Talent Show and END OF SCHOOL YEAR



When: 7:30 pm tomorrow Friday

Where: Mandarin Baptist Church of Pasadena (501 n. Santa Anita Arcadia)

Why: Raise scholarships for college students and to appreciate the multi- talented folks out there (including me 🙂 awwww thanks!!…LOL)

Even as I write this, I am smiling to myself. Those moments I realize how much I have invested and worked on a project or “event”, I am so proud of my little babies (projects/ events).  Seeing an event come to fruition, seeing people love the shows, seeing and meeting people I love, gosh how else can life be good?  Of course, I am always praying that none of my self- loved ness will become my identity.  I don’t want to base my identity on my accomplishments, but on who I am in Christ – ALWAYS.  I am loved even if I do nothing NOTHING.

As I write this, I smile widely to myself.  SCHOOL IS OUT. I am forever not a junior in college no more.  I am a senior now. This will be my last year in college. Forever MORE!  Of course, I don’t want to think of grad school.  I kept jumping up and down screaming in the middle of downtown LA.  I will have a whole summer to do what?  🙂 Possibilities are simply endless.

I don’t know what the next chapter in my life will bring, maybe tears and maybe laughters.  Many of my close friends are experiencing the same- seeing people get married, give birth, move away, stay, live, laugh, learn.  When do we ever have time to reflect on these beautiful moments in life?  Can my friend and I running with rolly backpacks across downtown LA at night, screaming and laughing our heads off be one of those moments?  Will I ever recapture them?  Or maybe in eternity, we will reflect but look forward.  Life is life, life is love, life is amazing. So unendingly fruitful, joyful, soulful, intense.  I miss those endless times, typing on my xanga blog, which no one reads…yet I still blog those intimate and personal moments of soulful pain and suffering.

Some things I experienced this year: (some are firsts)

1. Endless presentations, reports, essays

2. Awesome times with classmates, laughing about boy drama, food, exams

3. Seeing my fashion design on a small runway- but still seen and loved by many (Thanks friends for coming…that was an epic night for me, life changing and somehow revealed to me what my life could possibly be)

4. Freelancing in costume design 🙂 SWEET and I LOVE IT!

5. Going to ENDLESS interviews, scurrying, running to stores to pick up hosiery, garment bags, last minute sketches, finding parking…oh my interview stories are ENDLESS

6. Prayer/ Bible group with fellow soul sisters- calling each other in the middle of the night, eating fatty foods, dancing, crying in despair, yet with hope

7. Crying over not getting my dream job- but realizing, it wasn’t for me. Oh how in brokenness we find perfection.

8. Many more weddings attended, friends goodbyes, baby births, and for me? Growing up and taking care of myself…and many others as well.

9. Recording cello for an indie film!

10. I can go on forever, I don’t remember what exactly I went through. But every day, every week, every month- there were always DRASTIC changes, HUGE drastic changes.  I never had a “free weekend”, though I seriously miss sitting down and reading a good book.  Oh yes, I went to SO many parties! Endless birthday parties, weddings…rejections and acceptances, friendships with young and old, mentors, mentees, wow. life. is freaken. OFF THE HOOK amazing. I guess, I can say…I like to be the life of the party.  But really, how I like to relaxe?  I like to take a walk in the park, sit on a lounge chair and soak in the sun, or walk up and down the beach with a friend.

That’s me. That’s that. THATS THE END OF SCHOOL!!! Beckon me to a summer of change. I’ll be going to Arizona for 7 days, Europe for 3 weeks, and 4 weeks to kick off my hip hop/ pilates classes…as well as, God willing, work at a boba store. Yes, that’s my one “want to tries”.

Good night all.  I will try to get some sleep in my excitement for summer cometh.


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