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The other day my classmate said to me “you know all the good websites!  Tell me more!!”.  I had told her about where I got my business cards printed and how affordable it was compared to  Because everyone goes there, everyone thinks it is is cheaper.  WRONG.  I go to, based in Burbank.  Though I had a tough time trying to make my Illustrator file dimensions match with the criteria, my beautiful business cards came in less than a week, shiny and perfect.

I am a hyper- maniac about researching the best sources, the best sites, the best deals…and I love simply surfing the net.  Thus, I have decided to post all my “secret and coveted” websites to the right, such as my beloved fashion internship sites.  What is good cake without sharing it right?  Remember to mention me, not promising any discounts…but maybe just for the sake of networking right?

Lately I have been obssessed with wedding and event planning.  Here are some of the traits that Opportunities in Event Planning Career

  • willingness to work a flexible schedule with long hours
  • experience in delegating
  • negotiating skills (I will be taking a class on that next quarter, plus I’m reading a book called Women Don’t Ask– outlining how women earn less because they don’t think to ask for a promotion or raise.  Innately women are more nurturing, so they avoid asking to avoid competition or hurting others.  I have discovered though, sometimes you earn respect by asking for it.  I’ve learned that when I get compensated for my work, I will put 110% into it- it will be the BEST of me.  Not because I’m greedy, but because this is the work world, not time to be Asian)
  • verbal and written communication skills
  • multi- tasking
  • self- starter
  • good problem solver
  • budget/ time management skills
  • people person- relational and customer service oriented

A short update on my life– November and December is crazy season.  I have two weddings to play cello and piano for before December ends (one this coming Saturday actually).  Thank Jesus for Veteran’s Day, though I must say, everyone takes Veterans for granted (me included).  I am starting to love my freelance work at The Sewing Studio, I HEART interacting with the students- maybe because we all love fashion and FIDM.  I feel more at ease, more myself, more comfortable simply helping people, answering questions.  I am so passionate about helping people find their hearts’ passions.  I will be counseling youth at a youth retreat December 27-30, may God grant me loads of strength and patience (something tells me I will be tried).  Oh yes and my Japanese friend is coming over for Thanksgiving Break (must clean my room).  Oh yes and my beloved Taiwanese friend is also moving to America in December.

Hopefully I can find a steady part time marketing/ event job in the Spring.  Otherwise, living life to the fullest 🙂


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