Forgive me for not facing pain

Faded voices, unable to speak. Instruments banging on my head, frustration convulsing.

Nobody raises your voices. Just another night to stare deep into the moon. It only takes one moment…that reminds you

of your inadequacy, the pain subsiding and convulsing, reminding you of things you don’t want to remember. A missing link, an absent aroma that never showered confetti upon a cherished heart.

Nobody raise your voices, I’m just another hollowed being. I cant speak enough, the words aren’t good enough. So i just stare a little harder, hoping that face to face, we will face pain. Rain showers. Shutters, flashes, shoes, curtains, watches, i remember you by the watch. This shop was gone long ago. We shut it down, one by one.

I’ve gambled away all my thoughts, hoping these seed scattered grows one day. Into flourishing greens. Birds can sing and flowers can dance. Until then, let me laugh a little and let go of this inhibition that binds me. Society, at its best. I’m choosing to sing down Colorado, with my umbrella held high, melodies only i can understand. Catching in the wind. She smiles at me.

Maniac. Nobody raise their voices when they’re alone. I’ve listened to this song a hundred times and walked this rugged path a million. Singing when I can’t. Bloody with wounds of despair and pain. Too deep to understand myself. Faces, ugly momentums of cars, rain, and blood. Bring me hope when I can’t. Every time I drink in this experience, I am reminded I have one hope. And then i can laugh again.


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