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I have been in hawaii for almost 2 weeks, I’ll be leaving in 2 days and hollywood is where I’ll be going. Into a new season of rest and complete restoration. That is why I’m having an ebook sale for $15! Get it here- http://www.oronjo.com/live/next/?fi=95905

The number 15 in the Bible pictures rest, which comes after deliverance, represented by fourteen.

People have told me my ebook is like the alchemist for them, life changing. I was so honored to hear that since I literally wrote this to the point manual in my living room and burst out crying after.

My soul needed to share what I had learned in my years of entrepreneurship.

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Xoxo, Bex

About being weird


me at Pearl Harbor, Honolulu

I look back on my life and can find thousands of hilarious moments. I was and am definitely weird. I tried to fit in two times in my life. The first was in middle school, then the second when I was in real estate. I thought I needed to have gap clothes in middle school and later in real estate, I thought I needed to wear uncomfortable suit dresses. We didn’t have much money growing up so I had handmade shirts.

Don’t get me wrong. I looked hot in my suit dress.

But I couldn’t move with the same tenacity as I usually do. I couldn’t jump in the air and randomly skip on the street because I’m happy. Yes, I actually do that.

I also had crushes on generic cool hot boys.

It was only last year that I realized “Seth green Types” are totally my type. I mean I’ve liked him ever since I watched rat race. Typical hot boys are boring to me, I can’t talk about philosophy and farting with them.

The point is it’s okay to be weird.

That’s what makes you special. If you thought you ever needed to fit in to succeed, think again! What makes you weird is what will make you stand out!

So here are a few weird things about me:

1. I ask guys if they’d be okay hearing me fart because to me, being able to fart in front of a potential partner is freedom to be myself.

2. I use my asian face as a guise. Like cops will stop me but if I put my black rimmed glasses and blazer on, say I just came from my office, they’ll think I’m a responsible asian american.

3. I can tear up the dance floor with moves I learned from youtube

4. I feel the freest when I have no security and have only a backpack trotting through jungles and oceans in foreign lands

Go figure, xoxo Bex

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The life less traveled


The life less traveled is usually one that is not paved, very few have ventured on it but most who walk on it end up unusually successful. These are people like Oprah, richard Branson to name two of my favorites. These are rule breakers, rebels, people who spoke up when everyone went silent.

I have never felt happier in my life. In the world’s eyes I really have nothing. I chose to sell all my furniture and be home-less. I’ve been in Hawaii for a week and I’ve never felt freer. I left a career that could have been profitable to pursue my hearts’ desire. I realize that if you can’t be happy in your heart, you can’t be period.

God has given me love and peace in all circumstances. I’ve tried to find my worth in worldly ideas of success, romantic love, attention from peers and family, the idea of stability in matrimony, man, stability, fame, the big break, approval from people, the life with a house by myself, the stuff, the car, the designer bags and more stuff….in the end I found that I found perfect love in spirit and God, in the now.

I feel full, alive, and I only have a backpack right now. I found that if I dwelled in love, nothing else mattered. That I have everything I need now. That as long as I didn’t allow fear to capture my mind, I’d live in unlimited possibilities.

Love Everlasting- my happily ever after

When I was young, I knew I was different. I saw older folks and didn’t want the life they lived. I decided in my mind I’d be a fun adult. I wouldn’t be tired and boring all the time.image

I wanted to laugh and experience really amazing things like traveling and riding elephants. I also thought that if I ever got married, I wouldn’t have a status quo relationship or even a wedding according to how everyone did it. Hipster wouldn’t even set it apart enough. I wouldn’t invite people I felt awkward with or had previous beef with. I wouldn’t invite 400 people just because my parents wanted to invite their friends. I’d live according to what i want.

Some have told me I do what I want because I didn’t grow up with my dad. I think they are correct. So everything has a gold lining.

As I breathe in Hawaii, I feel myself surrender totally to a spiritual love, totally letting go of ego. I’m becoming the type of relaxed hippie I’ve always admired, minus the substance they need to be totally hippie.

