Investing Into Eternity

Hi everyone! As Christmas is approaching, I am asking everyone to consider giving to this ministry (even $10-20 helps).

Everyday people are hearing the gospel of grace and the power of resting in Jesus’ finished work- people who normally would not hear it.

Yesterday a tattooed French man who God sat me next to who would normally have animosity towards anything religious but somehow when I told him about how God came to give freedom from rules – he was like wow.

And an Australian man who I sat next to at a Buddhist restaurant who had a tumor taken out of his brain also listened attentively as he asked “so what does it mean to believe in Jesus?”

Yes!! This is the grace I preach! Not the judgemental nonsense that binds people! Jesus came to free people!

I need your help! I can’t go to the next country the Lord is sending me to without your help. The Lord is sending me to my next people assignments and it is in Malaysia. I need to book my flight but I don’t have the funds- may the Lord send the ones who are supposed to give.

Consider sowing a seed into souls this Christmas instead of gifts that will end up at goodwill. Consider sowing a seed into heaven instead things that will rust on earth.

This Christmas I will spend my time not with my family but bringing the message of grace to people.

Here are links to contribute.

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So many people are saving for a house or car but are you saving for heaven?