Living Your Personal Legend


As I sat outside in the patio taking in the night, I came across Oprah and Paulo Coelho’s interview. I watched it, and was intrigued. I had always heard about The Alchemist, but had never read it. A few days later, I found myself glancing at Oprah’s face in the news stands. You see, I have about 10 magazine subscriptions and always get them for free with my mileage points, so it made no sense to buy one magazine full price. But I remembered a story from my client about how she was totally broke and something in her told her to buy a magazine, in it was a job that got her into the industry she was supposed to be in. You see, she used what little she had and paid in faith. She was rewarded well for her faith. I always remember that story.

Anyways, I bought that Oprah magazine and went to eat lunch. At lunch I noticed yet again Oprah and Paulo Coelho’s interview. I read it. A few days later, I found myself wanting to go to Vroman’s and I bought that 25th anniversary edition. You see, in 1988 Paulo published The Alchemist, this was the year I was born. You might think it is all a coincidence, but I think not. You see when I read about the omens in the book, about how God sends us messages through people and omens, I knew that my life has always been that way. Everything in my life was orchestrated for me to live my Personal Legend, as The Alchemist describes.


You see, if life was simply about attaining wealth, learning to love and be loved by people, attaining things…it would be, well, so practical. Our lives are spiritual journeys into greater destinies and I see our lives as legends. You see, the reason movies are so captivating is because people in movies actually GO AFTER WHAT THEY WANT. You see a man who loves a woman, he chases after her despite continued rejection or obstacles. You see woman living their dreams, dancing on stages around the world. The heroes overcome the obstacles which prevent them from living their highest callings.

In real life, well, we often settle. How many of us are actually living our Personal Legends? 

We overdose on alcohol, drugs, sedatives, food, media, useless articles and videos only to confuse our hearts. We refuse to face our hearts because we have disappointed ourselves for far too long. Perhaps you have decided to ignore the little voice within that tells you to make a move, to make a change…because change, can be uncomfortable.

Paulo experienced “one of the definining moments of his life: he walked the five hundred- plus mile Road of Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain. On this ancient highway, used for centuries by pilgrims from France to get to the cathedral said to house the remains of St. James, he achieved a self-awareness and a spiritual awakening that he later described in The Pilgrimage

I believe that when we leave everything we know or are comfortable behind, something miraculous happens; actually in that personal spiritual awakening of love do we truly walk into the authentic destiny we were meant to walk.

You see I believe that whoever I have connected with, even by reading their book, I have now agreed to carry their torch. It’s been 25 years since this book has been written. Many spiritual and political leaders are aging and tiring out. It’s time for my generation of people (20’s and 30’s) to wake up. A few days ago, I had an Art Show and Party. I gave a very relaxed presentation reading of my ebook and 2 secrets of how to live your personal destiny. Someone mentioned that it should be called Ted Talk in the Living Room. I realized that I could deliver my message in any format I wanted to, in jeans, in shorts, in a t-shirt. I realized that I didn’t have to wear uptight dresses or have my makeup be perfect. Maybe my audience are actually people who want to be authentic in every way, completely themselves, no pretentiousness.

I look forward to writing books that are epic, that 25 years from now, I’ll look back and see that I wrote this blog post. If you haven’t purchased your own ebook on How To Make Money Doing What You Love:::::: ————-> CLICK HERE! 


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3 Key Ways to Harmonize Your Career with Your Love Life

Guest Post by Acclaimed Love Coach Shamia Casiano
3 Key Ways to Harmonize Your Career with Your Love Life

A lot of women feel overwhelmed at the thought of juggling their careers with their love life. Some of these women are working 40+ hour weeks and by the time they get home – are just too exhausted to even think about going out and finding someone.

On the flip side, there are women that are in relationships, but their relationships are suffering because they not only spend so much time at work, but they also seem to bring work home as well.

Here are three keys to help bring harmony between your love life and your career.

1. Prioritize

People tend to think that prioritizing automatically means sacrifice. When you prioritize something it equals something falling by the wayside.

But that isn’t the case. You need to view it as an adjustment – not as a sacrifice. When you make an adjustment, you are viewing something (in this case your love life) as something that deserves attention and time.

