Another Event I’m Hyped About- Hip Hop Festival October 3

Hi Everyone- today I just ran 3 miles with my buddies. Every time I exert myself physically, I feel this INTENSE joy. As I sweat, I feel alive. I’m not scared of sweat, dirt, and gore. I’m all about feeling alive. Even when that means getting a little dirty in the process. BUT that leads me to introduce another event I’m excited about- I just got it in my email.

JUICE Hip Hop Festival!

When: October 3, 2009 Saturday 8 pm

Where: Ford Amphitheater in LA


I found out about it when I was applying for summer internships, of course I ended up going to Germany, BUT I thought this would be something I WOULD TOTALLY support 100%. Keeping kids off the street by introducing them to hip hop dance! I love that! I love dancing myself, especially when I’m on stage! I love to show off and love the applause. Giving the arts and dance to people is like introducing them to another world of purpose and joy.


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