How To Manage Your Time As An Entrepreneur

The internet is pretty distracting, especially if you have 10 tabs up with facebook, gmail, calendar, ebay, pandora…AHHHHH!!!

So here’s my list of how to get organized tips:

1. Eat– When you schedule your own time, you dive into work without eating…and then you will get super brain dead. SO EAT.

2. Write down a schedule, time specific– right now is 10:43 am, I’m going to finish this blog post by 11am. At 11am, I’m going to start taking photos for my products, then list the items until noon. So on and so forth. Don’t let time be irrelevant, let it be very relevant. Put this schedule in FRONT of you, not next to you. IN FRONT, so when your mind suddenly goes “OMG, I have to wash dishes”, you can look at the schedule and remind yourself…not now.

3. Clear off your desk- Just as the computer needs to clear off the memory and desktop at times, clearing off my table helps me to focus on the screen, not the junk on my table.

4. Let yourself get distracted– guess what, we’re not meant to sit all day. Do something that inspires you, if you have been a hermit working on your own all day- go to a cafe and work there. I have met plenty of strangers this way. I love strangers, lol.

5. Play some samba music– I like to play music that helps me imagine I’m at the Ipanema beach or something. Play music that helps you create and work without pressure.

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Debut Art Show @ Taxi CDC – TODAY!

“The ‘Reckoning”

Debut Art Show – April 14, 2012 Opening @ Taxi CDC (2148 Sunset Blvd LA) @ 7-9pm

Art and Jewelry sales goes to Marco and my trip to see him in Ecuador- donate here! Art Prints are only $20 each!

“The ‘Reckoning” refers to the combination of the words: Wrecking and Recognizing. In order to recognize a new revelation, epiphany or change, things must be “wrecked” in our life. Something drastic happens that causes us to rethink, re-imagine what life could be like in our next season. Sometimes the “wrecking” is tragic and maddening while other times, it is happy and joyful. However, in my life, most of the “wrecking” first appeared to be disappointing, confusing, and awful. Nothing happened the way I planned; but those disappointments led me to greater truths, wisdom, and awareness of who I am, what I wanted from my life, and the issues around me. I learned to be thankful in all circumstances and to cherish the things that really matter in life: people and love.

Sometimes we need to be wrecked in order to recognize beauty. 

What causes you to recognize something important in your life?

1. Passion– “Dreaming of when the morning comes, lost within an eclipse, falling, tangle of dance and playing”. Medium: Gouache, water color, color pencil, pen, markers. $250 framed.

2. Love At First Growth – This painting defines the beauty and ugliness of growth. Heard of growth spurts? Medium: Acrylic on canvas. $220.

3. Hunting For Freedom – Light, renewal, being. On my search for freedom, I realized that freedom exists within us. Settling and going was all the same if I didn’t have freedom in my heart. Medium: Acrylic on Canvas. $350.

4. Leap Year- The bunny is transformed as it takes a step of faith, a leap into the unknown. Her landing is transitional, becoming. In another space and time, she is simply sitting, being herself. She is contemplative, peaceful. The tree next to her represents the complexities of life, growth, thought and relationships. Yet, amidst it all, she is still. $250 framed.

5. Frozen Magnetism– A chord, a string. It represents continuity, sometimes death, tying knots. It is the tension of not knowing and going forward. It is the tension of pulling and pushing in a relationship, the tension of love, the risk of loving someone and giving them freedom to be. It is the tension of realizing you are not in control. Medium: Acrylic and Rope on Canvas. $220.

6. Forgiving The Silence – This painting comes from a personal journey of not seeing my father for 10 years. The colors, strokes, lines seek to express emotions an artist can’t put into words. Forgiving the silence is about the wrecking, the recognizing, the letting go and foremost, the forgiving. $280 framed.

7. Cups of Wrath– Beep, Redial, cups of wrath, greed, starvation, human desires becoming a prison of entanglement. This drawing seeks to understand what imprisons us and keeps us from living our dreams. Many of us long to live the life we were created for, but we always feel dissatisfied, incomplete. Medium: Water color, acrylic, color pencil, pen. $250 framed.

8. Beauty in Chaos – I shall be telling this with a sigh. Somewhere ages and ages hence: two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference”- Robert Frost. Love, paint, pain. The different shapes are Germany, Japan, Taiwan and California. The colors are like the world, this represents my journey in moving and traveling to different countries. $280 framed.

9. Hot Commodity- The essence of truth and commodity. Medium: cardboard & acrylic.

Please note: All artwork is copyrighted. To purchase prints please email me:

Interview About Marco, Not Polo!

