Purity of The Blood Of Jesus & Being Spirit Led

God told me that the reason He put me through a year of training was because I must follow His voice and the purity of the blood of Jesus at all times.

I must not have a fear of people, judgement, rejection or lack. That I can’t change my tune just to please people or their expectation of me. I must not be afraid of what people think if I am to live by the pure power of the Holy Spirit.

For awhile the Lord told me to ask one Christian sister to sow into my ministry. She did not reply after many messages (each one which the Lord led me to write). Now of course I felt that I was being annoying, any person would think that, but I had to obey God.

Sometimes the amount was way more than I’d ever ask and she could probably afford to give that amount.

However, her reply was “uh no”.

So after many ignored messages she said that if she felt led, she would give but to stop messaging her about it.

Of course I was a bit offended, why didn’t she just say no instead of ignoring 10 messages? So I told her the truth about how I felt.

God asks me to do things that feel inconvenient and uncomfortable because He says “you can’t have a fear of men if you are to be spirit led”.

He might ask you to do crazy things, and at times, that door will open.

But if you don’t listen you’ll never know, you’ll always live behind the door.

Recently someone wanted to sow $10 from South Africa but she didn’t have the right mode to do it or the fees were more than $10.

So I just said, it’s fine just pray for me.

But the Lord say “ask her to make it happen”.

So I told her. I also prophesied that she would need PayPal to receive money for her paintings.

That she needed to create the right channels for money to flow in and out, that it was not just for me, but for God to bless her.

She said “you’re right. The key to breakthrough is perseverance”.

I said that God has taught me the importance of not giving up when it comes to small things, even if God asks you to sow $1 or $2, He is not asking because it’s so hard for Him to get $2 to me- He is asking because Everything matters to Him.

“If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones.” Luke 16:10

A lot of people say “when I’m rich then I’ll give”, but God is looking at how faithful you are in little things.

Do you clean the house He already gave you? How about the car He gave you? How about the people He gave you? Do you speak life to them or do you abuse them?

You want a large congregation but do you love those He already gave you? Do you give when you don’t have much? Do you care for the rental He gave you? Because He knows that if money has you in its grip, it’ll have you living in fear when you have much more. It’s not about how much you have but how much you’re willing to trust God as a provider.

He says – Let your character [your moral essence, your inner nature] be free from the love of money [shun greed—be financially ethical], being content with what you have; for He has said, “I will never [under any circumstances] desert you [nor give you up nor leave you without support, nor will I in any degree leave you helpless], nor will I forsake or let you down or relax My hold on you[assuredly not]!”

What He is saying is – hey don’t rely on the money, rely on the fact that I will never leave nor forsake you.

Another thing-

God has also taught me that sometimes He asks someone to sow so they can learn to be spirit led themselves and to say no if God isn’t saying to do so.

And that I would still love them anyway.

Because a lot of people don’t understand a love that accepts no’s.

In this season I feel that the breakthrough for you and I are found in knocking until the door opens. Even if for me it’s asking people to sow into their own financial breakthrough and to break themselves out of the fear of lack.

I sense we are walking into the biggest breakthroughs in our whole life so far!

Give and partner with me to bring the grace of God to people around the world and to continue writing these posts!



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Love Does Useless Things Because It is Extravagant

It’s how you love well

Love above all things

Love above how much you pray and how well you pray

Love above religion

Love for the way you cry and hurt with people

Love in the way you forgive those who have hurt you

Love the way you allow your heart to feel

Love the way you open your heart despite the risk of pain

Love the way you experience the pain but decide to keep loving

Love above all

Love does absolutely useless things. It flounders about on the yard, afternoon sun, staring up at clouds. Love chats for way too long talking of hearts’ deepest wounds and deepest longing.

Love is wasteful. Love pours out expensive fragrance on Jesus feet. It’s counter productive and is not measured by cost.

Love doesn’t count the cost, it pours out in endless obsession. Love cries many tears, it’s unmeasurable.

The world without love is scary, it is filled with fear. Love warms the heart like a cup of coffee. Love is open, unafraid, doesn’t count how long or how wide. Time doesn’t seem to matter when love is involved.

