Dear Oprah

Dear Oprah,

I saw a picture of you on Facebook today. You looked totally normal in your PJs. Oprah, I’m turning 25 soon. In a few days and I just wanted to let you know, it won’t be long until I come face to face with you. You don’t know me yet, but it’s okay.

Happy Birthday Oprah.


I always imagined myself on your show, will I be able to say anything worth saying? Well, I’m glad there are people like you alive. When I was 14, I kept looking at these young adults and muttered under my being “NEVER! Never will I become boring”. To be honest, there are times I feel utterly bored.

I wonder why people do the same things over and over again, vacations are so commercialized and there is not enough Groupon deals to pique our interest.

I know this sounds weird, but I want to dress up as a clown and run down the street on my birthday. Maybe I’ll act insane and scare people. People are so mild, I want people to be alive, angry, happy….something other than just boring. It scares me. Oprah, promise me that you’ll meet with me. I’m sure it’ll happen sooner or later.

I think deep down, I’m not just human. I’m actually a queen of a special land. It’s an amazing place where jewels grow on trees and you can snorkel without gravity. Meaning the river runs up, so on top of you, you see people snorkeling in the sky. Plus everything is iridescent and you don’t ever have to think about whether you are contributing to the world.

As you grow up, it’s so easy to get discouraged because you don’t see the change…whether it is in your career or in the world. Hate and evil still prevails in the news. Oprah, I’m glad I have a role model, otherwise I would result to the news for my daily juice.

Today I realize that I am truly changing!

I made the decision to admit fault and to take responsibility for my own mood swings and emotions, instead of blaming other people. I think that is what it means to be a responsible adult. It does not have to look boring- adulthood.

I am still that 14 year old, I still like dolls, collectible ones and I still believe that I can live a free lifestyle…I don’t believe in sitting on my butt 24/7. Dear Oprah, keep writing those newsletters. I promise I’ll be on your magazine “O”. I can’t afford to pay for your magazine right now, but I got a free trial. I started life coaching and gain my inspiration from you.

Love, Rebekka

Your apprentice.