Faceless By Mary Lindsay

This is a poem by my friend in Taiwan- love it!  (Mary Lindsay)

Is the name of her pain.
Is the form of the dark
That kisses her hair
And leaves her heart bare,
Stops her in her tracks.
Makes her tremble in fear.
What she can’t see,
Is all that she sees,
So she’s down on her knees,

Screaming . . .

Because there’s no face there.
A head without eyes,
And yet it sees her.
A head without a mouth,
Yet it whispers her name.
A head without a nose,
Yet it picks up her scent.
And knows where she went;
It follows.
Like a villain out of a nightmare.
Traps her in a corner,
Where she cries just like a child
And wishes for the days
When Faceless
Would have a face,
And she would know
Just what she’s facing
Instead of a haunting
Image of

“So maybe you’re wondering what this means. Basically, it’s up to the reader to interpret it according to their own life and personal feelings, but to me, it’s a description of the pain we all go through. We are so familiar with it, yet we cannot understand it. It’s like an image of ourselves without a face; something we know, yet something that is haunting, horrifying; something we cannot comprehend.

Maybe you are your own worst enemy, or maybe it’s something different. Whatever it is, it’s always something we cannot understand that hurts us. Even if it is the person we think we know the most.”- Mary Lindsay


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