How To Overcome The Fear Of People and Lack

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7

Here are examples overcoming the fear of people:

  1. You’re getting a massage and the pressure is not enough or it’s too much- you’re afraid to speak up and you don’t. The opposite spirit is to boldly say what you need.

Here are real life examples I’ve gone through-

  • One time I was getting a massage at an airport and the ac was blowing on my head so I was really cold. I asked to move and they said no. I asked several times until they allowed me to move. The whole room was staring at me, I could feel their thoughts. But no, I was not going to back down. The staff was probably talking crap about me, but no I was not comfortable and needed to OVERCOME the spirit of fear in that room.
  • I was in San Francisco and my neighbors were really loud, had the tv blasting so I talked to the receptionist and HE WAS AFRAID to confront the tenants so I went to each door to ask them to be quiet but some of them got really angry and started yelling. The spirit of fear CAME AGAINST ME where I was afraid to KNOCK ON PEOPLE’S DOORS BUT I DID IT because there was no way I could sleep. 
  • I was in New Zealand at a staff dorm room and one guy was really hot, I don’t know why, it was super cold at that time. I kept closing the door and finally he screamed at me and started cussing. I walked out of that room and started crying. God gave me a way out and the next day I left that hostel before my work term was over since I was there to work in trade for accommodation. I told the boss that it was a TOXIC WORK ENVIRONMENT.
  • One time I went to a Thai restaurant and the food was way too sweet. God said “ask to exchange it” so I did. The lady got really mad. Again, it was too sweet the second time so I spoke up. Again she got mad. I was courteous and polite but also firm. I came against that spirit of intimidation by SPEAKING MY MIND in love.




  1. You feel immobilized
  2. You feel suffocated
  3. You feel like you are holding back
  4. You feel like you can’t breathe
  5. You can’t speak



This morning the Lord had me give to someone then ask them to sow whatever amount back, they did. But then I heard God say do it again.

It might seem strange to some people but once I did it, I felt fear and the fear of lack (not being enough and also fear of what people think) BREAK OFF IN THAT INSTANT.


You know what people who MOVE TO THE NEXT LEVEL HAVE – at each level they are called to live in LESS FEAR OF PEOPLE. It’s THE CRAZY ONES that have no fear of men that actually live to their fullest potential.

Today I’m asking you to give to this ministry and be part of a FEARLESS GENERATION THAT WON’T LIVE IN FEAR BUT IN THE BOLDNESS AND FREEDOM OF Jesus Christ!

Thank you for your support and love!

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Prophetic Dream- Awaken to Your Dreams

Testimony told at an open mic

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A Homeless Prophet Finding Home

I told my friend that I didn’t feel welcomed anywhere. I was overseas ministering all over the world, impacting lives, praying over thousands of people and telling them about Jesus but when I come home all I get is yelling and accusation from my mother. I wanted to rest but I started to find myself trying to prove myself, trying to do more because her constant nagging made me feel insufficient.

I felt homeless. Like I wasn’t welcomed anywhere.

So I felt like running again when I got home (LA). I didn’t have a home. I felt like a homeless prophet. 

That has been the hardest thing for me. I wanted to go home but it didn’t feel like home. 

So I started to see how God would bring me to people who were homeless or felt like orphans. My friend said she saw me teaching the gospel to orphans and I started crying.

Bring the lost sheep home, I’ve been doing that for 2 years and the aching in my heart 💜 is when I literally can now sit next to someone and feel what they are feeling.

I was on the plane and asked this Korean man if he was okay. He said “why? do you feel something?”

“Yes, you seem very sad”.

He said “well I am 49 and when you are 50 in Korea, everything goes down hill”. Even though he was also a Christian, his mindset was culturally Korean.

I said that is not true and I said that God was his provider and that He would take care of him. He told me that he is trying to be a good Christian and I told him that in God’s eyes He is perfect because of Jesus’ sacrifice. He had tears in his eyes.

My heart is for those who feel rejected and burnt out. I met a woman in Seoul who told me that she wishes she could go home to a normal family. She feels accused of when she is home so she decided to go to Korea for one year. She was cleaning the beds in the hostel. I could feel the pain in her heart because I felt like that.

I told her the next day that she actually wanted to go home. She said “of course but I cannot, I don’t feel safe at home”.

There are so many young people who don’t feel loved and accepted by their family. Another woman on the train told me she only sees her mom twice a year because they don’t get along. She said she doesn’t want to get married and she is okay living alone. She says she never goes out. I told her how I started to tell my mother how I feel and that it’s brought release and healing to my heart.

She became quiet, she looked at me. It’s like looking into a mirror. She nodded. 

I can tell when I meet a wounded person, I can feel what they are feeling. And what will happen is that I will cry for them and with them. I know when I see a lost sheep, I know when I see someone who has been rejected. Because I am looking into a mirror. 

I have a heart for the orphans, those who feel outcasted by their own family.

I know how it feels to feel unwelcomed in your own home.

I’m learning to be open and just tell my mother how I feel.

