How To Travel The World Without Breaking The Bank

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I decided to address this question “how do you afford to travel?”

First off, I’d like to say that I’ve traveled and moved all my life. I was born in Germany, moved to Taiwan, then to LA. I’m used to a migratory life and actually get bored if I stay in one place for too long. I’m what they call a third culture kid.

Second of all, my parents were backpackers too. My mom said one time she camped out in a tent in snowing and freezing weather. She drove 10 hours straight without stopping while my brother and I were asleep in the back. I am used to travel and I sleep very well in transportation such as planes and trains. It’s in my blood because my mom was an adventurer.

So in essence, traveling is not something that’s luxurious to me, it’s a way of life. Travel is a way of life. It’s a choice. For example, I could buy the newest version of the apple laptop or I can decide to live for experience and spend that money on a flight. I can go binge drinking with people or I can enjoy a glass of wine at happy hour. 

You don’t need to be Einstein.

Third, I’ve been self-employed for 4 years so career, travel, life hacking is my specialty. I can find a good deal at a department store or a discount store, it doesn’t matter, I’ve hacked deals before. Travel is not anything different. You can get my ebook “How To Make Money Doing What You Love” here! Being an entrepreneur was a choice I made. I made a commitment to my own happiness. I quit my full time job because I wanted to be happy and when you follow your bliss, you will live your bliss, even if there are hardships on your journey….in the end you know you did it because you committed to your own happiness. That is key. So the whole “how can I afford it” isn’t in the question. How can you afford to be unhappy in this lifetime? If you truly want to be happy, you will do whatever it takes to follow your dreams.

Here are common objections:

1. I don’t have money- First off, as I write in my book, it’s not HARD to sell off your shit. STOP playing the victim game and sell your unnecessary shit already. People have STORAGE rooms in AMERICA, shit they don’t even NEED!!!! OMG, sell it and live your dreams. STOP making excuses and be creative. There is a solution to your “broke” – ness. I know because being an entrepreneur meant thinking of creative ways to pay rent. I’m not a trust fund kid and never got allowance from my mom, so people who say they don’t have money….-.-! You’re being ridiculous, no offense.

Plus you’re living the victim mentality. That will get you nowhere. You are more creative, more awesome than you’ll ever know. But you have to believe it first.

Solution: Make your priorities priorities. If travel is on the top of your list, stop wasting money on shit you don’t need or want. For example, the 10th thousands shoes you bought because you really neeeeeeddddd it to show people who don’t care about you that you’re cool. Oh okay.

Not all travel costs money. There are ways to make money while traveling, like selling your ebooks, selling stuff on ebay. You can read about this on my ebook. 

I’ve couchsurfed for 2 weeks at a time in Paris and Sao Paulo, I have met random strangers and stayed with them. I’ve found really great hotel deals, I’ve gotten free stays for writing about the location or hotel. Hostels costs $5-$10 in countries like Ecuador or Czech Republic.

I also made a decision that I wanted to live a life of travel, that means my career takes me places. In May I got to speak at a women’s conference and they covered my hotel stay, food, transportation. I’ve gotten paid for speaking, I’m a prophetess that delivers life changing messages and people love hearing what I have to say so they are happy to host me.

If you know what you have to offer this world, traveling shouldn’t be a luxury for the super rich, it should be part of who you are. I have made life time connections on airplanes, in bathrooms, at bus stops. I know that God sends me around the world to make amazing spiritual connections, to impact people, to inspire people to dream again or to point out something they’ve neglected to do in order to pursue their dreams. I believe the world is full of sleeping giants and I know that I’ve been chosen to be the catalyst. I have that effect on people.

People start living their dreams or they start believing that they can live their dreams because they see me living it. 

Because I know my purpose in this life, I make my vision, purpose, desires, talents, skills and personality all come together. That is living YOUR DREAMS.

I also made a choice that because I want a life of travel, I’d rather not have my own apartment or furnitures. I sold almost everything I had, my couch, my bed, dishes, etc. I wanted to be free as the spirit led me to pick up and go. I’ve become a minimalist so that I can focus on what really matters to me: Love, Community, Creative, Freedom.

It’s not that I don’t like stability, it’s because stability is in my heart.

I’ve truly NEVER felt happier because I’m free to live a life of travel.

2. I don’t have time- Well, if you’re working a job you hate, quit already. No one is putting a gun to your head to live a life you hate. Second of all, if you’re spending your time doing anything you don’t like, why live at all? 

Solution: Live 100% of your time on this life doing what you love.

3. I’m scared I’ll get robbed, kidnapped, raped even- those are possibilities even where you live or outside your door. You can live in fear your whole life or choose to overcome by doing.

Solution: Focus on what you want to happen- like amazing adventures meeting awesome people. Second, be smart and wise. Don’t go in dark alleys and watch your drinks. Try to meet kind people while traveling, so when you go out with them, you can feel safe. Plus Americans think every other country is dangerous…when our country probably is the most dangerous.

