Mountains are reflected in Streams

I’m currently reading a book called The Good Woman of China, stories about, I feel the suffering of women during mostly the cultural revolution. This quote really struck me:

“Jingyi said hat women were like water and men like mountains- was this a valid comparison? I put this question to my listeners, and received almost two hundred replies in a week. Of these, more than ten came from my colleagues. Big Li wrote, ‘Chinese men need women in order to form a picture of themselves- as mountains are reflected in streams. But streams flow from the mountains. Where then is the true picture?'”

I find this to be sad- personally I have a pretty skewed view of males, chinese males to be specific that I will not speak of in my public blog. However, I do not put my hope in human beings anyway, we fail each other constantly, it is human. We just gotta roll with the punches and believe in a God who can transform rags.


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