FIDM Alumni Dinner


Looks like a Gossip Girl Pic.

Just burned my tongue on super hot tea.  Bumza.  BLAH.  Yesterday I went to the FIDM Alumni Dinner with my friend, it was off the hook!!  There were about 200 alumnis and staff, mostly clad in black and cocktail dresses.  I find that even now, it’s hard to be fully myself on a blog just because everyone can see it!  Even so- I will continue with this.  The event was located in London Hotel in West Hollywood- do not trust the parking people next to the Hotel.  We found a lot where you could park for 10 bucks, what a deal (with much sarcasm).  The man parked my car as if he was high on coffee, swerving like he was about to crash my car.  I then saw him oh so carefully parking the Mercedez…ah the inequality of this world.  As I walk to my car, I noticed that the rear was comfortable lodged against a tree trunk.  What is a tree trunk doing in a parking lot anyways?

To my relief, nothing damaged.

The highlight?  Socializing with other FIDM alumni- it’s so rewarding to see others achieve their dreams, their passions!  For me, I’m still working it out, but life is a journey right?  It’s a fun journey and everyday I’m living it to the fullest.  Everyone- I heart Olivia Ong, she is an amazing Bossa Nova singer.  Her voice is smooth as the best coffee on earth and it brings you literally to a small homey house in Italy, coffee in hand, nice couch, and a good book or journal.  “In another words, please be true~~~”.


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