Have I come back from a trip feeling broke? Yes, have I been emptied of all my cents and dollars?


But was that the end of my world?


Because I know how to create income.

So you should get my ebook, because I highly recommend it.

You can get my ebook “How To Make Money Doing What You Love” here! 


BTW what are my travel plans? I’m waiting for my renewed 52 page passport, I’m waiting to hear about Rorotonga and I should be going to Thailand/Southeast Asia.

how to make money doing what you loveGet

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An Afternoon With A Feather Hatted Stranger

The best days of my life is when I take a risk, a chance to talk to a stranger and walk away, an hour, two hours later with awe of how good God is. Today I decided to go to Starbucks and I was truly filled with joy. I got my coffee for free because the barista charged me the wrong amount. I was in glee! Second of all, I saw an old man with a wild hat with feathers and an American flag and he was drawing. 


I was filled with courage and decided to go talk to him.

A normal person walking by would just look at him and think “what a crazy old man”, but to God, people are beautiful and unique. To me, I know everyone has a story. 

The story that I heard this afternoon touched my heart. A son that passed away, living at YMCA, a man from Chicago, relocated to LA. A professor of writing, published books and have yet received any royalty checks since, this man deserved better.

I got to know a beautiful soul today and even had the opportunity to pray with him as he was having nightmares. The joy I feel when I can help someone with their lives….gosh, I would not trade a zillion dollars for it. Because when two human beings connect on that level, it is simply divine, spiritual, beautiful. 


It’s like everything fades away and we are in a spiritual realm, becoming who we really are, divine beings.

Thank you God for the opportunity to be a blessing to the outcasts. Your heart is for the poor, broken, the homeless, the hungry, the outcasted. Even when I sat there with him, I could see the stares of strangers…

I used to be like them, too busy to notice anything. To be aware that we are spiritual beings, to be conscious, to WAKE UP. 

But after I dedicated my life to love, community and freedom, I was able to slow down and sense the heart of God again. I’m not a fighter, I’m a lover. And we need more people in this world that will take a risk, take time out of their lives, get out of their head, stop worrying and love someone…just because.

Loving is listening. How can we listen to those that desire to be loved?



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I can live without a man now, but I can’t live without a female friend.


If I told my younger self that my life would look like what it looks like today, I would proudly look at myself and say “yah right”. In my mind, I would have imagined “success” as the typical goal…but I still remember that thought in my mind “I don’t want to live a boring life”. I saw too many adults slumping away in their dead end job and I knew I wanted something more.

One thing I would suggest to younger women is….

It is an absolute necessity that you find women you can feel safe with.

I am so strong on the inside because of the women in my life.

What does emotional safety look like?

When you are honest with your fears and vulnerability, the women in your life will choose to love and not judge.

I have lost many women friends because of their impatience and ego. Wisdom comes from discerning whether a moment is right to say what you think. Life is not about being right, it is about love. Love is not black and white, love is choosing to shut up when you see fear in someone, and learning to speak up when you know that’s what they really need. Love is wisdom.

Over the last few months, I have been hemmed in with amazing women. To be honest, I had lost so many friends that I closed my heart off to friendship. Losing a best female friend is worse than breaking up with a boyfriend, losing a best female friend feels like trust is lost forever.

When I walked through struggles in my life, I found myself surrounded by women who had gone through a lot more than I could have ever imagined walking through.

In front of me sat powerful women….not because of success in their careers, but because of their inner strength.

In front of me sat a dear friend who was homeless, who had gone through divorce…and a single mom of 2.

In front of me sat a heart disease surviver who was domestically abused by her very family, homeless at a young age for 5 years….yet somehow survived and continue to thrive.

In front of me sat a woman with beautiful dreams to start her own business, at the expense of being rejected by her friends and family.

These are some of the strongest women I know, not the CEO of big corporations or the billionaires…

These souls need to be celebrated and today I write about the women who gave me strength when I needed hope.

My mom is one of them. A single mom who immigrated to a new country, barely able to pay rent, yet here I am today, the best work any women can put out into this world. Perseverance, patience, strength. These are qualities we overlook but need to be celebrated.

You are beautiful and successful because of your spirit. Thank you for making me stronger everyday, thank you for giving me space to be me, to be free, to make mistakes and to love. To all the female friends that allow me to fail yet is always there to lift me up again.

Love, BEX

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Win Scuba Show tickets!


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Along with $34,000 in door prizes to be given away, the Scuba Show will showcase nearly 300 exhibitors and passionate diving experts representing unique dive locations from around the world. As with every year, Scuba Show exhibitors are looking forward to talking one-on-one with Southern Californians. The 2015 will also feature entertaining and educational workshops and seminars all weekend covering topics such as history, adventure, marine life, diving physiology, underwater film and photography, local dive spots, foreign travel and marine conservation.

How I Unchained Myself From the Golden Handcuff


I imagined the stilness of the air, empty space in a country house

Light flooding the house, still, that’s how I see my whole being

Thoughts invading, what if, what happens if, what about….and all the questions of can I really trust the universe to have my back?