How well do you love?

God is asking you to open your heart today. Stop counting, stop using your head, stop thinking, when’s the last time you felt the pain? Even if it’s the pain of betrayal.

You can have the right answers, but it’s not about right or wrong, it’s about kneeling with those who have been accused and wrapping your arms around them- you are free, that’s what Jesus did.

He didn’t judge, He didn’t condemn, He only loved.

Love is scary because it means you will feel as much as the other feels, you will hurt with them.

It means people will surely disappoint you at one point, they have the power to betray you. But that is love, there is a risk.

God will never forsake or leave you. His ways are perfect. He will always fill the void others cannot fill. He is the perfect husband.

I love you, you who read my blog. I don’t know you but today I am praying for your heart.

May the Lord open your heart. Because He loves you unconditionally. Jesus is the one you’ve been looking for. He can fill every desire in your heart. He will never leave nor forsake you.

Give and partner with me to bring the grace of God to people around the world and to continue writing these posts!



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Above is a picture of my pod and a lady I ministered to last year, she works at the same place. Good to see the same faces filled with more hope and joy second and third time around!

Set Free From Slavery, Adopted As A Child of God

Prophetic word- Set free from spirit of lack and bondage to death. God has anointed me to set people free from a spirit of lack and fear of lack.

My story-

I was working since the age of 8. I felt like I was an orphan because of words spoken over me. I felt like I was a burden to my mother who was a single mother. I felt like a financial burden so because of that I started working to become financially independent. I never relied on anyone.

But I felt unworthy and I felt like I never had enough. I felt like I wasn’t enough. Then God told me to sell everything and follow Him and at that time He told me to surrender $200, all that I had as I still needed $750 for rent and was late.

I remember so clearly at the altar He asked me “whose house are you building, yours or mine?”

I said Jesus, yours. I’m all yours, everything. I was weeping. I had tried to build my house, my life, I hadn’t surrendered everything and at that point I did. I surrendered my relationship, which wasn’t my life partner. I lost many friends back then.

I ended up moving back home and it was the first time I started to really get financial support from my mother. Even though she accused me, I realized that’s what being a child of God is like, you don’t earn your money, you receive it as a child.

I started to learn that I am a child of God and not an orphan.

I felt alone and like an orphan all my life. I was striving and unable to rest.

The two years I lived at home God told me to rest and that’s when I learned true grace. He says you are the righteousness of Christ Jesus, there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus.

I had nothing to boast in but that I’m righteous by the blood of Jesus, I’m not righteous by my works, by my career, by my accomplishments and accolades, by my savings account, by my possessions, by my reputation, by my family or friends.

I’m righteous by the blood of Jesus.

I had to lose everything to gain the one thing I needed to boast in alone.

Grace, not my works. But the finished work of Jesus on the cross.

If I boast in anything I can do for myself, I’m not living by the power of the Holy Spirit- I’m living under the law and where the law is there is the consequences of death.

When you work for your blessings- you only get that. 1 plus 1 (you and striving) is 2 (limited supply).

When know you are a child of God, Jesus= unlimited supply.

God told me that I deliver people out of Egypt, a land of slavery. In the land of slavery, they were slaves but they were regularly fed, even if it was mush.


In the promised land, they had to trust God to provide. They maybe didn’t know where the meals were coming from. But they had to partake freely without fear that they would run out.

He asks me to ask people to give their way out of slavery. It’s a seed of faith to say God I trust you will deliver me, not by my works but by grace.

I have been prophesying over people to leave their land of slavery (their career, a job, a city, a source of stability) and follow Jesus wholeheartedly; and right now a lot of people are getting offended because there is a strong root of lack in people, what is this root?

Fear of lack.

Fear that God won’t take care of them, that God will not provide, that God will leave them.

I’ve been helping people out of Egypt. Whether it’s a bondage of lack or idol worship, relationships, career that are idols and keep them in slavery.

That is why the offense and hurt is becoming greater because there’s a spiritual stronghold and fear is coming out. Where there is control, there is fear. You can deny it but this is what God is telling me.