To the lost sheep-

I have not forgotten you. I am here. I am with you.  You don’t have to do anymore. You don’t have to strive. You can rest with me. You don’t have to run, you are home with me. I love you very much, you are enough. While everyone will tell you you’re not enough, I will tell you, you are enough. Come home with me. You are home, you can rest now. 


Consider giving a donation to bring lost sheep home- thank you! The money goes toward transportation (as I do uber ministry), food and sometimes accomodation, sometimes God also tells me to give the money to those in need. In God’s timing I am looking for a house to have house church meetings and to live in. In this church we will welcome the spiritually weary, who are tired of trying and tired of being told what to do. In this church, people can cry and sleep, they won’t have to strive, they know they are enough and accepted in God’s eyes. Here their hearts will find rest and they will be home. I won’t talk about theology or tell people what to do, they can rest and they can find solace in God’s love. They will be welcomed by a spiritual mother, and one day a spiritual father and we will just sit and be with them. They won’t have to please us, they will find identity in Christ Jesus.

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Breaking Off Every Fear – Body Image & Fear Of Lack

God has been breaking off every fear in my heart. I didn’t know there was so much lack (fear of not being enough) and poverty mindset in my heart.

My mom taught me to eat the lobsters at buffets and to eat until I’m full. Growing up I was often hungry because I didn’t like to eat a lot at one sitting. I wanted to enjoy what I was eating; not force myself to eat.

However because of it she would yell at me every time I got hungry and so she’d say “just eat more so you’re not hungry later”. I think it’s because she felt like she wasn’t in control whenever I complained that I was hungry.

Food became an issue for me. One time I got hit with really bad vertigo and when we went to the eastern doctor she said I needed to eat when I’m hungry as my blood sugar was low and my immune system goes down.

After that I became afraid of not eating when I’m hungry. In a sense I became afraid of hunger- which is a fear of lack.

I rested for many days but felt totally out of control. I’d go somewhere and suddenly felt dizzy. It was the worse feeling ever. I read somewhere that vertigo is the fear of falling but the desire to fall and let go.

So there are times I get hungry and I haven’t eaten for awhile but God will say it’s okay, you don’t need food.

I had hyperthyroid for a minute and I started gaining weight without eating much. I felt defeated as I couldn’t control my body no image. I felt fat and unattractive. My mother would tell me “you’re getting fat, exercise, don’t eat so much”.

God healed me when I learned that I needed to rest in his finished work, but I was still traumatized.

I found myself eating sweets growing up – I loved it but I ate it whenever I felt pain or sadness. Instead of crying, I went to boba, cake or anything sweet. It was my refuge in a sense.

I remember when I was a small child ripping through boxes of chocolate in the middle of the night at my German nanny’s house. She found me on the floor fast asleep with chocolate all over my face and mouth.

I accrued many cavities growing up.

Sometimes I ate even when I wasn’t hungry because I felt that I may get vertigo again. I was traumatized by that experience. I ate in fear to stop the past from repeating itself.

I know my mother criticizes herself too. She doesn’t like the double chin, she criticizes me. I’m writing this and crying on the taxi as I go to the airport.

I am enough. I am worthy. I am not a burden. I am enough.

I have more issues than I expected. And I hope by sharing with you you know that you’re not alone. May the Lord continue to heal you. From an unloved place to being loved.

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Will You Love Me?

Will you love me if I don’t fulfill your expectations of me?

So if I get a normal job and live a normal life then you will love me?

Or you will find something else wrong with me?

These questions popped into my mind after I called my mom and told her a dream I had. I had a dream that I told my friend I wanted to go home and she said she could help me get home financially. But then I said I don’t want to be a burden.

I had a realization that part of why I wanted to leave was because I felt like a burden to my mother. I didn’t really want to move out yet and didn’t know where I wanted to live. I had been overseas ministering for a year and a half and felt pressured to make up my mind about something.

Everyday God was bringing me to people, bringing me out of my cave. I felt forced out of my emotional cave and felt so uncomfortable.

One night I heard go to Korea.

Even now I’m wondering if it was God or me. Or whether it even matters. God is still with me and He’s been bringing divine appointments everyday.

The point is I realize it’s okay to not know what you want.

I’m okay living in between. I’m okay being enough just as I am, whatever that looks like. I shouldn’t have to settle down to be enough. I am enough now. Whether I am married now or not, whether I am doing ministry or working a normal job.

My mother makes it seem like if I live a normal life then I’d have security or peace but my security is in knowing I am a child of God.

God is my solid rock.

It shouldn’t be in our circumstances or even in moving into our promises.

The discomfort of not knowing and of the unknown forces us to look at who we are in God’s eyes versus our circumstances.

I shouldn’t have more peace when I’m in LA or another country, I am enough now and peace is within me.

I am not lacking a house, a ministry, a job, friends or family- I am enough now.

Whether people are around me to cheer me on or if they are overseas.

Whether people accept or reject me, I am enough.

My mom thinks she hurt or enabled me by allowing me to live with her when I come back to LA, but that’s not the case.

Why can’t we just be okay with the unknown? Why do we always have to figure out the next thing? What’s wrong with not knowing, not wanting, but simply being.

What’s wrong with sitting still?

What’s wrong with being?