When you prioritize your love life, you put it out there that this is important to you and that you take it seriously. Once you put it out into the Universe that this is a priority for you, you make room for it in your life and invite your love life to unfold in all sorts of ways.

2. Be Present

The second key is to be present. I can’t stress this one enough. It doesn’t count if you’re out to dinner and you’ve got your phone glued to your hand, checking emails.

That is not making it work – that is working while eating.

You’ve got to understand that work is work and love is love. And you can’t nourish one while focusing entirely on the other.

You’ve got to be present. You’ve got to put the phone down, step away from the computer and focus your attention on your love interest (or your spouse, if it pertains to you).

We’ve become a Multi-tasking Plagued society – and it is really taking a toll on our attention spans and our ability to form solid connections and relationships with the ones we love. Research shows that multitasking increases the chances of making mistakes and missing important information and cues. Multitaskers are also less likely to retain information in working memory, which can hinder problem solving and creativity.

Multitasking takes a huge toll on our communication skills as well, which is vital to any relationship (romantic and non).

3. Setting Boundaries

Setting boundaries means managing your time more effectively and efficiently. It means understanding and creating timelines. If you’re off on the weekends, don’t crack open your laptop to do work when you could be spending time with your love interest instead or setting up an online dating profile. You’ve got no excuses.

This is something I struggled with a lot, especially when I first started my business. I was going to bed at 4AM, working on the weekends. It was so bad that even after church on Sundays, I’d go right into my office at home and do some work. It was terrible! I barely spent time with my husband and it wasn’t benefitting our relationship.

You’ve got to set boundaries. For me, I’ve decided that I don’t work weekends and I don’t work evenings anymore. Point blank. Period.

One of my business mentors, Leonie Dawson, recently posted an article on her 15-hour workweek. 15 hours of work a week. She recently gave birth, has a toddler and her hunky love, as she likes to call him.

She’s all about setting boundaries and figuring out what that means for you.

Now that you’ve got the three keys on how to balance your career and your love life – let’s dive in to the three action steps you can take right now to implement these.

Schedule Things in Your Planner

Seriously, do it. And if you’re like me and you don’t have a planner – put it on your to-do list. It’s the same thing. If you can stick to your work calendar, you can surely add on a few personal items for you to stick to.

Schedule in a time to go out on a Friday or Saturday night. Schedule a block of one or two hours for setting up an online dating profile. (Or if you’re married like me, set aside time to spend an evening with your spouse.) It doesn’t matter what it is – make sure you put it on your list. That way, you’re more likely to do it.

Listen to Your Intuition

Listen to your intuition, listen to your body. There’s a reason why I used the word “harmonize” instead of “balancing” when it comes to your love life and your career.

With balance, it means that both sides need to be equal in order for it to work.

However harmonizing both your work life and your love life means there is an ebb and flow of energy in your life.

So, when I said set boundaries – I didn’t mean work less. In fact, that was code for work smarter.

Another business mentor of mine, Shenee Howard, is all about being super focused and getting things done. Maybe you don’t need all day to complete a few tasks.

Maybe you just need two solid hours of what Shenee likes to call, Megatron Mode, where you get rid of all distractions and get down to business. This way when time comes to be present (like on a date with a hottie), you can actually be present without worrying about the things you didn’t do that day or have to do tomorrow.

Learn the Art of Being Present

I’m well aware that a lot of us may not be so great at being present. But it’s seriously important that we learn to break this multitasking plague and get focused on one task at hand at a time. Whether it’s hanging with your sweetie or some project at work. Here’s something you can do to start learning to be present.

There’s a website called,

Seriously, it’s a website with a picture of the ocean and a timer. You listen to the waves and do nothing for two whole minutes. You don’t move your mouse or touch your keyboard until the two minutes are up.

Seems simple enough. But if it weren’t such an issue, why would this even need to exist? I want you to try it out and start molding yourself into someone who can be present. Because once you can do that, you’ll be surprised at how dramatic your love life (and other relationships) can change.

