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Laws of Money and Success

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As an entrepreneur, I have gained clarity and broken out of many types of mindsets that limited my life. I am grateful that I was taught the laws of the universe early on in life. I am grateful that I continued to pursue the wisdom of this universe.

I immigrated 3 times in my life, but often had an unstable lifestyle. I moved so many times I cannot even count. I also experienced close friendships, extreme emotions like intense joy and intense depression and pain. I made soul friends who were once close, but then moved on in life. I experienced divorce in the family, loneliness in my childhood, financial hardships and feeling like I did not fit in anywhere I went. I have also gained unique clarity in all of these experiences.

In the negativity of my life, I gained hope in my own quiet place in my heart. Over the years, I have observed everyone from young to old, rich to poor, people of all races and people in various countries. I have seen the poorest of poor running around enjoying the abundance of life and natural resources. I have also seen the richest of rich emit a stench of intense loneliness and despair. I have also seen vice versa. I have heard stories that surprised me, because one cannot judge someones’ looks, ever. How we present ourselves in this world does not always reflect our inner world.

Universal Laws I learned over the years:

1. Law of Use- the law of use explains that when we waste something by not using it, we are actually stopping more from coming to us. There is a show called Hoarders, and I wrote about this in my previous blog post…when we hoard something we do not need or has no sentimental value, we are keeping dead energy. Just imagine that thing as a dead rat sitting in your closet. Keeping your house fresh and getting rid of old things is one way to invite new and beautiful things into your life! Today I threw out a table that was broken and I felt so liberated. That thing was carrying negative energy just by being BROKEN! 

2. Law of Abundance- The law of abundance says that the more you focus on what you can afford (even in the future), what you desire, what blessings you already have…the more you attract that abundance. When you live from a spirit of poverty, people will sense that and not want to do business with you. Even if people don’t believe in the laws or spiritual truths, they can sense your energy or vibe. I have learned that and broken out of the poverty mindset. I no longer hold negative thoughts about not having enough, I always tell myself that I have more than enough…and miraculously when I let go of the results and control, money comes easily to me.

3. Law of Giving- Money and material things are meant to be circulated. Money is an energy and when we invest, give, use what we have been given, we allow more to come into our hands. It is also important to note that we should not give out of duty, but out of desire. Giving out of guilt or duty also comes from a spirit of poverty and lack. This will only welcome in more lack even though you may be giving in the external world.

4. Law of Joy - Each accomplishment or success step comes with an emotion. When we accomplish something we want, we feel this intense gratefulness and joy…in order to welcome that success into your life, you must live each day as if YOU ALREADY HAVE IT. What comes out of your mouth must be words of success and not of limitation, how you act must be actions of victory and not of defeat. 

I hear people say, “I want to do this, but you know it’s really tough…”. I stop them immediately and tell them that by saying that they have ALREADY defeated themselves, they have already stopped that dream from coming true by simply stating something that IS NOT TRUE. 

I have people tell me that I am crazy, my own family member tells me that I am a dreamer, but while these people are complaining about how I am crazy, I am slowly living and fulfilling my dream. I simply ignore negative talk and keep my positive head high, higher than anyone if I need to. Which leads us to….

5. The Law of Attraction- The law of attraction says that whatever you think, act, say will come into being. The law of attraction attracts the people, friends and business that you are currently embodying. Don’t get me wrong, I am still learning everyday and am learning what my worth is, but I will to the best of my ability discipline my mind, words and action to align with what I want for my future. If you are hanging out with people you do not want to become, or perhaps are not going anywhere in life, you might want to consider ditching them! Like attracts like! Then there are those that have come along you to go with you to those high places in life. Then so be it!

6. Law of Growth- At the end of the day, it is your PERSONAL growth that will help you to be a happy person. It is not material possessions or money that will make you happy….it is much deeper than that. For me, it is my spirituality, my wisdom, my gratefulness and all things that are actually intangible that makes me happy! The more you grow, the more you will break off negative and old mindsets….the more you will live in a way where you don’t care about what people think, but you live out of true freedom!