Why isn’t God telling you? Because most people won’t listen. That is why He’s sending a messenger who will say it. I may lose many friends because of it. That’s okay. I’m following Jesus, not friends.

There is a massive migration of people going into the promise land, but the promise land means you will need to break off the yoke of slavery, idol worship of relying on what you can do in your flesh.

I have been called to be a deliver. You can shoot the messenger but God’s intention is to free you from bondage! It’s a bondage!!!! It’s not an aspiration or a goal!

You are living in fear and God is breaking off the yoke of slavery! He wants you to trust in Him completely!!!! Not your career, your work, your money!!!! Not your savings account!!!! Not what you can do in your flesh!!!!!

God is calling His people to trust and follow Him!!! Trust that God is leading you! That God will provide! His ways are greater than yours! His plans higher than yours! He is a good papa!

Why won’t you trust me says the Lord. My plans are to prosper you not to harm you. My plans are greater than your small dreams. Your dreams are too small.

Why don’t you stop making plans and follow your lover, Jesus.

Just follow His voice! Not your plans.

I break off the fear and spirit of slavery in Jesus name!




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How Much Longer Will You Wait? Jesus Is Calling You!

Prophetic dream- YOU ARE OUTGROWING your environment! It’s time to rise! HOLY SPIRIT is doing the impossible and you can ONLY move with Him NOW!

I had a dream I was playing in a playground with a girl and she went to the store and saw little pants, they were really cool and I said I wish they had it in my size but they were all too small.

And they were playing with a carriage thing and they said it’s flying by the Holy Spirit!

When I woke up I had vision where there was fire burning from my bed all the way out and I was also very hot. During dinner I had hotpot and invited my host to share the dinner with me. The worker tried to extinguish the fire under but several times the fire kept burning and they couldn’t extinguish it. At first the fire was so lit that it went outside the pot, almost burning my hand.

You will either fly by the Holy Spirit or live by the flesh. Choose today who you will serve, your logic or Jesus. Because those who move by the Holy Spirit will be pronounced and elevated, people will take notice. They will ask why and how? How is that person burning with power????


I hear the Lord say choose today who you will serve! He is beckoning the ones the remnant who are willing to leave everything behind and follow Him – like me, who will trust Him to provide, to walk into the darkest places and proclaim freedom to the captives. He is beckoning the love filled ones- who do you love more? Your life or me?????

I am filled with so much fire I am ready to preach a whole stadium down.

I feel an urgency to wake up the church, wake up the people of God.

Wake up!!! Stop putting your idols first, your sense of security, your small jobs and small lives.

You have the risen one inside of you!!!! The presence of God inside of you! Rise up and walk like it! Live like it! Stop holding onto your little earthly security!!

I have walked the talk for the last year where I saw God do miracles. Though it was really scary I suddenly burn with even more passion!!!! There were days I’d seriously didn’t know if I would have a place to stay or money for food. But God would provide, always. This is the type of faith I live. I don’t question God, He is all I have. Plan a is always God. I don’t have a plan b.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! When God says go to this city in 2 days time, I Go! I don’t question God. I live only for Him!

He provides for me, His prophet and child! I’m John the Baptist making a way for Jesus- our Lord!!!

Who wants to say yes to Jesus???? This is not an ordinary blog. It’s a spirit filled blog.

Consider giving financially today-thank you!



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Prophetic Word- Family

God is bringing us into a season where we will find belonging. However as we all know, this comes with new territory of speaking up in spite of what others think, even and especially with the ones you love.


I’m recognizing that being alone was much easier than being in relationships. Fears that I had-

1. Fear of being controlled or losing my voice– because my mother was a very domineering figure, her voice covered any voices around her. I often felt like I was suffocating and could not speak up. Over the years God has helped me to uncover my mouth and speak up even if that means people would get angry at me.

2. Fear of being trapped. Same idea. But in my past romantic relationship I often felt trapped and could not be myself. My ex always had something to say about what I wore, or that he didn’t like it etc.

Since I kind of fell into that relationship, it’s not that I needed to be in one but he was so desperate I thought, why not. I liked to be needed but soon found out that was only the beginning. He soon became emotionally detached as a way to protect his heart.

