On My Way Home

I’m on my way home to my home country! If that makes any sense? (Germany)

Today I went to exchange money, my stomach almost turned when I got like 1/3 and less of my money back since the EURO is so expensive. HELLO empty bank account!!!  On another note, I was about to drive out to get some boba after stopping at Bank of America and stumbled upon shady Asian computer place. I quickly reparked and ran in.  I knew God was calling me!

Behold, I was able to get a ipod touch charger for $6.99. Better than $30 bucks from the Apple Store. Say hello to random brand! But since the package was already opened, I was able to try it. YAY it worked. Then I stumbled out to a wholesale beauty supply store and got the best eyebrow trimmer (MADE IN JAPAN) for $1.99.  A MIRACLE WORKER! Tweezing my eyebrows is my WORST flaw, I hate it and always, my brows look like men’s after 30 minute attempts. GO FIGURE.

If that wasn’t enough, I found an “empty store” that was having a “yard sale”. Yes, welcome to Alhambra/ Monterey Park. I walked in and found all kinds of electronic and random stuff for cheap. Got 2 watches, brand new without batteries for $5. They were so cute, Strawberry Cupcake or whatever the thing is called. The deals kept coming today since I had to do last minute shopping for Europe. I tried to bargain for XD memory card at Staples. They didn’t accept my sad googly eyes. DUH- hello Miss, it’s a RETAIL STORE. Snaps- BUT I was able to snag a new 50 dollar SWISS backpack for 5 bucks. REBATE- dum dum dum!  I figured I will travel loads in the future.  My life has JUST BEGUN for buddha’s SAKE!  (I am not supposed to take God’s name in vain, so I’m going to take Buddha’s name in vain). Sorry Buddha but I love Jesus!

Photo 13

Just for kicks- Audrey and I at Corner Bakery. Playing with our Macs and having a good laugh. This waitress came by because I had both my arms in the air, taking a picture with a roller coaster background. Hysterical!

I feel like my summer just begun, yet….what have I experienced but ENDLESS LAUGHTER. I feel like summers are always the sunshine after many endless tears and rain, thunder storms, and ridiculous pain. Welcome to my life, an endless drama.

“If my life is The Office, then your life is like Battle Field Galactica. I seat at the office while you are shooting down aircrafts.”- Peter Lee.  Thank you! I will always remember that! 🙂


One thought on “On My Way Home

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