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The Secret of Dreams


This is me walking in the abandoned streets of West Oakland in Norcal. The creepy creatures in the back remind me of the naysayers…all you have to do is walk by and ignore it.

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I’m back in Los Angeles and I have a few comments to make:
After speaking at the women’s conference in Sacramento I realized that not everyone wants to dream…perhaps like in The Alchemist, people are too afraid they’ll fail so it’s better to not act on their dreams at all.

Not everyone wants to change to improve their lives.
Not everyone wants to go through heartbreak to have the love of their lives.
Not everyone wants to do anything that it takes to achieve fulfillment in their hearts and lives…
Not everyone wants to sell off everything they have to travel the world.
Not everyone.

But that doesn’t matter, because what matters is who you want to be. I vow that I will never be like the 80 year old grandmas that never want to change…because the secret of dreams is that you must be willing to change constantly, to learn constantly, to know that there is always more…and not in the insatiable way, but in the playful, childlike wonder.

I struggled with the words that people spoke against me…as a freespirit, people will often try to control me, but fail epicly.

Here are a few secrets of dreams:

1. You must search diligently

2. You must be open to learning

3. You must forsake the opinions of others, even close friends

4. You must be willing to go out of your comfort zone, be broke, live on the streets, be homeless, couchsurf, or DO SIMPLY whatever it takes….because there is no driving factor if you are so comfortable in your life. Something must fuel you, the itch, the problem, the frustration must be so big that you have TO DO SOMETHING about it. 

5. Keep negative people away at all COST!

6. Keep healthy boundaries so you have energy to nurture your heart and dreams, destiny is in your hands.


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Schedule of Events!


11224586_10155571749055603_1356093030481981686_n 11226544_10155555892840603_3776834382787690733_n

This past weekend I got to speak at the California Federation Professional and Business Women’s state conference. I got to room with Crystal, who is a heart disease survivor. Her heart is on the right, yah no kidding. She’s had 8 open heart surgeries and she is one of the most AMAZING AND STRONG WOMAN I KNOW!!! IT was a serious blessing to room with her. We even got to dance at Kbar. She gave me a mexican candy PIKA PIKA (see me eating it above). Then you’ll see a photo of us with our awards. Let’s say we had loads of fun and got to speak to a room full of women who needed motivation.

People keep trying to catch me, but it’s tough to. IF you need a coaching session feel free to email me Rebekkalien@gmail.com, speaking inquiries, email me!

Here is my travel/event schedule: 

Now until May 23- Norcal, staying in Emeryville. Probably will go to SF on Friday.

May 23 Saturday- Back to LA

June 2 Tuesday- Smart Spiritual Sexy “Not Your Stuck Up” Happy Hour Mixer- REGISTER HERE

FB INFO- https://www.facebook.com/events/362937250566234/

Open to the public, FREE RSVP, happy hour specials.

June 4-6 Friday- Sunday- Palm Springs, CA- vacation

June 22- Authenticity Rules, Be REAL, BE YOU SEMINAR in LOS ANGELES – Venue to be announced. Register for early bird rate: (By June 1) – https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=XTJQVBH8ZH7E8

Late June- I will probably be overseas! So while you can, attend my seminar June 22. I may be gone for one month.

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You’re Invited- Los Angeles June Mixer!



Just be yourself.

Who is this mixer for? Anyone who does not believe human beings are supposed to work 9-5 at a boring job, business owners, free thinkers, entrepreneurs, lifetime vacationers, writers, creatives, entertainers, vagabonds, musicians, etc….that’s why suits are not required, we prefer laid back.

Come as you are.

Be yourself and have fun. You might just meet the love of your life or your future bestie or meet collaborators for your business.

1/2 off all Signature Drinks, Beer, & Wine plus $5 food menu.

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Rebekka Lien Creator of Smart Spiritual Sexy and How To Make Money Doing What You Love Ebook
Cherelle Tye–Liao – Co-Creator
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Are You Ready To Live Authentically? Here’s How.


You are unstoppable, my friend, my mentor, my mom, my ally.

You are unstoppable, only you can determine your destiny. There are angels waiting to disperse at the echo of your words and commitment. Are you committed to being unstoppable? Will you let the challenges of life stop you from your purpose? Will you let momentary afflictions be your stopping point? Will you simply stare at the stop sign that men made, or will you walk across the street. 

