Inspire- Run (A poem inspired by a plane flying in the blue night sky while running)

Looking at the skies, where the future lies

I couldn’t help but want to fly

In this instance I know I must die

To the self that inhibits me from visions

that only derives from collisions

of You and me.

And to think that You, the King of all Kings, the Creator of time

Could it be all a pantomime?

From what passions you stored since I was just nine,

Maybe it’s time for me to step over the line

of complacency and society

I know I ain’t got the ability

I was not born into nobility

Neither was I equipped with sincerity

But my heart keeps beating, keeps breaking

for the things that keeps God’s heart aching

I think it’s time to stop faking

My life is here for Your taking

Open arms, open eyes, open heart

Crucified with You, this is a piece of Art

Thank you for giving me, One passion, One love, One hope.

There’s no mistaken, that my God is freaken Dope.

Written by: Rebekka Lien


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