3 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Are The Most Stable People


I have been called unstable because I have a vision. How ironic. I have been called unstable because I choose to leave my home and travel to the unknown and foreign land by myself, and be inspired by the road.

People don’t have to understand the vision, but people really don’t need to judge. But most people judge because they are jealous of you, because most people are scared of change. Enjoy my commentary.

According to Merriam-Webster:


adjective \-ˈstā-bəl\

: likely to change

: not emotionally or mentally healthy

: not held in a secure position : likely to move or fall

Full Definition of UNSTABLE

:  not stable :  not firm or fixed :  not constant: as- It’s so hilarious because life is unfixed, life is constantly changing even if you choose to hold onto anything, you are constantly getting older, your body is always aging, you are either growing or digressing, pick what you may.

a :  not steady in action or movement :  irregular <an unstable pulse>- How ironic. Entrepreneurs are CONSTANTLY moving.

b :  wavering in purpose or intent :  vacillating- Entrepreneurs have 1 purpose, to figure out a better way of life, business, and lifestyle. They are searching for more, they are searching for truth, for a better and faster way to make more income in less time. Entrepreneurs survive in tough times BECAUSE they have a purpose. 

c :  lacking steadiness :  apt to move, sway, or fall <an unstable tower> – Entrepreneurs are not SWAYED by peoples’ judgements, they survive even when their closest friends and family tell them unfathomable judgements. 

d (1) :  liable to change or alteration <an unstable economy> <unstable weather> (2) :  readily changing (as by decomposing) in chemical or physical composition or in biological activity- I mean, this really cracks me up. If people think entrepreneurs are unstable, I mean, isn’t that just life? There are ups and downs, entrepreneurs simply learn to RIDE THE WAVE.

e :  characterized by lack of emotional control- I think it’s more like EXPRESSING ourselves. Most people are so suppressed, they just suffocate their emotions and pretend everything is okay. At least we learn to healthily express our emotions so that we can continue creating new ideas, new projects, new works of art, new innovations. We’re the freaks.

un·sta·ble·ness noun
un·sta·bly adverb
1. When all hell breaks loose and a company has no money to pay their employees, entrepreneurs always have a job because they learn to monetize their talents and skills. They will always know how to make income, leave them on the streets, and they will sell something, whether its telling jokes or drawing cartoons on the street.
2. Entrepreneurs learn how to master themselves. They learn to grow with the times and gradually rise to the top…such as riding a wave, you ride it slowly, but steadily and before you know it, you’ve made it to the top of the game and guess what, nobody can bitch!
3. Since we’ve already been through eating ramen for breakfast and selling parts of our dignity to make it in our business, we know that little setbacks aren’t the ends of us. So when other people freak out about first world problems like how the Starbucks lady is super slow making their lattes, we are quietly thanking them because we remember when we couldn’t even afford a cup of coffee. Personally, I have been there, so now I am extra thankful for every gift and every dollar that I am given or make. So guess what, most of us are a lot more resilient and a lot more stable because we’re not going to bitch out on small things…..we’ve seen worse, we’ve been through hell. I know some people have had to make big sacrifices to pursue their dreams, but guess what, ride the waves, ride it and don’t give up…and one day you’ll look down and see that it was all worth it.
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