Recently I’ve been walking 2 miles plus a day. The stop light in Pasadena is quite relentless. WAIT, WAIT, WAIT the light goes, maybe it’s for the blind, but maybe also for those that need a little reminder that your purpose sometimes makes you wait. It’s unnerving, scary, like what the hell is going on?

But once it squeaks out “walk sign is on”, it’s an okay for you to go, knowing you’ll be safe….

Although I’ve gone through some rough patches recently, not knowing where life will take me, where God is leading me…I’ve held onto rock solid faith…it’s helped me to open up to close friends about what I’ve been going through. From the outside, I’m a fun loving human being doing amazing things, but every hero has a story. Sometimes life gets dark, so dark I started sleeping 12 hours at one point, not necessarily because I was truly resting …but because I was depressed.

I thought too much. I thought about whether my life even made any sense- why did I sell all my furniture, minimalize my life to this extent? Did it make sense that I forsaw myself traveling around the world, living in hotels, airbnb’s, couchsurfing, and making friends while speaking, selling books on autopilot and making bank without doing anything called “work” (but simply being 100% me and being super passionate about telling my story, healing the broken hearted and awakening people to their true identity and dreams)…did all of this even make any sense when my current reality didn’t seem so positive?

But in the midst of crying my heart out to a friend, I realized that it’s all going to be okay. Knowing that I wasn’t the only one struggling in life helped me to see that vulnerability is everything. Without struggles, we wouldn’t need each other to vent to….we truly NEED each other to live in peace, love and hope. When I hear that I’m not the only one, that there are tons of other people on instagram who are building awesome, amazing, life and world changing businesses, I can hope again. I’m not the ONLY one out here living for something MORE. 





I WANT MORE of life, more of passion, more of freedom, more of love.

I WANT TO SEE change in this world, in my life, in yours.

What’s the MORE you want? 


Be honest, be vulnerable. Until you can pour out your fears to someone, rip open the bandage and show all of that nasty stuff….you’re really living a lie, covering up the little child within. Let it out, you need to be heard, you need to be loved. Once you do that, something magical happens…you’re able to live the authentic life, for the passions and people you truly love. 

What has hurt the most in your life is probably the healing story you’ll be part of in your passion.

So for me…it is healing from growing up with an absent father and learning to trust God for that which I lacked growing up, stability, finance, security, protection. I’m a survivor. I grew up always on guard, my heart was always protecting itself. I was always ready to defend myself, physically and mentally…but deep down, I was scared shitless.

I’ve managed to screw up and self-sabotage areas of my life that could have sprout up. But I don’t live in regret, since that leads to death. No, I live in hope and renewal everyday because everyday is a clean slate. 

My passion and life purpose lies in helping people to identify their broken story and to heal that which they overprotect….the wounds, the nasty stuff under the bandage…the shit that has been rotting under your heart, so deep that no one can get to WHO YOU REALLY ARE. The facade you layer on, the shit you buy to cover who you really are….I know those wounds are there, but do you? You are not going to bullshit me with that nice suit or that designer bag. You are not going to bullshit me with your prized job title, no no no, most people see the outward appearance but God sees the heart.

And well, I see your heart too.

It’s hurting.

So let it out, be real. Until you do that, you can’t receive love….how can you? Until you let someone see those fears, those wounds….you can’t mend those wounds, apply ointment to heal that scab…It’s all covered up. Some of you have done a really good job of that.

Are you ready to live authentically? 


You Are The Creator Of Your Life


Nothing is real save love. Nothing matters but love.

I’ve walked everywhere for one week now, no use of my car. It’s allowed me to reach some spiritual awakenings in my soul.

‘Those who live according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires. The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.’

Here goes:

There is no lack, but perceived lack. Nothing is real outside of what is within our consciousness. Anything that desires to be manifest will be manifest in its due time. Any areas of strivings are evidence that you do not know you have 100% power within you as long as you know you are complete in God, as God has redeemed you…as long as you have received the free gift of completion.

Since you are 100% complete and whole, and in your inner reality, there are actually no lack, no problems…since these external concerns are simply deviations from self love or the knowledge that you are loved.

