Real Talk!

Real Talk!

Can you believe we have lived 2 months of 2014 already, this means we have 8 more months to accomplish our 2014 goals.

Lately I have been learning to SLOW DOWN and to be PRESENT in the moment. This allows me to be aware of of my being and happiness. It also allows me to think clearly when I breathe in and out my nose.

I had the intuition to listen to my inner self and slow down for 3 days, to be fully present each moment. In three days, I was able to connect with 3 friends that I have not seen for 8 years, enjoy the present moments with them and collaborate for future creations.

The week of February 24, 2014 will welcome in a flood of successes, projects, and gifts. I can sense it in the air. Get ready to receive gifts. I am already experiencing this as my voicemail has been flooding with new clients and new business. It is a NEW season. Let go of the old and welcome the new.

Get ready for a new packaging! What you envisioned in the past as “successes”, get ready to welcome in a whole new packaging. It is NOT going to look like what you have experienced. Don’t think you know how it is going to go down, be patient, let the packaging unravel. Don’t judge too quickly. The season welcomes new packaging.

SPEAKING of which, look! I have a new column on and SGV Journal publication.



I am so proud of myself, knowing that my perspective and story is changing lives is more fulfilling than simply getting a big paycheck. One article can change many lives. I hope someone will email me when they read my article 🙂

I’ll be flying out to Orlando for Dani Johnson’s event – First Steps to Success Feb 27. I’ll update you on my adventures, feel free to find my on instagram (rebekkalien).

May your week welcome in more success, more happiness, more joy, more love, more JUICE.

Rebekka Lien