Gearing Up For 2 SHOWS- The Life of An Entrepreneur

Yes, some people find these dolls a bit creepy- but I’m totally obsessed with them. I hope that my customers will be obsessed as well. I even bought black ones. You know, dolls shouldn’t be racist.

Anyways, this week has been so filled with entrepreneurial endeavors. I’ve probably worked 80 hours without even knowing it. I think about my work right when I wake up and when I go to sleep. It’s not really work to me actually, it’s fun- it’s ideas and creativity. I was making some necklaces with cool baby bottles and suddenly yelled “I love what I do!” Though I can’t really see right now, because I can’t find my glasses (must be hidden under clothes or my jewelry) and my room looks like a tornado swept through….it’s been a most rewarding week.

I tell people- yah, being an entrepreneur is definitely risky. You don’t know if your work will really pay off, maybe at first you get a few sales, but the tremendous amount of work and energy, money you invest into it—isn’t exactly safe. You can’t say for sure that it’ll be successful, you can’t see clearly. But I believe in myself so much, that I know I’ll be okay, I’ll flourish. I walked for 2 hours today looking for supplies, it was good exercise. This week I got to spend time with my loved ones, and it was relaxing and satisfying…these are things you can do when you are self-employed (at the times of the day you want).


I’ll be selling Jewelry, clothes, bags, kewpie dolls, costume sketch prints by me, shoes, etc.

Silverlake Arts Crafts Vintage Fair- December 10 Saturday!

*Location: Micheltorena St. Elementary- 1511 Micheltorena St. (off Sunset Blvd) LA 90026

*When: December 10, Saturday @ 10am-4pm

*Admission is FREE!

SHOP LOT LA – December 17 & 18 

*Location: Parking Lot @ Sunset Blvd and Hyperion Intersection

*When: December 17 & 18, Saturday @ 10am-4pm

*Admission is FREE!

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