Week Before Finals, Art to Stimulate My Brain

This weekend consisted of my brother’s grad show isaaklien.atspace.com (Art Center College of Design Grad Show 2008) on Friday and his graduation on Saturday morning….which basically consisted of me waking up at 8:30 am and rushing to get there.  Right after we went to devour Chinese food and at 3 pm, I was off to Cal Mart to Unique Los Angeles Indie Craft Tradeshow.  Props to Sonja for the most amazing independent craft/ art show I have ever been to.  By 7 pm, I was exhausted and ready to fall off my high chair and die a million times over.  It has been the most networking- filled weekend ever.  I got to meet tons of amazing artists and crafters.


My friend’s Cool Sneak.  DROOL.  I want to find random sneakers in someone’s trunk!!


ART CENTER GRAD SHOW 2008, Painted Mural :  I heart the colors- whoever painted this.  You RULE!


One word: COOL.

After going to all these artistically stimulating events, I started thinking about being a vendor at a craftie show.  The only problem is…do I have the time to continue providing products if the demand is high for them?  Am I ready to do this?  Let me prepare and research some more.  And then maybe…I’ll set out for real.


At a wedding December 6th, had the most fun with my friend Kristeenar (inside joke) driving to and from it.  When you find that friend who completely understands and does not  judge you…man. IT’s BOMB.  In a good way.

On another note, I am so grateful for all my friends.  I honestly feel blessed to have all my girlfriends.  I have seen them grow and mature, seen them through the rocky stages of life and I am so FREAKEN PROUD OF THEM.  That is enough- seeing your friends become beautiful women with beautiful hearts.  They remind me of who I am meant to be and encourage me to fulfill my potential.  Like Van Gogh said, the most artistic thing is to love people, I believe art convicts us to greater depths of love.  To all artists and art- appreciators, think deeply, question deeply, and find deeply.  In the end, love deeply.  Adios, til next time- when I will be fully liberated of school work.


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