Proclaiming Freedom To the World


During the last 5 months, since July 2018 I have layed hands and prayed over hundreds, even thousands of people, restoring their identity to being a son and daughter of God, delivering them from shame, guilt and condemnation.

Some people ask me how do I know if it is God speaking, well would Satan want people to be free? 

LOL. Just look at the fruit. And stop asking silly questions.

In South Africa, I often walked in the malls and asked God to show me who needed prayer. There are many Christians in South Africa but not everyone knows that they are free of condemnation. 

I’ll walk up to janitors and say “let’s pray” and she will get two or 3 of her co-workers and we’ll go into a danky hallway to pray. Sometimes I covered a whole family from Brazil who was sitting next to me. Sure, there were times people waved me off when I tried to pray for their injured leg as they shouted “no I don’t believe in this Jesus”.

Then there are other times that God leads me to a small local stall. Like yesterday. I went to this stall 3 times yesterday. The first time God gave me the impression that she was working too much. The evidence was in injuries in her body. She had a dark bruise on her leg. I asked her what happened and she said a moped ran into her.

I said “can I pray for you?” She was a Hindu. She said, YES PLEASE.

I layed hands on her leg and said “do you believe you will be healed by Jesus?” She said “yes, yes”.

That night I went back to eat and after eating, I felt like she needed to know God was her father. I said “you are God’s children and God’s children get to rest. He is the one taking care of you, you can rest. Jesus died on the cross for you, you are worthy worthy worthy”. She got her husband because she was so excited to hear this. Then her husband got another man who understood English a little better. But they woke him up from his sleep so he was a little pissed off.

Nevertheless, the message was sent.

Then two Indians came all of a sudden. I was about to leave but then I said “can I pray for you?” They were really enthusiastic and said yes. I saw one climbing a mountain, and he was so shocked “I live in a city full of mountains” and the other I saw he was dancing and he said “I am a musician”. Then I shared my testimony about leaving everything to follow Jesus. 

They said “you must come to India”. This was another sign of where God wanted me to go.

They were utterly shocked by the accuracy of these visions and so was I.

The Lord doesn’t always give me specific visions to share with people, so I knew that He wanted to open their hearts.

Some days I sow, some days I reap.

Some days I feel accused and have to fight the accusation. The truth is there are times people (usually conservative Christians…most unfortunately) question me and I have to just say out loud “I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, there is no condemnation for those that are in Christ Jesus”. 

But last night I realized how special I am. I am really special. I am really faithful. I obey God not because I’m scared of Him, but because I trust utterly in His grace.

The other day in Singapore, I went to church and when they started worshiping, I just fell on my knees and started sobbing to God. When your heart hears painful stories and when your heart continues to love those who are broken, who need healing, who need God, you can only fall on your knees. 

Often times I find myself weeping for those who weep. 

I weep for the man who was Christian but became Buddhist and his wife died. I weep for the owner of the hostel who has extreme anger issues and hit a customer. I weep for the Christians who don’t know they are free.

I have become bolder than a lion not because of my own flesh, but because of His grace. When you know you are accepted by the Lord, you don’t need anyone else’s acceptance. You can sit alone and know the Lord is sitting next to you. 

I walk up to strangers because I am captivated by His love.

People ask for a formula, but there is no formula- the formula is to surrender to Jesus and His love. I simply follow Jesus in loving people. I don’t care about a ministry, I care about people as Jesus cares for them.

How did He train me? He trained me for many years, with no recognition, no ministry, no funds to back it up, He asked me to obey in hard times because He was testing my heart- that my heart was pure as gold, white as snow. 

How low are you willing to go? How broken do you allow your heart to be? Because this is no game. Your heart will feel the pain, your heart will feel like it can’t go on anymore but then you will cry and weep and you will feel angels surrounding you.

This is love, a passionate love, a love worth living for. I have felt the presence of God’s love in looking into the eye’s of people.

God is so gentle, He is so loving, He never condemns, He brings people up from the dust and restores them with words of affirmation. He says “you are enough, you are not lacking”.

Yesterday I had to type in what the Lord was saying to a young Indonesian staff at the hostel. I typed “Jesus loves you as you are”. He asked “really?”

I said “yes”.

God is a restorer, not a condemner.

It is the devil that condemns.

Thank you to everyone that has already given in obedience to the Lord. I am utterly grateful to you. May the Lord bless and keep you in Jesus name and multiply unto you everything that you give.

Sow into the kingdom-