2 Months in Taiwan…Took My Heart Away

This summer, I went to Taiwan…

the physical changes? A new hair color, a new hair cut (they call it- jelly fish hair, long on the bottom layer, short on the top), 2 new ear piercings…no tattoos of course, too much of a wuss. Oh yes, I grew taller due to biking everywhere for a whole month in Chiayi, Taiwan.

On the other hand, there were heart changes. The people of Taiwan took my heart away. Even though I was not born in Taiwan, nor even lived there for many years, their heartfelt and genuine friendship pierced this sometimes individualistic heart of mine.

I went there to teach English and Bible truths, but came back with more knowledge than ever. There is something reminiscent about groups of friends going out to drink boba milk tea and studying together at Mcdonald’s…reminds me of when my mother used to invite 20-30 piano students to our house. Even though I was a youngan back then, I enjoyed the warmth, the easy-going laughters, the shared knowledge that we, though different, was like one big family.

I’m typing this at 5:26 am, completely jet- lagged, a little sick, but I thank God for the memories. I feel out of place here in LA, but I know these life- changing experiences are the pivotal moments that make me who I am today. I still miss Taiwan. Asides from good food, cheap and cute clothes, convenient transportation, 30 cents 700cc sized tea, friendly unguarded people….and many more…I miss mostly the friends I’ve made there.

Of course, closing one chapter in your life means opening another. So I store these precious memories and look for the next. I must:

1. Study Chinese

2. Reach one step higher to becoming a fashion designer

3. Cherish those moments of friendship…wherever I am.

To give you an idea of what I mean- that moment when this 16 year old boy started singing “Kiss Me” in ridiculously funny tones. It could have been an ordinary moment, but when I seeped myself into the exact time, moment, space, I knew this might be a moment that will disappear, a moment I needed to cherish. So being a cry baby, I started tearing up. Alas life to its bittersweetness, but alas to its sweetness.


One thought on “2 Months in Taiwan…Took My Heart Away

  1. rebekkalien

    Actually, I take number 2 back. Reach one step higher to fulfilling the higher will. Meaning I’m actually thinking of going back to Taiwan for one or more years. Can’t predict the future can I? ^^

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