What is real is who you are on the inside. Until you come to see that you are creator of your life, you will keep striving for that which you think you lack within. All progress starts from within.

When you receive perfect love from God- in the eyes of God you become pure, perfect; there is no lack. Thus, we are all remembering who we already are in the future. There is no time in the I AM. You are who you are, there is no time, we live forever…our spirits are eternal beings. Our bodies are simply temporary dwellings which our spirits live in.

Any perceived problems, lack, relational conflicts, divorce, breakups, heart breaks are our hearts telling us “things are supposed to be beautiful, eternal, things are supposed to last”.

Our lives are like spirals, there are perceived backwardness, such as losing our careers, relationships, people, but these are necessary seasons just as winter is necessary for summer to come later.

When people accuse you of not giving them love, it is often because they do not acknowledge love is within them and waiting to be received. People also treat you as they treat themselves. If they judge you, they judge themselves harshly. If they demean you, they demean themselves in their own lives. Now you say that people have hurt you, but if we start to see that people act out of their perceived lack (not knowing that love is realized in their consciousness first), you are then not responsible for how they feel. 

Your worth does not come from whether people approve or love you. Love is complete within you, so whether someone likes you or not does not affect how you feel. You are devoid of ego, only spirit.

This is intense stuff but I hope you gained something from this blog post.


My Ebook can be purchased here: https://payhip.com/b/6zoT

Love IS Not Ho Hum Fear, But Vulnerability Exposed

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 10.45.45 AM

I reached a breakthrough yesterday, this was better than any worldly increase, any publicity, getting on TV, being validated by a news channel, Vogue, Forbes, nothing like that…it wasn’t a man kneeling on his knees and telling me how much he loved me, no no no….this was way bigger than that….this was LOVE.

Well, how could it be love if it wasn’t with a romantic partner?

My heart was seen and I was heard, and I was loved anyway. That is love. 

Yesterday I sat on the floor spilling my guts to my friend….as we talked about all the people we needed to forgive, especially family members that never gave us the love we needed, I realized that we both needed to feel accepted and LOVED…and most of all to feel safe. Without safety there is no trust, when there is no trust there is no freedom to be yourself, to express your true feelings. 

We prayed and I also gave my burdens to God. You see, if God is love then love is God. Love is supreme.

The world tells us that LOVE is LUST, Love is not lust, physical attraction wanes BIG TIME. LOVE is not attraction either, because I can be attracted to a thousand guys, LOVE is not exclusive within a romantic relationship…

Here are the things I believe love is:

Love IS:

1. Forgiveness, knowing that we are not perfect and others aren’t

2. Vulnerability, having the freedom to open your heart to someone and trust that they will not judge but accept you (with someone that you have known and built trust with).

3. Communication, believing that connection is KEY and that your goal is to connect and not disconnect.

4. Service, having an attitude of “how can I help you” and be a support for you in this tough time.

5. Patience, having the patience to love someone when they are like porcupines, purposely hurting you out of protection for themselves.

Even though we stayed up until 3am drinking fine whiskey, I found myself awake at 10am desiring to POUR all of what I learned into this blog…I hope that our world will start to see what love really is. I’m tired of seeing friends suffer and young people strive for the type of “counterfeit love” that is conditional.

I have gained the whole world by knowing that I am loved and that I can feel secure in a friendship. Relationships mean the world to me especially since I never felt safe to express myself in my own family. How about you? Do you have that kind of friend, do you have that kind of family (even non-related ones)? I hope you do, and if you don’t, know that the first step is to forgive anyone that has hurt you in the past and to know that you are loved unconditionally by the God who created you.

I know this season of my life is preparing me for my life partner because without the ability to communicate well with a friend, I wouldn’t be able to communicate with a partner. I have also been learning how to reject guys with grace and honor. This isn’t always easy when they are persistent and wanting to cross your emotional boundaries…that’s when you set a line and perhaps block their numbers, because you should never feel unsafe.

This is also training for my big international business…whenever I’m traveling or going anywhere, men hit on me wherever I go. I have to learn to politely decline their consideration without hurting their ego or make them feel like they’re not good enough…since there’s only one person I’m going to be with, it’s a matter of “you’re not that person”, and my purpose is fulfilled together with “that person”, not you.

To love, may you find friends, family and people in your life that you can lay the shit out and still know you are loved.