They can’t touch you 

they’re just critics

If you don’t have Internet all the voices shuts up. 

I have to be honest with you, someone wrote a comment about why don’t you get a real job so you don’t have to ask for help. Life is all about giving and receiving. And what is a real job? 

I’ve been self employed for almost 5 years- it was a process, and I’ve been to hell hole and back, not everyone can say they have the courage to do it. 

Who said that dressing boring and sitting for 8 hours is a real job? The world can blow up right now – who cares? 

But I remembered that I’m amazing and everything I write is doing the world a service. Honesty is key isn’t it? 

I forgive you. I do.

I have to remember that one day I’ll have so many best seller books the critics will scoff and spew blood. 

And when you’re mean, you’re kind of being mean to this sweet little girl. 

So when you’re thinking of saying things think about the little kid you’re saying it to, this applies to every adult. Treat people like you’d treat a kid. 

Oprah loves you. 

Here are my new friends in Jakarta, Indonesia! 



Food and Tinder


Today I wrote on this Girls Who Travel group-

“I got hungry and downloaded Tinder again”.

I was maybe metaphorically craving some companionship and also I was really hungry, like my stomach was hungry.

This lady I knew wrote something about – “are you serious right now?” as if a feminist would not like free food. She took me seriously. Which I had to roll on the floor and laugh.

A bunch of other girls agreed with me and said why not.

It was a joke. That I thought people would find funny, but I guess the angry feminists were not laughing.

After scrolling through, I only found one picture attractive, it was Jesus and KFC man. No attractive men for me. And just FYI feminist lady, I wouldn’t go out with anyone I didn’t think was a potential for a real date…I wouldn’t go if you paid me. I would never use a man for a meal, geez, I rather eat ramen and watch netflix by myself- Lord have MERCY!

I would not subject myself to an hour of boredom with a man I thought was uninteresting. 

But in case you are wondering, I do find generous men attractive and yes, if he made more income, I think the man would want to pay for my meal and yes, I’m okay with it. I’m grateful and happy and I would say thank you. 

That does not make me less of an equal human being, that would make me a grateful and thankful one, it would not make me less than because I don’t need anyone to say I’m less than or more of anything. I just am.

She also made a good point “didn’t you write an ebook on how to make money doing what you love? and living your dreams? So this isn’t consistent with your brand”

Um. Did you read my ebook?

I’m all about asking for help. In fact, you cannot be self sufficient as an entrepreneur. Haven’t you seen people ask investors for help to build a company? I’m thankful for all the free meals, free accommodations, free help I’ve gotten as an entrepreneur. You cannot be an entrepreneur if you don’t ask for help.

In fact, when I was self employed I asked my mom for help to pay rent twice. I’ve stayed with friends for 5 months, I’ve crashed couches, I’ve asked for free shit in exchange for social media exposure…..

So no, maybe I’m not a feminist if it means I have to not ask for help. Maybe I’m just human and you know what I’m more than grateful for the gifts of God, of humans, of nature, of plants that grow and become my food, of animals, of technology. All of these, I did not strive for, it was all gifts. 

And by the way, I am living my dreams. I am in Singapore right now, traveling the world because I am always relying on God, on people for help.

Days in Maleka

yes, there are definitely times I get home sick. I miss my friends and family back home, but I am also asked to question where is home? 

Traveling in Southeast Asia has helped me to understand Asian culture more. My Asian American friends and I used to hate on our Asian culture because things like obeying your elders, conformism has not always helped us. 

Now I’m starting to see that people appreciate depth in Asia, they love deeply and sacrifice deeply…maybe not in the way I would, but that is how they know how. 

When I feel down, I remember how lucky I am to have had the opportunity to expand my mind and believe that all things are possible- including travel, living on faith.

These days I’ve been able to get to know the owners and hotel staff of Discovery Cafe and D’Riverside Inn. It’s been a blessing- check out their website! 



I was an Airbnb host– And now you can too! My first guest was a philosophy professor, two of my guests were art center students, young people, some animators, and computer nerds. Just my type of people! It was more than hosting- I loved them all like my family. 

They’re letting me refer hosts and give you $50 just for getting your first guests.  




Hostels Are Not Scary 

Okay I stayed at a luxury hotel but most of the time I stay at hostels or guest houses. 

I’d like to debunk the myth that you will get killed in a hostel. That movie Hostel has gotten everyone grossed out, scared out of their minds about traveling on a budget. 

Some hostels are so nice you’ll want to stay there forever. 

Fin hostel – Phuket Thailand 

Wins most movies awards- I watched over 20 movies at this hostel.  When it’s too hot- stay in doors and walk out in the afternoon. Southeast Asia can fry you! 

Bed Station- Bangkok 

Best atmosphere and cleanliness award- best bean bags award. 

Fosters a sense of family and friendship! 


  Free food. What. 
Here are some awesome friend I’ve met at hostels and couch surfing! 


Bed station hostel  – I probably laughed the hardest I’ve ever laughed. These guys are a hoot!   
Ho Chih Minh – Vietnam

My couchsurfing host – dear Tiffany, we’ve become life long friends 

 Hanoi- Vietnam 

Crazy Dutchmen – dancing!  
Cat ba island – Vietnam 

My dear brothers in faith 

La buddy! 

I love everyone of these hooligans.hugs!!!!  


Traveling solo as a woman

I would highly recommend a woman to travel solo, but to be aware and be wise. 

I’ve been in Kuala Lumpur and have been at an inn which for some reason only have single men. The women I’ve met had a partner. As I was running to the bathroom this old French man smiled at me, but not in a friendly way, more like “ew” way. I didn’t smile, I don’t need to and I don’t want to. 

When I was in Prague, there was a German guy that would stare at me up and down and I definitely felt so uncomfortable and scared for me life. 

The unfortunate thing was I was under his bunk bed. Which made it worse. I tried to hang in there for 3 days- girls, ladies, if you’re uncomfortable get away right away!!! You’re instinct is everything! 

I finally asked to move rooms and felt a huge relief. When I left my room he asked “you’re leaving?” And believe it or not I did confront him. 

This is what I told him- “you know why I’m moving? Because I feel so uncomfortable with the way you look at me. It makes a women feel unsafe. If you want a girlfriend that’s not the way to go”.

He said sorry- that he didn’t know.

He didn’t know, gosh damn it. 

Seriously?? What is our society teaching our men??? I can blame it on so many things but one I blame it on porn and the sexualization of feminity. 

But I have so many more stories but one things I’ve learned as a woman traveler is that you must at all times trust your instinct, and if necessary speak up. 

Sexual harassment is not okay, even staring. 

The only day I wore a dress – because yes people stare  

And if you are a male, I ask that you start by not staring at women.   

What I’m really feeling 

Here’s the deal- 

I have a don’t fuck with me face when it comes to creepy men when I travel

And then a OMG excitement and happiness face. 

Sometimes I feel like I can’t show my happiness because creepy men seem to feed off of happiness. 

But now I don’t care. 

I will eat food like a savage women, I’ll laugh and be loud, I’ll cry in public. 

Because I don’t want to be a robot.