Divine Letting Go


That is the formula to letting God work in your life, let go of control….of everything. And what that means is watch the second season of Jane The Virgin, I still have 11 episodes left. It is currently my favorite show. She also happens to be a writer. I also love Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and her name happens to be Rebecca.

Anyways, being an empath, I feel deeply for people when they are in pain. I have been trying to help a family member who is depressed over her life, so here I am helping her….but in attempt to, I got depressed myself because she would take her frustration out on me. I confronted her and she apologized, even saying I dont remember yelling at you,…when you are depressed you dont realize you hurt people because you cant see right.

So I thought, I got to get some alone time. Divinely, I arrived 5 minutes before a free zumba class at the library. How divine! Then I BUMP into my friend at the check out! What? More like she called my name….what?

So I took a zumba class I did not plan for.

And well my mind was analyzing my life. Okay, let go of that family member, allow her to help herself. Stop letting her life depress you. Let her go through her own process. 

Then I thought, okay what are the chances that I am just imagining myself dancing in a latin American country? I AM ALSO LEARNING ESPANOL!!! I THINK I Am ready to move there right now.

Then as I am binge watching my tv show, some other friend says hi to me at starbucks. So instead of trying to figure out my life or the next country or project that I am supposed to go to or work on, living in flow is just that…..dancing the journey (and enjoying it), instead of focusing on how perfect the steps are.

The right people and the right things will call your name-


Yes I am here!