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3 Tips to Become An Effective Entrepreneur

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3 Tips to Become An Effective Entrepreneur


Hello fellow Entrepreneurs and People of This Earth! 

I have 3 tips to help YOU become a more effective business owner, artist, entrepreneur or person in general!

I have been self-employed, and now as a real estate professional, artist and speaker…since November of 2011. I had about $100 or less in the bank when I started, I had just backpacked in Australia, visiting the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney, Cairns and Melbourne on an adventure of love and self-discovery. Think “#Eat Pray and Love”. I recommend TRAVELING and SOLO BACKPACKING to anyone who wants to live a self-discovered, passionate and purposeful life. 

I journal a lot when I travel, I observe and am open to meeting any new strangers, or angels if you call it. I live like that in Los Angeles as well, I am open to new adventures and mishaps (which could very well lead to amazing friends). For example, the above photo was taken by a photographer named Patrick Barraza who responded to one of my craigslist ad for collaboration. Is it scary to put myself out there like that? Not really, I don’t allow fear to enter my mind and I try to stay away from people who spew fear into the atmosphere. I try to change my atmosphere by disputing with their fearful thoughts. I try to encourage people to think positively. What you focus on usually comes true, does it not?

So that’s a little about my background of how I started and how I continue to live my entrepreneurial and creative life.

3 tips to help you become a more effective entrepreneur:

1. Sit down and Plan- 

On sundays, I usually sit down and schedule in appointments for the week. I leave open spaces where I can create freely without hindrances of a set schedule, but there are set appointments I have to pencil in. I also write what my goals are on the side, this will determine what opportunities and people I should really hone in on.

Your goals should not only be material, it should focus on qualities. For example, for April, I want to feel accomplished, successful and alive. Having set income or material goals is a good thing, however, if you don’t know what you truly want to feel and embody in your spirit, you can achieve all those things and still feel empty. Perhaps you want to feel and embody peace. Seek and you will find.

Here are a few examples of what you can write down:

Peace, joy, love, connectedness, community, passion, creativity, aliveness, life, rest, success, health, wealth, fullness, wholeness, beauty, wonder, adventure, freedom…etc.

2. Think before saying Yes-

I have learned the hard way that “Yes” can lead to burn out. Practice saying “Let me get back to you on that, I will think about it or check my schedule”. Instinct is good sometimes, because you want to be able to be open to spontaneous encounters, but if you have a habit of jumping in too soon because you want to please people….check yourself! No’s can be the best thing for welcoming in an open door to the right opportunity. You only have limited hours in a day, choose wisely.

3. Take vacations or take days off- 

You are your own boss when you are an entrepreneur. It is WAY too easy to work all day, all the way from your bed in the morning back to your bed at night. Successful business owners know how to set boundaries and keep “fun time” pure of “work time”. You don’t want to dilute your time too much because you’ll end up being a slave to your own business! We chose this path to be free from work, not a slave to work. My first boss once told me “find what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”, well, it is still work, but you can get to a point where you enjoy it every time you do it because you really don’t have to!

Here’s a fun video I made: Enjoy!

What Is Synchronicity?

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Synchronicity is when you let go,

let be.

Synchronicity happens when you stop trying and let the pages fall into place.

Synchronicity is when you give yourself a break after pushing fiercely in the beginning and know you have done everything you can

to make it happen.

Synchronicity is when you don’t care anymore how and when it will work out.

Synchronicity happens when you chill and breathe.

Synchronicity happens when you choose to be happy in spite of all the gray colors.

Synchronicity happens when you learn to enjoy life and you stop planning how IT SHOULD happen in your mind.

Just do your best and let the rest fall into the beautiful place it wanted to be in anyways.