About Shamia- As an INFJ on the Meyer-Briggs scale, Shamia loves connecting with other introverted women who want a fresh start so they can feel Sasha Fierce in all areas of their life, especially relationships. Shamia has been featured in Ebony magazine, Thought CatalogDivine CarolineThe Loop, and is a contributing writer for Ms. In the Biz, the online destination for women in entertainment. Shamia has also spoken on the Sex-Data Blitz panel for the Society for Personality and Social Psychology pre-conference in Austin, Texas. She’s a Jersey girl living the beautiful bi-coastal dream life along with her husband, Elliott and their three year-old doggy, Lucky.

Make A Vow To Stop Re-posting and Sharing Fear Based News

If you want to make this world a better place, please join me in making a VOW to stop re-posting and sharing FEAR BASED news.

If you agree and want to commit to your own wellbeing, success, and growth, please reblog this post or share this on your social media. I realized that a lot of Facebook posts, shares are rather negative. There are crazy stories of how people die, about disease, criminals, etc. I’m not saying that we should be unaware of these news, but we are propagating a culture of where we would rather talk about negative news versus encourage goodness in this world.

How about positive quotes, encouraging posts, posts about people helping others, dreams, etc.

I recorded this right when it was raining in Los Angeles. I know it’s unbelievable, but because of my commitment to my word, I am going to London in 2 weeks, I’ll be living this miraculous life of love. If you haven’t checked out my Ebook, please do! 

 Quotes of the week: 

“Whatever energy you emit, that energy will come back to you. For example, some people are so in their own head that everything that a waiter does is disrespectful, but if you thank them with utmost respect, they’ll treat you the same. It’s not all about you, sometimes people are going through a bad day and all you have to do is see that it’s not about you.” 

“Don’t try to figure out “how”, trust your desires, have faith you are in the right place at the right place and everything will be revealed to you as you go”

“Word for today. Your inheritance, your destiny is here. All that you have been striving for, you can rest now, you can stop trying. It’ already yours, you inherited it not because of what you did, but because of WHO YOU ARE. Know, accept and live in the POWER within. It’s all in you. Nothing that you are trying to achieve is outside of you, it’s all WITHIN YOU. The abundance of life is here (symbolized by rain after a long drought). For some, you have been like me, feeling repressed, like creativity and expression is waiting to burst forth. It is here, there is nothing to wait for. Your breakthrough is here today, start counting your blessings, be thankful for what you have been wanting to accomplish and do in life, be thankful for the people you want to be around,,,,they’re already here. Start dancing and celebrating, the season is here. It’s a season of permanence and power. Stop hoping, stop wishing, do it in power, it’s coming to you!”
Love, Rebekka 

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Sleeping In The Nude

I like to sleep in the nude.

I know, TMI (too much information). The reason I am unveiling this fact is because I am so overwhelmed by how much I manifested this year that I started formulating words in my mind while trying to sleep and well, I really have to get it out there.

2014 has been an incredible incredible year. 2014 marked 3 years of self-employment. I am about to unveil some pretty personal stories.


1. I finally believed and OWNED the fact that I am an amazing entrepreneur who overcame poverty mentality and LEARNED my worth. Everything I have learned in the last 3 years…was like, leading me to NOW. I learned that IT ALL STARTS IN THE MIND. You can’t manifest what you want, or even GO for it, if you don’t think you can achieve it or think that you DESERVE to achieve it. People think that STRIVING and working hard will get them to where they want. Actually, investing in your inner life will DO MUCH MORE than putting in more hours and more energy! OMG REVELATION people. I know…why do people teach the opposite? 


2. In January, I started a mastermind of people...we meet at cafes and at home. It’s called KreativHaus (German for Creative House). It’s a bit underground, but will definitely develop!


3. I started teaching yoga and meditation in April and the PHENOMENAL results were astounding. The fact that I was able to bring together like minded people, help them heal and even create a transcendental spiritual community was groundbreaking for me. Watching these people talk and mingle….for an hour of their life, being completely detached from their phones was one of my proudest moments. It makes my heart feel alive and makes me want to cry.


