Kewpies…Next to Godzilla


I kid you not, on top of the entrance of this little Japanese Ramen Restaurant in Little Tokyo, LA, I FOUND AND DISCOVERED two treasures. My favorite toy of all time would be Kewpie! 🙂 And of course Blythe dolls.

I just heard fireworks…but it is not July 4th, it is July 5th for goodness sake! People! Yesterday I slept like a log despite the noisy bombs (fireworks) that were going off.  I dreamt the whole night. I can’t remember what exactly, but one was me being a teacher, to many, hundreds even. My memory has been escaping me lately, at a young age of 21.

“The deeper that sorrow carves into your being the more joy you can contain…when you are joyous, look deep into your heart and you shall find it is only that which has given you sorrow that is giving joy”. Such deep words that I read from a book a friend gave me. To me, I think of the suffering Jesus had to go through for the love of the world, for me. Indeed, I cannot appreciate joy if I have not sorrow. I always think of my one mentor, her eyes, penetrating me when speaking to me, are filled with sorrow. Yet, it is from her deep sorrow, that she is able to love self-lessly.

I can’t say I’m a writer, but I can say that God writes these epiphanies through me.  I cannot but describe the hurt of betrayal and pain. It is like rocks weighing you down, dragging you under the ocean and suffocating your very being. It is like skin being burned off or your hair being plucked one by one. These I have not experienced, but I can say I’ve burned my skin before with hot boiling water. Many times I have felt left behind, abandoned. These are sorrows I only bring up when people ask. The spirit leads in ways I cannot fathom, but that is my life- full of both sorrow and joy.

It is difficult for me to reveal my whole heart on a public blog, for it is mere words on a screen. But I long to impart these truths through person. So that He can speak freely through me. One day I want to write a book 🙂


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