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Hi Entrepreneurs, Artists, Creators, Business mavens! 
Sign up now for your spot at THE PASADENA, LOS ANGELES exclusive Entrepreneur Workshop: How To Make Money Doing What You Love.
3 years ago I walked away from a steady paycheck, health insurance and a table I had to sit at for 8 hours a day. 
What resulted was 1-2 years of eating kale and rice, lots of fun appearing on TV, building furnitures from the streets, selling jewelry from my living room and a wine box and NEVER going back to the normalities of 9 to 5 life.
I backpacked in Ecuador, Brazil, Australia and Taiwan in the 3 years I have been self-employed. Previously, I visited Japan teaching English, Europe teaching art, and well, who said travel had to be expensive?
Long story short, I want to show you how you can make a living doing what you love……
In fact, I BELIEVE in dreams so much that I am living it. In 2 months I will be going to Paris, not knowing how YET. I will be backpacking throughout Europe and recording videos and writing about my whole trip. I’m a princess in my own fairy tale.
It’s about LIVING versus making a living.
I’m here to share with you how I got to where I am.
Got fears? Don’t we all, let me walk you OUT of fear and into YOUR DREAM LIFE.
Registration includes a hard cover vision book, gift bag and RAFFLES (see picture of one of the items, gold filled and handmade jewelry!)
THIS SATURDAY 3-5:30pm at Kaffeine
99 S Lake Ave Pasadena CA 91101 
FREE Parking in the back – park at COMPACT Cars 
REGISTER NOW FOR EARLY BIRD RATE (until July 31)- https://lovemoneywork.eventbrite.com/
Paypal (no additional fee)- http://tinyurl.com/m2h92yl
Still hesitant? Read about my journey at: www.rebekkalien.com
Instagram: Rebekkalien


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New 2014 Bucket List

Join me This Saturday for an EPIC LIVE WORKSHOP on HOW You Can Make Money Doing What You Love.

2014 Bucket List 

1. Backpack more of Europe

2. Create a travel show, blog about travels

3. Sell everything I don’t need – I have already sold 3/4 of what I have

4. Publish my ebook or emanual- passive income

5. Get my scuba diving license

6. Listen to my heart

7. Get an acting agent and book a BIG BIG BIG international commercial

8. Be happy

9. Dance more

Even as an entrepreneur, people have expectations for you. You start to follow other entrepreneurs or speakers and think to yourself, “I have got to own an island like Richard Branson” and then I’ll feel like I’ve made it.

What’s in your heart? What aches? What truly makes you alive? Don’t copy others, create your best version of yourself. What makes you come alive?

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How To Make Money Doing What You Love

REGISTER NOW FOR EARLY BIRD RATE (until July 31)- https://lovemoneywork.eventbrite.com/
Paypal- http://tinyurl.com/m2h92yl

Do you ever wonder how entrepreneurs manage to survive and thrive without a full time job? Do you want to BYOB? Want to start your own business, but need some guidance and practical steps? Maybe you are an artist, business person, actor, professional, therapist, or whatever it is, you can THRIVE doing what you love!

Learn how I quit my job, started my businesses organically and created a lifestyle and businesses suitable to my vision, mission and passions!

It’s time to shine my friend.
You can make money doing what you love. Just take a step of faith!

I will help you:
1. Discover your hidden passions, skills and talents
2. Give you practical strategies to monetize your products and services
3. Make money!!!
4. Overcome money, failure and any kind of fears.

You will learn:
1. What I did to grow several businesses bootstrap style and without initial startup $
2. How to start making money doing what you love
3. Practical advice to managing an entrepreneurial lifestyle
4. How to keep going when times get tough & KEYS to a thriving YOU!

$85 EARLY BIRD RATE! (UNTIL July 28, 2014)-
No fees- http://tinyurl.com/m2h92yl
$99 Regular Rate


Cash/Check Email- Lienrebekka@gmail.com

2. Hard Cover Manifest Your Dreams Book (worth $25)
3. 2.5 hours of AMAZING content and how to’s which will make you thousands of dollars when put into practice!

Love. Money. Work

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Seeing Work as A Conduit Of Love

As I drove past traffic in the LA highways, I thought about what the communal energy was. The energy was probably that of stress- “I have to get to work on time, I am stuck in traffic, I have to pay my bills, work sucks, etc”.

What if we thought about our work as a conduit of love? What if we actually did what we love out of a pure energy of love…and we refused to compromise our values for money? Recently, I started teaching yoga and meditation and spoke at 3 different events this month. I taught young teens how to start their own business and I was genuinely shocked by how easy teaching a big group of people was for me. I felt pure love and expansion in my heart for these mere strangers. I thought about how strange it was that even though I was not getting paid for it, my heart felt strong and powerful. I also noticed that as I teach out of pure love of wanting to help others, I have been receiving more monetarily and even getting more opportunities to expand.

That’s when I realized that pure love makes money flow with ease and grace. Money is not apart from love, actually money is one way in which we can love others and show them that they are worthy of their talents and skills. When our greed and selfishness for gain gets in the way, our relationships are also distorted. Business is crooked because we start to focus more on the money than on the people that we are doing business with. That is why you see very successful people with horrible relationships, but also people who are poor also have jaded values of what money means. Some people think that money is evil, no, it is the greed that is evil. When we put money above people, that is evil.