Then 2.5 years later I found myself being “controlled” by him. My wardrobe changed for him. I totally lost myself.

I vowed to myself that I would never change for anyone.

Thus, I have a pretty strong defensive mechanism. Anytime someone says something about my clothes I feel like they’re trying to change or control me.

Healthy relationships

1. God longs for us to be in wholesome relationships where we are nurtured and encouraged, not abused.

2. God wants us to have people around us that will be able to love us even when we’re not perfect or helpful.

3. God wants us to be able to voice our truth without being judged.

If God is calling you somewhere, or to follow Him- He always has people in mind, people you need to meet for your healing and theirs.

His plans are perfect and might not make sense to you but He knows exactly what you need and desire.

Over the last month God has brought me to numerous people. His divine appointments are always two fold, for my healing and theirs.

Maybe someone has a distrust of women and they meet me and suddenly realize woman can be trusted.

Maybe I meet a man who wants to know more about Jesus and sees that Jesus is actually real.

Maybe a divorcee talks to me as I relay my mother’s story and they find healing in my story.

God always has a plan in mind if we will let go of our plans and trust Him.

I know this is true because even today God had told me to go to Kuala Lumpur and to stay at a specific Airbnb; the owner happened to be a divorced woman with 2 kids, which is exactly what my mom was. We had a really deep and good talk as I talked about what I went through and what I’m looking for in a man. I believe whoever God has for me will have the same purpose as I do.

You can’t just be attracted to someone, you need to have the same destiny and purpose in life.

For me, someone who will go wherever Jesus calls us to go! Without hesitation!!! Because he has complete trust in Him! Just like me. His life is completely consecrated to the Lord.

And when I turned around while sitting in the couch, I noticed a turtle 🐢; my brother and I used to have turtles as well.

God always knows where He needs to bring us to bring the healing we need to our hearts.

Bless you!

Consider giving financially today-thank you!



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Prophetic Word- Open Your Heart Again

(Pic from Korean drama I’m watching)

I had a dream I saw my ex best friend and we hugged. When I woke up I felt an aching in my heart and started crying.

Last night I spent time singing to Jesus and just prophesying.


When I was speaking what I was hearing from God I could not open my eyes. I felt a new dimension being opened to me.

Lord our hearts are aching, we are longing for more, fill us.

My recent romantic interest became a past. What I mean is I was heart broken because I knew that I needed to move on.

In that void, I pushed further into God’s presence and started to talk to God in a more real way.

I realized that my had shut down a part of my heart when I lost my ex best friend. She didn’t die or anything but we lost touch due to life circumstances and differences. She was more than a soul mate. We knew each other so well, we always said if we were lesbians we’d marry each other.

I have yet to find that kind of friendship.

You know the type of friend that can read your mind and love you in the way you know you need to be loved?

I would run over to her house because the spirit in me told me to and she’d be in the toughest place emotionally.

But that’s how God is for us. He never leaves nor forsakes and He can meet your needs and desires better than we can for ourselves.

As I was singing and spending time with God I realize how distracted I’ve been, with other peoples’ problems and needs.

I became other or self focused, I was asking God to help me or help others but I stopped putting Him where He was on His throne.

When we worship we say to God “I remember you are on the throne, you are in control, I am nothing without you. It’s not my job to figure it out, it’s your job to deliver me. I can rest in you. I can’t make this happen on my own, will you do it? Will you make a way?”

And then act accordingly.

If God has told you to quit your job, you do that.

If God has told you to end a relationship, end it.

Let God be your comforter.

It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt or that there isn’t a cost.

In fact subconsciously after losing my ex best friend I closed my heart off and I thought what’s the point of having close friends, I’ll lose them anyway. You’ll take them away anyway God.

I know that we were probably codependent as many friendships are, and that is why God had to separate us to grow on our own, but it still hurt.

God wants us to be our comforter and our best friend. He wants us to confide in Him, not just in our friends. Intimacy with God is developed by our communication with Him. It’s not a one way street where we tell God what to do or God telling us what to do- it’s a collaboration.

