell- The Beginnings of Asia

Yes, I am a travel diva. I’m so tired from calling travel agents. Tickets to Beijing, then to Taiwan, then to LAX. $1940, cha- ching ching. Big money, for a small no money person like a student graduate.

I’ve probably traveled enough to tell you how it is, but really, I’m no expert. I’m not like Up In the Air kinda dude, but I do want that “premium” VIP lounge card. Last time when I went to Switzerland, I learned not to get too happy about an 800 roundtrip ticket, because I ended up paying much more for missing my flight. Anything can happen, really. I swear. ANYTHING. That is the fun part about traveling. And I LOVE IT.

I’ve slept at train stations, airports, on random jackets, and traveling and getting lost. You definitely need some sass so you don’t get mugged or look lost. Even if you’re lost, you must look like a local. Somehow, this is easier if you are in Asia obviously. Bargain the hell out, be sassy, or get cheated to pay foreign price. I’m a little anxious looking for the right price, when in the end, there’s a certain skill of buying it right away so the price doesn’t rise. Like yeast or some crazy monster in the ocean.

I love and hate chinese travel agents. They are also very sassy. And they don’t really care to persuade you.


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