Thanks to Jane Chen, who made this interview possible! Check out her Beauty/ Fair Trade Blog.

Rebekka Lien, a creative entrepreneur, writer, activist,artist and dear friend has had the privilege of sponsoring an Ecuadorian child through Compassion International for the past 3 years. Her current accessories shop donates a portion of the proceeds to support her child. Recently, an opportunity arose for her to be able to visit him!

I caught up with her recently to learn more about this exciting adventure!

1. How did you first hear about the organization that sponsors the child and what made you pick this org over others?

 I heard about Compassion International at a conference. The speaker was talking about giving and helping the poor. For some reason, I was really moved to support a child. I have been supporting non-profit organizations for awhile and thought sponsoring and becoming pen pals with a kid would be amazing!

2. Tell us more about your child: (name ,age, hobbies, his dreams,info on family etc.)

Marco Michael will be 11 in December 10, 2012. He is in second grade and likes group games, soccer and cars. His household chores consist of running errands, caring for animals, and cleaning. He lives with both parents and his dad is a farmer. 

3. What is life like for a typical Ecuadorian family? What are people’s occupation, education level, access to resources etc?

My sponsored kid lives in the plains of Tena, home to approximately 33,000 residents. Houses are constructed of cement and brick walls. The most commonly spoken language is Spanish.
The regional diet consists of maize, beans, beef and plantains. Common health problems are flu, dermatitis, intestinal illnesses, parasites, snake bites, broken bones, malaria and tuberculosis.

“Your sponsored child lives on the plains of Tena, home to approximately 33,000 residents. Typical houses are constructed of cement and have brick walls. The most commonly spoken language is Spanish. Most adults in Tena are unemployed but some work as day laborers, animal herders or on plantations and earn the equivalent of $150 per month. This community needs schools, employment opportunities and recreational facilities.

My sponsorship allows the staff of Caminitos de Luz Student Center to education, provide nutrition and hygiene education, special celebrations, academic support and sports activities. The center staff also provides health and nutrition education and parents’ school for the parents or guardians of your sponsored child.”

4. When you meet him, what message do you want to convey to him?

I want to convey to him that he is important, special and unique. I want him to know that he is not just any kid in this universe, but that he was created for a purpose. I want him to have the opportunity to pursue his dreams and passions and not to allow his current circumstance to become a hindrance. In fact, I desire for him to use his hardships, suffering, joy, life experience as his greatest strength to relating to others and having compassion for those that he may have a heart to help in the future.
Personally, my life’s biggest suffering and trials have become my life’s victory and source of hope and inspiration for others. I went through the hardships of immigrating to two different countries, parent’s divorce, constant moving and change, poverty, and alienation in new environments. Those experiences have helped me to be who I am today and continues to inspire other people to overcome their own obstacles.

5. What have you learned from this experience? How has this changed your global perspective?

I learned that world issues are not far off. They relate to us in every way, our world is interconnected and we need to be aware and compassionate for people here and across the seas. We can’t wait for other people to do something, we are ourselves capable agents of change. I have decided to experience first hand the lifestyle and living conditions of a boy I’m sponsoring so I can understand.

If you would like the opportunity to partner with Rebekka in funding her trip to see Marco, please visit:

To learn more about Rebekka’s outreach adventures, visit her blog:

Help Me See Marco!

Yesterday I was just getting worried about life and well, what am I doing with my life. Again, the old familiarities of worry. Then I prayed that I would prosper and be blessed despite this season of dryness and struggling.

The next day, I woke up and my friend had an amazing idea for fundraising for my Ecuador trip where I’ll see my sponsored child of 4 years. I’ll also be volunteering at the organizations’ school and HOPEFULLY if Brasil responds, go on a Journalist Press Trip to see the Brasil Fashion Industry!

This time I’m bringing sea sick pills and lots of allergy pills – as Australia has taught me. My body is allergic to the beach.

Help me volunteer in Ecuador May 13!
I have 21 days to fundraise on –

OR you can donate through Paypal.

Help Me See Marco! Campaign Video

Marco & His Drawings!


I will be arriving in Quito, Ecuador on May 13th around 1pm. May 15th I’ll be going to Tena where Marco is….and the adventure will continue. Hopefully I’ll have internet. Not sure if I’ll bring my laptop yet. This trip may entitle one backpack for traveling purposes.

Magic Tradeshow – February 14 to 15


@ the Luichiny Shoe Party @ Magic Tradeshow (Feb 15, 2012). Vintage dress w/ headband by Heather Petrey.