And what’s wrong with going somewhere and realizing that I don’t really want to be here, but it’s okay.

I don’t always have to get what I want. Because I am what I want. I have what I want, it’s Jesus. It’s peace. It’s being enough.

I didn’t really know where I was supposed to go this morning and heard several things but I felt Busan so I got on the train and met a girl who had super cool ripped jeans.

I doubted myself because I had a dream that I wanted to go home but I wondered if I was simply going home because it was an easy choice but even if it’s an easy choice, isn’t it okay just because I want to?

Your desires change.

It’s ok to not want the things you wanted before.

I wanted to ask my mother those questions above.

So you will love me if I fulfill your expectations? If that’s the case you’ll never be happy.

Your happiness should never depend on other people.

I don’t know what I want completely.

I got what I wanted recently, a new phone and laptop. It made me happy. And I feel grateful for these tools, but what else do I want?

A car, to drive freely wherever I want.

I want to be loved and appreciated by those around me.

I want new clothes. I want to say what I feel at all times. I want to live with no regrets.

To not be afraid to try. I want friendships, people I can do things with and express my emotions with.

I don’t need to see new places anymore, I’ve seen enough and I’ve ministered to enough people overseas. Sure I’m still doing it but I think I’d like some privacy. I’d like a dog and some pets. I’d like a life partner I can spend time with.

I want a husband who cooks and cleans, can love me and respect me. It’s time for me.

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Divine Appointments On the Plane & Korea- Pray For Me!

I just arrived in Korea and the first day I was feeling hesitant about where I was staying. I walked out of the accommodation as I wasn’t feeling peace at first and God told me to go back. My divine appointment was an Algerian. We had similar family background and growth stories. We talked about how “just because you’re born doesn’t mean you owe your parents” which I had no idea was also in Algerian culture. I was explaining grace to her but she said grace is something so difficult to wrap your mind around.

Just now I woke up with a super crazy leg cramp. I was casting out the spirit of infirmity in Jesus name and praying in tongues.

The truth is God has been doing a deep work in my heart and sometimes I’m freaking scared. I’m scared to be vulnerable but I know God means good to me….because only in vulnerability can you grow in intimacy.

I thought I’d be in LA but God sent me out again. I was happy to minister to the people in La, there did not seem to be a lack of people who needed a word from God or needed to hear about grace.

But now, I found myself filled…..

To the brim with anointing.

This time on the airplane God sat me next to a girl who studied abroad in America. I tried to move a few times but every time someone would come to sit where I changed seats to.

Upon sharing what I do i learned she was extremely nervous about an upcoming plastic surgery. She told me how they messed up 2 times and she had an infection. She told me how others care about relationships or career, but all she cares about is getting the nose she wants.

I said that I could understand and I started to share about the grace of Jesus that frees us and shows us we are enough. I prayed that whatever she decided on that God will protect her.

The grace of God shows you that He has already taken on every blemish on the cross and you’re no longer blemished- you are whole in God’s eyes because of Jesus’ sacrifice.

Please pray that the seed would be planted in peoples’ hearts as they listen.

Divine appointments


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Prophetic Word- Come Out Of Hiding

I want to hide under a rock but I look over at the turtles, they are standing bold on a rock, exposed. They are not hiding. This time they are not.

I just had a moment of tears.

It’s coming face to face to a grown man who has tears in his eyes.

“I don’t want to feel like a useless person, sitting there getting fat while his kids think he is useless”.

“Do you feel ashamed to go home?”


“But you know what your kids need is your presence, not necessarily your money”.

It’s speaking right into someone’s heart that you know exactly how that person feels. You are not a robot, you are human too. You know how it feels to feel ashamed, to feel useless, to be accused of. I have been there.

Then earlier in the morning, I met a man on the bus. While talking to my friend on the phone I noticed his book said “enemy”. I knew he was a Christian so I asked him if he was Christian, he said yes. That morning I was at the Laundry Mat with my mom and I heard “go to Pasadena”. I was roaming around but saw a bus going there and heard God say “run”.

This man was from Ethiopia. I prophesied to him that he is enough in Christ Jesus, He is not lacking. He told me how he felt like he lost everything. I said that “God is waiting for you to step out in faith and do one thing at a time He leads you to”. People always think that they are waiting for God but often times God is waiting for you. 

I told him that God has called you travel to the nations. I told him to take off his sunglasses and his hat and stop hiding. He spoke encouraging words to me too. I feel honored and loved by these fathers, their presence. I never got that from my father.

It’s easier to hide, because you’re not seen and you can’t be criticized or rejected but when you come out of hiding you are seen and that means people respect and honor you but they can also hurt you. Right?

And that’s my heart, my pain. God I don’t want people to hurt me anymore as I’ve been too wounded in the last year.

God’s like “open your heart, I’ll protect you”.

Are you sure God?


Trust me.

So go and don’t be afraid to share your heart with people. I will bless you and surround you with my angels. Don’t be afraid to go. I’m with you. I’m covering you.

Would you consider partnering with me financially to bring the gospel of grace to those who feel condemned? I’ll be going to Korea tomorrow. I’m a little bit scared but please pray for me.

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