I walked to the post office the other day…standing at the counter and have a small anxiety episode – I wanted to make sure every single document was filled out for my passport renewal. The past year has been letting go of everything that I’ve ever known…that I built my life on (and thought would make me happy, but didn’t).

I had the whole life going on, I had my own place, the car, the independence….but it was just a golden handcuff. The more I had, the more financially drained I was. I was no longer creating, I was tied down, chained to the very things that I thought made me LOOK LIKE I had it together. In reality, I felt alone, sitting in my apartment….trying to avoid nosy neighbors and having no one to talk to but the occasional skype calls and coffee with friends.

I was no longer creating great work because of an overflowing abundance of the heart, but out of financial obligations.

As Toure Roberts says “DON’T WHORE OUT YOUR TALENTS”.

It felt like I was simply stretching myself thin to cover the costs of living a lie. I was no longer inspired to create just to create…whether to create amazing art, wander the world or to come into inspiring truths.

I mean I’ve been self-employed for almost 4 years coming up in July. How have I managed to do it? You can get the book here:…the workbook part will help you to clarify “your vision”. I wrote this book after a few months of breaking up with a long term ex. I thought my life was heading a certain path. We had different visions of what we wanted our lives to look like. I didn’t want to just settle in a big 5 million dollar house and be a wannabe yoga, soccer mom, housewife…no, I wanted something more. I knew that I would travel a lot, speak around the world and travel the world….and be wildly successful.

But I didn’t see myself sitting at home wishing my life was more.

And this is me being completely honest, spilling my honest truth to you because I’m glad I came into this discovery at the age of 27. At the age of 23, I already knew I was not meant to be at a 9 to 5. 

I knew it was death to my soul.

People ask me how I know….I know because I know myself deeply and what does not vibe with me, does not belong in my life. 

Is the path easy?


In fact, I’ve decided to live almost completely possession free, a mobile lifestyle.

That means I prize:

1. My authenticity, peace and heart above all things.

2. Love, connection and people

3. Freedom and joyful experiences, the art of cherishing each moment is vital.

More than:

1. Stability

2. Caring what people think. Because I don’t GIVE a fuck and because when we live our dreams, we are giving other people permission to dream too.

3. Material possessions as an indicator of my success

Are you with me?

Or is this too crazy?

xoxo BEX –

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I’m stoked. Ebook= Free consultation with me.


Freeeeeeee consultation worth $500.

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That I poured my soul into.

Since every business is doing a sale today–get my Ebook today and you’ll score a free consultation with me. That means we Skype/call talk about the goals you want to achieve and I’ll help you tackle it with zest…and you’ll feel like a superhero because I’ll open your eyes to your inner superhero. Promise. Deal ends today!

Purchase the ebook via link and Email me at or I’ll get notified via email.

Things you may want to tackle-

1. My parents are controlling, I need help getting out of their emotional grip

2. I want to quit my job and make money doing what I love

3. I want to start dating again but I’m scared

4. I want to move to another country but I don’t know how to break up with my long term bf that I no longer care for

5. I have this brilliant idea but I’m afraid it’ll fail or I’ll end up being homeless or in the ER

go on —

The Secret of Dreams


This is me walking in the abandoned streets of West Oakland in Norcal. The creepy creatures in the back remind me of the naysayers…all you have to do is walk by and ignore it.

GET MY EBOOK- and learn how to make money living your dreams! 

I’m back in Los Angeles and I have a few comments to make:
After speaking at the women’s conference in Sacramento I realized that not everyone wants to dream…perhaps like in The Alchemist, people are too afraid they’ll fail so it’s better to not act on their dreams at all.

Not everyone wants to change to improve their lives.
Not everyone wants to go through heartbreak to have the love of their lives.
Not everyone wants to do anything that it takes to achieve fulfillment in their hearts and lives…
Not everyone wants to sell off everything they have to travel the world.
Not everyone.

But that doesn’t matter, because what matters is who you want to be. I vow that I will never be like the 80 year old grandmas that never want to change…because the secret of dreams is that you must be willing to change constantly, to learn constantly, to know that there is always more…and not in the insatiable way, but in the playful, childlike wonder.

I struggled with the words that people spoke against me…as a freespirit, people will often try to control me, but fail epicly.

Here are a few secrets of dreams:

1. You must search diligently

2. You must be open to learning

3. You must forsake the opinions of others, even close friends

4. You must be willing to go out of your comfort zone, be broke, live on the streets, be homeless, couchsurf, or DO SIMPLY whatever it takes….because there is no driving factor if you are so comfortable in your life. Something must fuel you, the itch, the problem, the frustration must be so big that you have TO DO SOMETHING about it. 

5. Keep negative people away at all COST!

6. Keep healthy boundaries so you have energy to nurture your heart and dreams, destiny is in your hands.


GET MY EBOOK- and learn how to make money living your dreams! 


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