coffee hop

Sitting here, watching the cars driving fast
Lights bright and blaring
Humming busy
Exhaustion, trying to read but unable to quiet my distraction filled mind
Maybe I’m just supposed to sit here and do nothing for once

Just came back and going out again- SF

So the last two days, I felt like I slept for most of the days.

I would wake up at 3 pm and sleep at 3 am or stay up until 6am because of jet lag.

I’m drinking Argentina Yerba Mate and eating beef and tendon balls with brown rice. The caffeine withdrawals have been kicking in at about 3 am each night. This time I only pack for friday, saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday. I have an actual carry on suitcase and am trying my best not to squish my “wedding dress”, or my cello dress. It’s exquisite!!! I love the dress so much! It’s been a peaceful 2 days, recovering.

I’m not too worried about making money, even though I have 1/3 of my rent for next month. I trust God will provide. I did apply for this casting company. It would be great to be an extra and meet people.

Missing the Melbourne Coffee, expresso machines are the ish!

By the way, I’m selling clothes on EBAY for cheap- help me pay rent this month as well as sustain an artist life!