Where there is fear and hesitancy, the universe resists. Where there is 110% unwavering faith, the universe flows to meet and greet you. Faith is actually not a feeling, it is belief in yourself, in a bigger being, in imagination and creativity. If you can imagine it, it will happen. The key is to be joyful in the process, because you are only losing energy by being stressed. 

I know this because I go through this all the time, the expectation of something to fall through. It is only when you don’t care too much about the results, that things fall into place….when you learn to have fun and celebrate in the process, things happen easier.

There are lot of doors closed, but we focus on knocking at one door when just behind us is an open door. 

This is where creativity kicks in, we should always use our critical and creative thinking skills- there is more than one way for things to happen, I have experienced this in the past. The beautiful thing about life is that things can happen anyway we allow them to happen, ALLOW, yes, not want, but allow. And sometimes when we allow doors to fling open, we are not dead panned on one door opening, we will flood our lives with blessings that are beyond the human eyes.





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Speak Up Contest!

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Art by Justine TF- Visit my friends’ websites, she is an amazing artist with something amazing to express! “

Anyone who likes, comments, and/or shares this blog post “Speak Up” until Friday, April 11 at 11:59 pm PST will be entered to to win a “Speak Up” art print by Justine TF.

Her artwork Speak Up inspired me to speak boldly for my life, my desires and my dreams….I thank her for influencing me with her creative expression. Thanks Justine!

Here’s a poem and blog post dedicated to SPEAKING UP!

Speak Up-

When all feels dim and your thoughts are cluttered, speak up and don’t wait until it is too late.

Let your words flow from your heart, words that are true, words that are raw, let yourself be,

be vulnerable, be wanting, be sad, be romanced….

Let your words be true, speak up.

When the lights are dimmed and the bugs creep up the walls of my fermented heart, I let oxygen in, breathing deeply, I allow the vocal chords to open up and that fresh voice, so long abandoned, sings.

Courage, to be.

Courage, to feel.

Courage, to speak, up, up higher than we can ever know, up, up higher than we will ever reach, eclipsing.

We are allowed to be who we want to be, at the end of the day, speak up, don’t speak when it is too late to rescue the forgotten hearts.

Relationships don’t work because of fear, when someone does not bring 100% to the table because they are scared to get hurt, the relationship fails. Love is boldly loving 100%, love is self-sacrificing ONLY when it is based on love, not fear. Love is speaking TRUTH and speaking what is on your heart so that fear does not creep in and get the better of you.

I find that as humans we often hold back who we truly are to please people. For that moment, we are granted temporary acceptance, yet we have caused our hearts to die a little more. That once beating heart, slowly losing tempo…until one day, we have ceased to feel. That is the biggest tragedy we will have encountered. I hope that you never let that happen, because a life that is worth living is a life that you FIGHT for, that means you FIGHT for your voice and yourself. When we live in the authentic expression of who we really are, we will also allow others’ soul to soar and sing. Then we will have done our job as human beings on earth.

Will you allow your spirit to soar? Because you are worth it, you are a bird wants to be free. How many people crave the truest expression of their hearts, yet struggle to be who they really are? You can find it in love, there is absolutely NO fear in love.

Rebekka – your freedom fighter

Instagram- Rebekkalien

Anyone who likes, comments, and/or shares this blog post “Speak Up” until Friday, April 11 at 11:59 pm PST will be entered to to win a “Speak Up” art print by Justine TF.

At The End Of My Life…

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At the end of my life, I want to say that I lived fearlessly. 

At the end of my life, I want to say that I grasped each moment with vigor.

I want to learn from each lesson and live with boldness so that I have tried all solutions, all desires, all impossible feats, I have tried. So that at the end of my life, I won’t be an old lady who sits at a chair and mopes about what I did not do and what I wish I had done.

No, I want to be a fire and life filled old lady with electric blue dyed hair who enjoys her beach side home hanging out on a hammock with live bands playing by the fireside. I don’t want to submit to the structure of this world, a script that I never wrote…I want to define each moment of my life so that I am living on my own terms and not on the words which bellows out of the lions’ den. 

