The Beauty of Silence



The Beauty of Silence

Like a chicken with my head cut off, I found myself tense, busy, and unable to stop and think.  I forgot the essence of it all.  One time I collapsed and broke into tears…maybe this was not meant to be like this.

The Beauty of Silence is this:  Listening.  In the turmoil of busyness, we often rush here, there, anywhere…for what?  These are questions we ponder or do we?  What is the essence of life?  I once read this phrase:  “love is listening“.  Loving people means listening to their thoughts, feelings, words, emotions, and even body language.  I see the strain in their faces, underneath that smile- a cold and forgotten life.

If we don’t stop to listen, starting with our own hearts, time will pass by unawares.  Like a ghost, chilly, deceiving.  Our hearts will be abandoned on the road to nothing, on the road to a society- created dream.  Are those really our dreams?  Or have we imitated others?  Our search is to discover the dreams in our hearts, the constant beat reminding us, reminding us.

So in the rush of this season…I opt to listen, to bathe myself in the beauty of silence.  What is my heart telling me?  What is God telling me?  What are my friends feeling, how are they happy or suffering?

This morning, I sat at Starbucks.  An old man complimented me on my outfit- “are you heading to church dear?”  I said, “yes, later”.  He sat with his mug and a mount of newspapers.  I sat with my Christmas cards, writing to friends.  Suddenly, I felt compelled to write a Christmas card to this stranger…entertain an angel unawares.  My own hand drawn printed card.

He was so happy.  The small things.  Maybe that’s what counts…random acts of kindness.

Honestly, I must say active listening is one of the hardest skills.  I seek to understand, process and not interpret or assume what people say to me.  I want to wholeheartedly understand their point of view, then share mine.  But in the end, as I have lately reiterated- “agree to disagree”.


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