Your Mindset Shapes Your Reality

Yesterday I had an epiphany, I wanted to dig deeper into why I had this hovering fear. I came into the conclusion that underneath it all, there was this fear that “I am not enough”. 

I strongly believe that we, underneath the outer material appearances, long to fulfill this question “am I worth it?” As human beings, we long for this existential peace which we think we can attain by:

1. Doing more, because then people will see I’m worth it

2. Earning more, because then we can buy the things that will show that we are worth it

3. Rebelling to the point of being on the brink of being hated by many- this is also a method in which we can portray our worth to others, by trying REALLY hard to be different, and essentially not being who we really are.

I can go on to list how we manifest our reality with our mindsets. We must be aware that there are mindsets that will lead us to emptiness. Here are a few:

1. The spirit of poverty and a mindset that there is scarcity in the world– this leads us to compete with others, even in the mind. As we compare ourselves to those that are more successful, we are believing in the lie that we are NOT ENOUGH.

2. The belief that we are really all the same and that we must conform in order to win– this is also fatal as usually the unique stand out in the market, not the conformists.

Perhaps we can replace our negative mindsets with:

1. I am destined for a unique destiny

2. I am loved and fated to change history

3. I am a world shaker

4. My life is my responsibility, I should only focus on my life and what my destiny calls me to do, versus trying to figure out what other people are doing and imitating it. There’s only one of you, so make sure you are not trying to be someone else.