A Recap of Summer 09

A recap of summer 09 because I am going through designer’s mental creative block or what I call creative anxiety (aka you’re unable to start your design project because you’re afraid once you start, it’ll be bad). Anyone agree?

I went to Germany, Munich, Paris, and went to Homeless land for awhile too. I was lounging around for a month more in LA, now I am so ready to get on with life again. Which means less time for reading, I devoured so many books this summer!


Offenburg: What I came to do! Meet the most amazing team of artists. I can still remember vividly all our tea times, painting the mural, as well as soul talking. I love them to death!


Offenburg: Painting away.


Munich: Posters in an art museum. Outside was windy, rainy, and just a perfect day for museum lounging.


Munich: Did I ever mention how much of a cafe freak addict I am? Traveling alone means journaling a good amount about the weird bald guy staring at you, introspective discoveries, as well as how everything costs 1.5 more in Europe. What? My coffee is half the amount, but then you realize, who needs to drink that much coffee anyway? No wonder Americans have no self control.


Salzburg: I made a last minute decision to go to this BEAUTIFUL city, where Mozart was born. Well, my mom did go to Germany to major in piano. My hostel mates told me to go, so instead of going to the overpriced castle near Munich, I went to this freaken god- inspired hunk of a city.


Paris: Mussels in Paris. The only fine meal I had for the whole 3.5 weeks. I ate bread, cheese, and meat, oh did I mention bread? I ate so much bread, I think I dreamt of bread sucking me in and me disappearing forever. Did you notice my thin arms? Yes, starving artist traveling.


Paris: Le Louvre (taken by Andy) One thing I regret about Paris, I did not get to go to the big Fashion Museums. FAIL! Everytime I tried to go, it was either close for break or just closed. For some reason, museums aren’t open on Mondays. I did get to see a small exhibition of Yves Saint Laurent. Maybe one day I will partake of a big fashion event in Paris…that would be amazing. Breathtaking….sigh. Too bad my french had disintegrated into moral fail.


Going Home: Good thing I met with a friend in Paris! I would not have been able to see Paris at night as a girl walking around alone. And also because I lost all my picture files on my camera….to which I responded with exasperation, anxiety, and a heart attack. Good thing he had taken some!

Back in LA: Crystal Cove Beach. I had heard from my European friends that they have no access to the beach…unless they drive for hours. I kept thinking, “I live 30 minutes from the beach, but I don’t go that much”. Then when I came back, I think I went 5 times. The cupcakes are from this cute little cupcake store at Seal Beach.

July 2009: Whiteriver, AZ. Catching crawdads in the river. I seriously was stooping for 2 hours trying to catch crawdads with my very own hands. I’m not even kidding, those things swim fast. They’re like shooting rockets in the water. However, I caught 2! It was one of those victories you’ll remember for your whole life, and tell your grandkids too.



Cooking a caught crawdad: 1. Notice healthy and swimming. 2. By the third day, it started floating to the surface, so I decided to cook it. 3. Turns red immediately. 4. Ew. The grossest thing happened- green liquid sputtered out in mass amounts.

As a result, after one hour of loading pictures onto this blog… I am about to sleep! FIDM starts pretty soon and I’m awaiting what new freelance work may come about. But more than that, I am looking forward to what God may have for me overseas next year. Moving is a big step of faith, but required for those that are adventurous and risk taking!


2 thoughts on “A Recap of Summer 09

  1. Anna Hopkins

    Hey, I don’t use the computer much beyond email but my brother just forwarded me part of an email from you about loving people like Jesus loves. It totally flawed me and I sat weeping over it for a bit. God used your words to speak into my situation and He’s gonna use you mightily, beyond your wildest dreams. Even now every second of your life is being used in service for Him as well as preparing you for greater things. I pray that you discover the joy of the Lord as your strength as you reach out to others, yet never lose your gift to sit and cry with people and feel their pain as God does. Love and prayers, Anna (Josh GD’s sister)

    1. rebekkalien

      Thank you so much 🙂 Means a lot to me, you’re such a sweet person and your encouragement really well, encourages me. 🙂

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