Only Insane People Like Me Would Do Such A Thing

Runny nose, blocked ear, weak body, thoughts of despair and desperation.

Why? Why me, now? And why was I so insane to book a flight to Ecuador without knowing if I could pay for my trip.

Only insane people like me would do such a thing.

I guess you can call it faith, not blind, but a steady faith, a stable faith knowing -I’ve done it before. The heavens supported my way through, it could happen again. Every time I tend to reach a point of “OMG I’M GIVING UP!”- actually I reach that point at least once a month. Somehow the universe likes to make you really really extremely “HELPLESS” and then, something happens. 

That’s my pattern anyway. It’s not my favorite, because it puts me in a vulnerable place of “omg what am I going to do”. I like to think that God rewards the insane for their faith, not based on their current circumstances, but believing my vision is legit, true, and noble for every resource to come together for.

Send me to Ecuador because I make dreams come true for people.

How to light fire, just light it.

IF you can’t believe in your own dreams and yourself, how can anyone believe in you and your dreams?