4. In June I had this URGE To take a Comedy Improv Class. This led to the teacher asking me if I was interested in commercial acting. When I was in middle school, I remember feeling like I wanted to be an actress. A yelling drama teacher and a bad grade made me rethink my dream. HOLY CRAP, I gave up that easily….but the universe didn’t give up on me. I took a class and soon, got an offer to sign with a commercial acting agent. I was shocked how easy it was, so shocked that I started doubting myself….you see entrepreneurs doubt too, all the time, but anyways…


5. I broke up with my ex-boyfriend of 2.3 years. I wanted to get married around 30, but he was thinking 10 years more than 30. This was conflicting and I decided that it was best for us to separate. Was it easy? No, hell no. I’m still recovering, but I see life as an upgrade…I also see dating like interviewing for a suitable job. No one is wrong, it’s just not the right job, just not the right person and that’s okay!

6. After going to a lecture about time travel, I decided to ask myself “WHAT DO I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT?” – times 10. I was afraid to reveal this, but ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS TRAVEL. I realized I was being hypocritical by teaching “How To Make Money Doing What You Love” workshops and not traveling while making income….if I taught that you could really make money doing what you love, I needed to make money traveling. So there, I didn’t know how it was going to happen, but I needed to honor my heart.

I booked a flight to London a month ago and have decided to backpack in Europe until December 2. I’ll be there from September 24-December 2. If you happen to love my writing and want me to speak at your company or organizations, I’d be happy to come speak. Email me at I do appreciate pay, a 5 star hotel accommodation and food.

7. Because I set my mind to going to Europe for 2 months, I forced myself to birth an ebook. I’m happy to say that I’ve sold 7 copies already!!! —-> Buy it here! <—–

After I booked my flight, I was like OMG I have to produce some type of passive income so I can travel and speak. I realized that I did not have to write a 200 page ebook, nor even format it. I just needed to keep it simple. A PDF. You can buy it here and find out how you can live crazy like me. Buy it today, what are you waiting for?

8. I got endorsed by Chris Brogan- author of The Freaks Shall Inherit The Earth, NY BEST SELLING AUTHOR! Oh and guess what, Tony Robbins endorsed his book, so that means by default I’m already connected with Tony.


9. I’m giving workshops that help people live RAD lives. One is coming up this Saturday. No one has signed up yet, but that’s okay, I have a feeling 5 people will come because I can predict the future sometimes. 

Here are some of their testimonials:

“I attended one of Rebekka’s workshops and was happy to find out it was not a large group of people sitting in a room listening to a lecture about results that seem impossible to achieve, then having a small amount of time at the end to answer questions. Her workshop was small and interactive, and she was able to take her own knowledge and experience and apply it to each person individually with suggestions that are do-able. Ever since taking the workshop I’ve been re-discovering many of my forgotten talents and realize I can make money from skills I already have and things I already enjoy doing!”

“Rebekka’s workshop inspired me to take action and finally say YES to creating my own workshop and moving forward as an entrepreneur. Her wealth of personal knowledge encourages people to make real changes and she is genuinely interested in each of the group members who come to the workshop. She also has a FB group to help workshop members stay in touch and support each other to growth.”


Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 11.14.52 AM

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Strength Is Letting Go


Strength is letting go,

surrendering to the promises which holds you in air, in gravity, floating throughout space

Your letting go is a gift to the universe, you allow everything to conspire FOR you.

It’s already done, it’s a done deal.

Let you body surrender, let the striving cease, let your mind feel ease, let you heart subside in complete love.

Though you don’t feel that you deserve it, but your faith is delving deeper into your soul and you know somehow, somehow, and no earthly persons knows, how it’s going to happen, but you sink deeper.

You hold on when the thread, the rope untangles, faster than you can hold onto, suddenly the rope is completely gone and you fall back, slowly, at first, faster and faster, into the abyss of self-consciousness, of perhaps Wholiness. 

You feel your heart explode and light escaping everything that is you, and suddenly the light within you is the very thing that lifts you higher. The light is like a gravity lifter, it defies gravity and somehow 

and finally flying, but it’s not you flying, it’s the light within and all you’re doing is really just floating, expanding, going where you need to but completely engulfed in love. 


I’m not here to teach you how to succeed.

I’m here to teach you about forgiving those who have hurt you, letting go of the past, accepting what is so that you can move forward, without hindrances, so that yes…you can succeed and be happy in life. However, without confronting the shit in your heart, and being real with your ego, you’ll never be happy because an ego self is selfish, not filled with love. 

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life-