I have become one with the ocean….and life is more beautiful and less conventional than I could have ever imagined. So if anyone tells you that life is hard and has to be hard, tell them otherwise. If people say your industry is competitive and cutthroat, tell them that “you attract what you are”. If you’re free of ego, loving people come into your life. If you always see drama, dramatic people come into your life. It’s all about perspective.

Dreams do manifest into reality right in front of my eyes. Several months ago I googled manbattical in research for my year of sanctifying my heart and not getting into an exclusive relationship, I fell upon a blog. I emailed her and interviewed her for my YouTube show. She told me that I had a place to stay if I decided to visit Hawaii. Today I’m sitting in her house writing this post.

life can be awesome and adventurous if we allow our hearts and our desires to run passionate….. Without societal expectations of success and rules.

I’m happy and as I exude happiness, more happiness comes into my life.

There is no fear in love and this is MY happily ever after.

How about you?

How to live with courage


I realize that fear restricts muscles. We often live our lives worrying about little things and somehow we survive, we are breathing and alive. The things we worry about are external, often there are more challenges to be fought.

one thing I’ve learned is that accepting and releasing is the best you can do.

Then choose to know that your circumstances don’t define your worth.

For example, if you’re in debt, you are not your debt, you are an amazing human of infinite possibility. If you just got dumped by a loved one, remember life is always an upgrade and there’s always better fish in the sea.

you were meant to be healed by that relationship. You learned from it. You grew from it.

If you auditioned for a part, and didn’t get it, they simply didn’t see your light and needed someone else’s light.

Your perfect part is on a timeline in history you don’t know just yet.

If you’ve been single for years, start loving yourself and people. Since you attract who you are, you’ll attract wholeness or lack. As you heal you’ll meet more people who are like you.

how do you live with courage everyday? For me I’ve been able to take risks because I know there’s a God who is looking out for me, always showing me beauty and abundance.

I don’t wait for everything to be perfect to be grateful, I’m grateful for the nice cashier, I’m grateful for my friends, I’m grateful for a warm shower and I’m grateful today for my friend who I’m staying with in hawaii.

What are you grateful for and how can you be courageous today?

Rediscover your heart


On my trip to catalina island, I met kris Holden-Reid on top of a mountain. #tudors #lostgirl

Many times in life

we will find that our hearts are jaded, where did the passion go?

For life, where did the excitement go for the things you used to love doing?

You will find that the duties of life has blocked your vision of the life you wanted

when you were young and “naive”, they say

But that’s when you have to push your imagination….until you believe in your own

carry your own

Because your imaginations will manifest into reality before your eyes

If you don’t back down

I’m going to hawaii on Tuesday to rediscover my heart again. Though I’m a tastemaker, a thought leader, always seeking for a more passionate life, I need often to rediscover my heart.

After selling my furnitures, rewriting my life and allowing my true desires to lead, I can honestly say anything can happen. They say those who lose their life will find it.

May we waste our life for what really matters, to awaken the heart that keeps us alive.

How to not give up

I once had a “friend” tell me in one of the hardest time of my entrepreneurial life that “you chose to be self employed”.

When all I needed was someone to say “you can do this, I believe in you, remember who you are”. I didn’t need another judgement. Especially from a friend.

Recently Ive seen how cruel people can be. But I also know that this is all training ground for the calling of my life.

yes I chose to say yes to who I am.

To say yes to who you are is to know what works and doesn’t for yourself. Some people are okay working the 9 to 5 job, some are happy working part time of freelancing. Some people are created to create amazing works of art and books. Some are scientists. But nevertheless a passion in the heart is more than a choice, it haunts us.image

A passion, a desire brings out the hunger of your soul. It overtakes your thoughts, ideas roaming every square feet of your every brain cell.

Can you tell someone “well you chose to be born a male or female”? No, none of us chose where we would be born or what family we were born into….or even to be born….yet deep down we were also wired for dreams that we didn’t choose to be haunted with. We were designed for visions we cannot now clearly understand.

Yet, we should listen clearly to our heart.

Because the more we ignore it, the more we become like mummy’s, walking like zombies, waiting for our death.

Let us listen. Let us act.