Kicking Karma’s Ass


I thought I might title this blog post with a funnier title, something that would grab you. It’s almost Halloween and I am utterly amazed at how I have seen the continuous support of people, strangers. I have seen LOVE come to pass in so many ways in my travels.

I am amazed at the POWER of LOVE. Where do I begin?

Yesterday I was at the world famous Berlin club called Berghain. My new Spanish friend and I got in. I couldn’t believe it, well because apparently they rejected all these “normally” dressed people. I guess it pays to be weird. There was this “walk of shame” where the rejects would walk backward…and yes, everyone in line saw them walking away in shame….I didn’t like how the bouncer shoved me to get padded down at the women’s line.

We got in because my friend said “it’s because I’m homosexual”.

I thought about how he manifested us getting in because of his unwavering certainty in the fact that if he was gay, he would definitely get in. I believe that this power called “belief” can get us in anywhere we want. It could be as crazy as, “because I’m Asian I’ll get into any university” or “because I’m hot I get into any club” (this is a belief I have held onto and yes, it works”.

SO this blog post is called Kicking Karma’s Ass because I don’t really believe in Karma, I believe we should rename it…we should name it LOVE.

Love expands, fear constricts us. 

Walking down the street, I say a little prayer for each person and I try to smile at them.

Some people don’t smile at me but some do. In Amsterdam, an angel gave me water when I couldn’t move in bed. She said, whatever you need, I’m here for you. I meet her in Berlin, by accident, by divine order, we end up in the same hostel. There is a man who is suffering from a broken heart, he lost his business and is under depression. I give him granola bars and a quote, words of encouragement. Kindness towards a stranger.

Because of love, the world is a better place. Because of love, genuine friendship, commonalities, I am invited to go to a club with a new friend. Because of love, and simplicity, I share simple moments of conversation with 3 boys from Afghanistan. They stuff my face with cake in kindness. Because of love I am able to smile at a little girl named Medino and build a relationship for a few days while I am here.

She laughs at me with genuine simplicity, love, kindness. She is a little girl, a cherished little girl. I give her pen and paper to draw, next thing you know we are eating together. We can’t communicate through language, only gestures. Yesterday she was being a little brat so I left dinner early, but she will always be in my heart, as also a reflection of the little girl in me.

I love the little girl in me, I will never neglect what that little girl wants.

All of life is love, without love and an open heart we cannot receive.

Do not keep good from those who should have it, when it is in your power to do it. Do not say to your neighbor, “Go, and return tomorrow, and I will give it,” when you have it with you.

I have found this to be true. You see, I am traveling with an insane budget, and somehow God has expanded that money. At every opportunity that I have been given to see a need, I have been able to give…especially food. I have been sharing food with those that seem hungry in the hostels. This has given me a lot of pleasure because I know that people have helped me the same….especially people who are hungover and can’t move.

I realized that when you withhold from others what you can give them now, out of fear of lack, the same will happen to you…and this isn’t karma, this is just how like attracts like. You see, I realized that when I live out of an open heart that there is ALWAYS more than enough and that material things are always circulating, you don’t hold onto much. I have also tried to see the good in people and because of that, I have almost always come into contact with strangers that have the best intention.

Now I constantly ask myself if I am acting in fear or love. In moments of fear, we constrict our bodies and we make bad decisions. It doesn’t hurt to ask ourselves, close our eyes and breathe. How does this decision make me feel?

If you feel good, your heart is expanding, you are acting in love.

If you feel bad, and your heart feels constricted, you are acting in fear. 

(Pictures taken in Berlin)


Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 6.18.28 PM


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