In my life, I have studied people, finance, spirituality, growth and everything I have ever been interested in. I sold jewelry, taught lessons, did real estate, wrote for newspapers and magazines, improv-ed, appeared on television, was a marketing manager, instructor, musician, artist, business woman..I danced a lot and took all kinds of classes (flamenco, acting, creative writing, german…to name a few).

My goal was to become successful, and I also wanted to help people. At one point, I found myself wanting money more than helping people. My greed got in the way of my heart. I became constricted and fearful that people were going to rip me off because as a freelancer I have had many people rip me off. I have designed and created fashion pieces only to have the woman never pay me. I have learned from my mistakes in my lifetime of playing music for weddings and people not pay me a cent. I have experienced injustice towards the young, people taking advantage of interns because they are supposedly inexperienced and are not worth the money.

In having experienced many things in my lifetime, I can say I am more in tune with how it feels to live in fear or love. When you live in fear of “people are going to jip me”, “I won’t have enough for bills this month”, “business stinks”, you will often feel physically constricted. Your neck will hurt, you will become sick, you will experience stomachaches, you will grow angry at the world and some people start to blame everyone around them instead of taking responsibility.

The fact is, you need to know whatever you want needs to be cultivated in your soul first. You must know that you are worthy. You must know that you deserve a certain amount, you must know that everything that needs and wants to be expressed in the external world first begins internally.

You must have faith as well. You must keep trusting and believing when times gets tough and your dreams have not come into fruition. You must keep envisioning and believing when there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. You must also know that the dream is not the end goal, but the journey is. The journey is the people you walk with and the people you love on in that season of life. You experience an abundance of love when you see life as a spiritual path versus an end goal.

Yesterday I experienced a flow of genuine love between a friend I have known for 10 years. I felt that our friendship had endured the test of time due to the fact that our friendship has been pure, without manipulation or this guilt tripping of “I give to you so you must give to me”. In giving out of unconditional love (with boundaries of course), we were able to walk through thick and thin. Over the years, I have learned to forgive easily and to let go gracefully. There are friends you keep and there are friends you must let go of so you can walk towards greater heights.

Work then, is a conduit of our love. The world is interconnected in all regards. One person’s thoughts create the energy around them. Do you ever wonder why you walk into a room and feel sick to your stomach, someone has tainted the room with their negativity. You can become an agent of change by remembering to live in love. What does that look like? Search and you will find, continue to read my blog of course ;) and continue to read, learn, experience what love looks like. I’m here with you in this journey :)


Join me as you learn to become the highest expression of who you are meant to be…..and gain practical strategies and tips to start making money while using all the talents and skills you have!


The Heart Of An Artist


The heart of an artist 

longs for freedom, expression, paradise,

it longs to be free of responsibility so that it could create without hindrances, walls, stipulations, manipulation, weight. 

Artists long for the freest and highest form of expression and we seek for expression our whole lives. Listen to the desires of your hearts, it is this long forgotten self that is screaming for attention. Our world has long forgotten the cries of the soul. Let freedom ring and let it ring louder. 

How Teaching Yoga & Meditation Has Helped To Build Community

I’m a community advocate & leader. I believe in building community WHEREVER I am. Los Angeles can isolate people pretty easily, especially since our meet-ups and hang outs are predestined by TRAFFIC hours, between 7-10am or 3:30-6:30pm. Forget about driving anywhere. I have mastered LA traffic as you can see. I live 25 miles away from my closest friends but that doesn’t stop me from seeing them.

However, due to scheduling and busy lives, it is EASY not to see someone for 6 months or even a year….sometimes even a few years. It might sound ridiculous for some non-LA folks, but in a city, people tend to be pre-occupied. 

When I first started teaching my Yoga and Meditation class, my goal was to bring people together and cultivate a culture of peace and relaxation. I also wanted to build a culture of being instead of doing. As an entrepreneur, I found that when I breathed and slowed down, I was able to focus better. When I took days off to get away, I was able to create space for growth and inspiration. 

THE WHOLE CONCEPT OF PUSH, PUSH, PUSH until something gives in to you…that’s masculine energy, we’ve been taught that our WHOLE lives. Don’t get me wrong, the only reason I am writing this is because I have very aggressive and go – getter attitude. I get THINGS DONE. 

Teaching Yoga and Meditation and seeing the same people, new people every week has helped me to link up with my friends and new friends. We’re not the type of class that says…”goodbye see you next week” – some of us hang out after class. I’ve become friends with all of my students. They’re not really my students, they’re my colleagues in this universe of growth and learning. That’s why it’s different….it’s about an inner transformation, not just about trying to do poses that look impressive. 

I hope you’ll join us this THURSDAY for our Yoga and Meditation Class & Party! 

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RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/663482927059193/ 

Your Entrepreneur,

Rebekka Lien 

My Entrepreneurial Journey

Podcast about my Entrepreneurial Journey- Entrepreneur & Luxury Real Estate Professional’s Inspiring Message on Success Stalkers

Listen to my journey and listen to lessons I learned that could help you in your entrepreneurial journey.

I am excited because I just got booked for a big audition, but I won’t boast until I get the gig.

I am ALSO excited because I wanted to share a few things with you….

I am working on a training course that will give people like YOU PRACTICAL STEPS to beginning your entrepreneur journey. That’s right, you will learn step by step WHAT to do to, what it takes, and HOW you can get started. It’s that easy. Keep your eyes out for updates!

So far, the event will be in August and limited spaces are available. This is a live event and I am also writing a manual which you can order online.

Until then, love- Rebekka Lien – Your Business and Success Consultant/Speaker

Email me @ Lienrebekka@gmail.com