@ Magic + TeenVogue Blogger Lounge

Despite the fact that I got a speeding ticket on my way to Vegas to attend Magic Fashion Tradeshow…I got a picture with Betsey Johnson. That already is epic enough. I’m not trying to boast, but one day, people will also line up for 2 hours to take a picture with me.

Some highlights from the show-

+ Desigual- live painting on free t-shirts (hot spanish guys painting your shirt while you’re wearing it)

+ Luichiny- shoe party

+ Teenvogue – blogger lounge, now bloggers are the new press (probably they’re better marketers than pros)

+Brazil Lounge @ Project- I love the Brazil lounge at Project. They highlighted local Brazilian fashion brands and gave information about going to Brazil on a press/buyer tour.

+ VIP lounge- spent 2 hours eating and drinking mochas/cappuccinos there- just because I love to eat good food.

Quote from a friend of a friend- “Wow, she’s a struggling entrepreneur? She looks really glamorous for being a struggling artist”. My reply “entrepreneurs know where to get their resources for free, borrowing clothes from friends, thrift shopping, and reusing/recycling”. Any struggling entrepreneur tips- feel free to comment!

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When You Start To Lose Hope & Passion

How many times have you lost hope, lost passion, lost direction in life? 

I can say I’ve lost passion and hope numerous times….actually numerous times in one week.

My aunt passed away this week, I went into a time of mourning, but also frustration. My life seems to be so hopeless and with each day that goes by, I am constantly worrying about my bills. Even though I had reached an epiphany of peace, I realize that “sometimes the hardest things are difficult because they’re worth fighting for”. Thus, peace is hard to keep because it’s something you have to fight for.

Sales have been painfully slow too. Yet, I don’t want to revert to a pattern of endless scrambling…when will that day come, I ask myself?

On the phone with my close friend the other day, I complained “I just feel like my life is getting boring, so what that I have my own business, so what if I make sales, what’s the point. I don’t feel like I’m doing anything epic”.

She replied “Epic, well you can’t expect to do epic things everyday. Everything you do is building up towards what is epic, but everything is an important step to it“.

“Oh, you’re right”. Thus…epic things are boiling, but they have not come into fruition yet.

Even though I haven’t reached that so called “success” yet- I want to share some tips for you, those that are toiling away hopeless and feeling defeated in life.

1. Do have supportive friends that encourage you- do not hang out with negative friends.

2. Find inspiration– read a book or talk to inspirational people that have similar hardships or have ALREADY overcome

3. Leave your normal surroundings– I’m going to Norcal tomorrow, I think I really need to get away and be refreshed

4. Believe in yourself– recite mantra “anything is possible”, “I can do this”, “If Einstein did it I can too”, ”

5. Have times of reflection and meditations– I like to burn candles, light incense and play reggae. Endless striving will only lead to burn out, so reflect each day.

6. Eat, Play and Be Merry– Yes, eat good food and your soul will be nourished. Do what makes you feel alive & what makes you feel alive will lead you to where you need to go next.

As my friend said “luck is preparation meets opportunity”.






A Year of Romance & Zest – Asian Gypsy Is Going to Impossible Things This YEAR!

Photo shoot with Jessy Dodd

The other day I went on a crazy photo shoot day- I drove out to Costa Mesa, thank GOD NO TRAFFIC! Zoomed there in 40 minutes, got my makeup done- thanks to Roxanne Galan (amazing makeup artist and of course, will be my future makeup artist. People get on my good side now cuz I’ll be BIG someday, not just big in Japan, big everywhere). Had an hour photo shoot, then drove back to Silverlake to grab my cello, then met up with Jessy for another photo shoot at a cool looking church, then drove up the mountains to shoot there.

Probably the most tiring day of my week, but also invigorating.

Then I had this BIG awakening the other day. I’m almost 24, that was the year that I thought I should travel the world. It’s the perfect year of crossroads, freedom and identity. I finally have nothing, no obligations, no big responsibilities, no “family” (though my friends and fam will always be there)…so I had several ideas!

1. Travel the world as an Asian Gypsy- bring my jewelry to sell (see how far I can go…)

2. Bring no money, like, maybe 100 bucks, and see what happens.

3. Teach at camps


5. Go to Taiwan to finish the ending of my book (this will be a surprise)

6. DJ! Finally, hopefully. It’ll be great to tour………

The last months I learned to let go of identity based on my work, income, and to do list. I learned to live in the moment, be, and love people for who they are. I am learning to appreciate the good of people, and not focus on what they’re not doing right.


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“Tonight we are launching an effort which holds the promise of changing the course of human history”– Ronald Reagan

“If you believe you can, you probably can. If you believe you won’t, you most assuredly won’t. Belief is the ignition switch that gets you off the launching pad”– Denis Waitley