Fighting for Justice

I am reading a book called The Rape of Nanking by Iris Chang. As uncomfortable as history makes us, we must learn from it. We must learn about the evil potentials of mankind. Consider now the sad and tragic epidemic of human trafficking. We have made money so much of a god, people would inhumanely mistreat a human being for personal gain. This is so unjust, it wrenches my heart and makes me want to vomit. The condition of mankind is corrupt, ugly, horrid, in every way imaginable. Yet, some of us are so lucky to be born where we were, to have certain conditions that allowed us to grow up with education, family, and life. Most of all freedom.

Yet, some of us still don’t believe in the existence of Satan, of a Devil. Yet, some of us still blame God. How unfortunate that we do not see human beings are the ones making conscious decisions to rebel, to abuse others for their own personal gain.

And somehow I have suddenly woken from a horrid dream- that all my life, I lived for my own personal gain. Now, I must go out to help. I must be God’s hands and feet, I must, or I will die in horrid depression of what the world is turning into. I must live for God, for others. I must deliver captives, I must. There can not be a ‘but’ because we all know, it is plain wrong.

Several Blogs/ Websites:

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Take Action: Pray: Do: Live for A Cause and not so that your company can look good marketing that “you’re do gooder”. I don’t believe you.


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