Wealth In Your Soul

I think it’s important to dissect and evaluate our values, our perspective on wealth.

My friend had some really great points during our discussion on our lives.

What is wealth? And why do we value it. Wealth is usually associated with money, but think about the following:

1. What if you had all the best clothes, but had no friends to go out with to wear your nice clothes?

2. What if you had all the money in the world, but had no mental health to even walk outside and work, function?

3. What if you had no health, and isn’t health part of our wealth?

4. What about spirituality? Having a focal point, a vision, a stability in our spirit?

All human beings desire to be loved, to be valued, but it is so easy to get caught up with what the media and popular culture values. Living alone has helped me to see the importance of true friendships, genuine people who care for you, it has also shown me the deception of the world and the false faces that people put on to get what they want from you. It is most unfortunate. Essentially, humans are flawed. Knowing this, we can move forward and create our destiny.

I have learned throughout my 24 years…that few things matter without stability in YOUR SOUL (not in your circumstances), relationships are the only thing you have if you have nothing else, and that the NOISE of the world destroys identity. 

All the noise (busy-ness for nothing, random obligations that we care not for, grasping of air)- is the one thing that distracts us from reflecting on why we do anything. Is it for others, for others to think well of us, seeking of approval? Is it because we are hurt and refuse to deal with the hurt?

Silence Mind