I want to be good to myself, women- it’s a message for you. You put you first and the rest comes. If you are depending on other people to make you happy, forget about it. Your happiness is not going to last. 

At the end of my life, I want to say that I enjoyed every year of my life. Maybe I had really horrible years, but I learned to have fiestas with my circumstances. I learned to see the beauty in mistakes and pain. I don’t want to live in a bubble of plastic situations and man-made synthetic fabrication of “what should be” or “steps a, b, c” or “because he/she told me to”. Let my life be original….so that when someone writes about me or makes a movie about me, it is not identical to others, but uniquely me. 

At the end of my life, I want to say “I loved myself well” and because I loved myself well, I was able to give the gift of me to others, whole, 100% authentic me without BS. 

I want to have lived in the present, embracing wholly that which the moment gives, sound, light, color, energy, positivity. I let the negative feelings of bitterness, anger, sadness, guilt, shame….dissipate into the abyss. I let light seep into my every pore so I am entrenched and filled with liquid love. At the end of the day, you have you and you have love. And that, is really what matters. 



If you were speaking to your inner child, what would you say to her or him? 

Are the things you say to yourself something you would never say to your own self when you were 3, 5, 10??? 

Would you say the same things to your own child?

If so, start speaking truth, love and hope into your inner child. These are words you should be speaking to yourself, because that is love. 

What Leaders Have To Go Through

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1. Refinement- through fire. Yes, through fire. You will have to walk through valleys and shadows others fear to walk through. You must be fearless because who you lead- they look to you. What do you do when dragons of life attack you with fiery flames!? Do you back down, or do you stand firm?

2. Judgement- Another type of refinement, you will get lots of criticisms and judgements. I got criticized by family, friends, strangers, co-workers. I still get misunderstood, but do I care? No, because I have a vision and I have refined the vision for the last 20 years through my life and experiences. If you can’t take one hit, you can’t continue being a leader. A leader is someone who stands in public and gets bananas thrown at them, but they keep walking with dignity. You must be a fearless lion. You might feel alone sometimes, but people with similar vision will fill that void.

3. Growth- Someone who is not growing is actually dying. Leaders go through burn out because they are not growing. You only have a certain amount of knowledge and wisdom, you must keep learning from other leaders. Don’t be too proud to keep learning! You must not just grow in finance or income, you must grow emotionally, spiritually, etc…as well! 


Real Talk!

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Real Talk!

Can you believe we have lived 2 months of 2014 already, this means we have 8 more months to accomplish our 2014 goals.

Lately I have been learning to SLOW DOWN and to be PRESENT in the moment. This allows me to be aware of of my being and happiness. It also allows me to think clearly when I breathe in and out my nose.

I had the intuition to listen to my inner self and slow down for 3 days, to be fully present each moment. In three days, I was able to connect with 3 friends that I have not seen for 8 years, enjoy the present moments with them and collaborate for future creations.

The week of February 24, 2014 will welcome in a flood of successes, projects, and gifts. I can sense it in the air. Get ready to receive gifts. I am already experiencing this as my voicemail has been flooding with new clients and new business. It is a NEW season. Let go of the old and welcome the new.

Get ready for a new packaging! What you envisioned in the past as “successes”, get ready to welcome in a whole new packaging. It is NOT going to look like what you have experienced. Don’t think you know how it is going to go down, be patient, let the packaging unravel. Don’t judge too quickly. The season welcomes new packaging.

SPEAKING of which, look! I have a new column on and SGV Journal publication.



I am so proud of myself, knowing that my perspective and story is changing lives is more fulfilling than simply getting a big paycheck. One article can change many lives. I hope someone will email me when they read my article :)

I’ll be flying out to Orlando for Dani Johnson’s event – First Steps to Success Feb 27. I’ll update you on my adventures, feel free to find my on instagram (rebekkalien).

May your week welcome in more success, more happiness, more joy, more love, more JUICE.

Rebekka Lien