He doesn’t just want us to change the world, to get stuff from Him or to tell us whys, He wants us to enjoy Him and His presence.

What does that mean?

It means sitting with God, without agenda, without words, soaking in His love for you. How annoying of a relationship would it be if you had a husband or wife and they are constantly trying to do things, instead of just enjoying each other’s presence.

When’s the last time you just enjoyed sitting with Jesus?

Not because of what you can do for Him or what He can do for you, but you really sat with Him for Him.

We are to live out of an identity of being a child of God. This means we are not trying to be someone. You are someone.

You move with authority because you are not trying to prove to anyone your worth, you move with worth.




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Healing The Brokenness In Our Hearts

Ugly crying.

Heartache and heartbreak. We try to avoid it but it comes after us. It makes for the best writing and the best songs, the best art, it’s what makes us human. Without it we wouldn’t know vulnerability, we wouldn’t love well.

We don’t love people well when we have closed hearts. Open hearts feel with others. Open hearts allow the risk of being hurt to be present. Closed hearts says “I don’t want to listen to your story because I don’t want to feel what you feel”.

It’s easy to be logical and tell someone to leave their abusive or unloving husband or boyfriend, but to go through it yourself, or to follow your gut and not your heart which often times is tied to brokenness in your soul, that’s another story.

As I’m talking to my friend about heartache I remember this one time years ago where my ex roommate tucked me into my bed. He was my first guy roommate.

I thought it was fine because I had a boyfriend. I was safe because I was taken, I wouldn’t have some type of love affair with a guy I lived with in the same house.

Because I was so broken and didn’t know what love was supposed to be like, I was attracted to men who were emotionally absent. And even physically absent, like my father.

My ex would disappear for days, sometimes not answering my texts or calls. I’ve never been obsessive, I’d send one text and wait patiently for a reply. I’d give up. I’d think “he must be busy”. But my mind would run wild. Where is he? What is he doing? I made excuses for his behavior. I thought it was normal because the fact that anyone was around was enough for me.

3 days would pass.

And the one who was present? My guy roommate. He had his own room FYI. I cried and told him my boyfriend had been ghosting me. I didn’t understand why there was a wall I couldn’t break down. Even when he was present, I couldn’t read his thoughts and he didn’t share his emotions with me. He was just a very practical guy. He could fix cars and lights. He could pay for dinner.

He understood instructions, and completed tasks, but when it came to his heart, he was completely illiterate.

My roommate played with bunnies on the grass. I thought he was a bit feminine. He wrote poetry and we would read our writing to each other.

I realized that I often went for guys who were emotionally unavailable because it was safer. I know it’s sound strange. Because emotional openness means telling your truth, and risking having to feel what you don’t want to feel.

It’s easier to shut your heart down completely than to speak your truth and feel those emotions.

My ex would tell me he needed space. “Why can’t you just tell me you need space?” I would say.

My roommate tucked me into my bed as I cried over my boyfriend at the time. Why am I with a ghost when there is flesh and blood here? He told me to breathe as he said breathing brings you back to yourself.

I didn’t understand it. I’d be attracted to a non-present man, while next to me was someone available, someone emotionally open, someone loving.

And my broken soul had to go for the broken man.

Someone I couldn’t attain, someone whose heart was locked with a dead bolt, tripled locked. No amount of prying, questioning, asking, praying seemed to do the job.

The only thing that pried my ex open was me mentioning breaking up.

It was the first time I saw him cry in the 2.5 years we were together. He begged and cried. What can I do to change, he asked. I said I needed to be with someone who believes in Jesus and I want to marry one day.

He said he would go to church with me. Let’s get married now!!

I said, no.

Because those weren’t the factors that prevented us from moving forward- I knew for ages that he wasn’t it, he wasn’t exactly what I wanted as a life partner.

So my heart didn’t want to break up, but my spirit knew – he’s not it. He’s not your life partner.

It’s easy to avoid talking about your emotions, it’s easy to shut down your heart.

What’s difficult is saying how you feel. And finding closure and agreement.

If you’re going through heartache I pray God would give you comfort in this hour. I pray you would know that God is with you.

He loves you dearly.

Give and partner with me- thank you!



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