The Process of Leaving Los Angeles – Thailand Sept 12

Wow traveling can be a b#tch.

Oh I meant the preparation part.

By no means do I have a savings account with tons of cash to travel. I’m winging it. In fact I’m leaving in a bit over a week, and I probably have enough to buy one month phone service. Actually since I’ve already been self-employed for so long, I realize today I’m not traveling, I’m just living in other countries while still building my empire.

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I believe I am carrying Wayne Dyer and Oprah’s torch, so Wayne, if you are up there listening, send some angels to help me. Because shit is getting tough and I have no idea how I’m supposed to get everything together, the product sponsorships, money, po box, etc together. Wayne- it’s going to be okay. R- I know but my brain is going ballistic. Wayne- trust God. R- ugh.

So that’s my conversation with Wayne. This blog post is for you Wayne, you inspired me to wear white pants, you reminded me that when the time is right I’ll meet the right publisher, you showed me how to live inspired, not stressed. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Wayne. Thank you mom for giving birth to me.

Now I shall disappear from LA for a couple of months, 6 months, a year….who knows. I won’t starve I don’t think. I won’t get kidnapped, but I’ll have faith that I’ll walk the line. The thin line and jump face forward, planking my way through a few countries at a time.

Wayne, this is for you. Have a beer in heaven for me!

Mint Leaf – Exquisite Indian Cuisine In Pasadena {Restaurant Review}

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 6.26.01 PM

Pasadena is rated one of the snobbiest mid-sized cities in America, according to I happen to have lived in Pasadena for almost 4 years and even grew up taking college courses at the Pasadena Community College. So basically I know the city like the back of my hand, or eye to be more exact. I know almost every retailer and restaurant in Pasadena, I am also personally friends with people who work at the best bars and clothing stores in Old Town (and if I’m not, then I’ll make sure I become friends with any and everybody!)

AND I LOVE PASADENA!!!!! It’s a cross between hipster, new money and old money.

When I heard about Mint Leaf, I was flabbergasted that I (THE PASADENA QUEEN) did not know about an exquisite Indian restaurant. 

First off, it was probably because I rarely visit the Altadena and Washington cross section. There is a Mcdonald’s, Pasadena’s best ice cream (Carmela Ice Cream), and various local cafes.


The Interior is like being in an Indian Palace and the waiters are like your humble servants (well, this is what Santos told me, he is so kind and attentive to all his guests). The exterior is unpresumptuous, you wouldn’t know the interior is like a palace for queens and kings like you. But don’t be deceived, you must enter to be knighted. Only insiders know just how lovely Mint Leaf is.
Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 6.26.15 PM

Menu Bio:

Mint Leaf is intended as an experience for all diners – from ardent Indian food-lovers to first-time explorers. The lunch and dinner menus offer an array of rich traditional favorites like Lamb Saag and Chicken Korma and a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian options including Dal Makhni and Tofu Vindaloo alongside fresh and lighter takes on classic Indian recipes such as the Classic Paneer Tikka Wrap.
“Indian cuisine is built around magnificent spices, which lend themselves beautifully to dishes that are simple and light yet still flavorful,” said Executive Chef Jayanta K. Paul. “We want Mint Leaf to be a place where guests can enjoy a quick, healthy and vibrant lunch or dig in for a more classic, indulgent dinner of full-bodied sauces, meats, vegetables and more.”


The feast consisting of everything from Tiki Masalas to Curries, Paneer and Jumbo shrimps. The Mango lassi is refreshing, rich and creamy (but without any milk products in it). Make sure you save your stomach for the rest, sip slowly.

Any of their shrimp dishes are thumbs up because I have never eaten SHRIMPS that juicy and fresh! Biting into one of their shrimps makes you feel like a hero on a yacht, looking into the bright blue ocean and knowing that THAT shrimp was fresh out of the ocean. Remember none of their ingredients are frozen, everything is fresh from the farm or sea. The shrimp tikka masala is Tandoor roasted shrimp in their classic and creamy tomato curry sauce.

Let me tell you- any of their Tandoor dishes will melt your heart.


For a vegetarian favorite, try Paneer Tikka Masala- Tandoor-roasted paneer pieces in their classic and creamy tomato curry sauce. You can never go wrong, but their peas seem to be extra delicious and fresh. Every ingredient they use is fresh and organic, NOTHING FROZEN! 



Tandoor-roasted chicken breast pieces in their classic and creamy tomato curry sauce. It has a savory sweet and salty taste that transports you to modern day India, if you close your eyes long enough. The rice is to die for too!

Raised flour bread with mozzarella cheese and fresh basil leaves….I don’t know about you, but I AM A FAN OF CHEESE!!! CHEESE STICKS anyone? Well, now you get to MIX AND MINGLE your favorite NAAN with CHEESE. AND HOLY COW, biting into this cheese filled naan is like heaven. The cheese naan is thicker than your average naan, but has the perfect consistency plus fresh organic basil to fill your senses (smell and taste it).

What I loved most about the restaurant was that I was able to meet the owner. He said that “this area is so underserved, everyone needs to go to Old Town for date night, why not around the corner?” As a local Pasadenian, he has fought to open this restaurant for many years (Pasadena has many regulations and rules for new businesses) and alas, it has become a local favorite. If you are looking for a classy and peaceful restaurant to chit chat with your girlfriends, or you are looking for a romantic locale to bring your loved one to, Mint Leaf is your GO TO! 

Check out Mint Leaf:

Address: 2535 East Washington Dr.
Altadena/Pasadena, California 91107
Telephone: 626.460.8776
Hours: Monday – Sunday
11am – 2pm   |   5pm – 10pm

More Photos From The Gallery!

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 6.30.00 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 6.30.09 PM


Vegas Diaries- Monday

Arrived at 5:30 am on an overnight megabus. Met a cute girl who was working for magic, took a bus to the airport and took another shuttle to my hotel. 

Arrived around 6:30am, thank God was able to check in and knocked out until 11:30am. 

I tried gambling with $1 and lost it right away. Went to the pool 3 times today. 

Will head to Pool Tradeshow tomorrow. I am press. 

To add onto this I reflected on the sadness I felt today. Saying goodbye to the past and saying hello to the new season. 

Also I’m starting to see such a darkness In Vegas as I was talking to the staff of a casino. One guy said “vegas was built not on winners, but on losers”. I also noted so many frustrated people, drivers, maids, everyone seemed so frustrated, under tipped, many gamblers who have given up on life.

Though Vegas has always been glamorous to the outsiders, my heart breaks for those that are longing for a quick win and sometimes losing their whole livelihood.

I’d like to party, yes, but Let’s not forget that people are broken everywhere. Healing starts from within. 



Vegas Diaries -Sunday

Guess where I’m going? 

Yes Vegas. And guess what, I’m hopping onto a midnight bus because it seemed easier. But I always say that before riding a bus – like last time going from London to Amsterdam took 12 hours was it? Not pleasant. 

I’ll be noting interesting things at the Magic/Pool Fashion Tradeshow. 

This is my size 0 dress I managed to squish into. The side of my armpits have to be allocated to the proper places or else I look like Hulk in a dress. 

No actually I look pretty damn hot in this dress. 


Interview With Oprah 


Lights dim. 

O- now tell me, you said Thailand was your absolutely turning point? 

R- yes, Oprah, I had been self employed for 4 years and gosh, it was tough. I had to rely on God the whole way. I moved 3-4 times on top of the billionth times I’ve moved in my life. Didn’t see my dad for 10 years. I did not have support from my family, I started a few business ventures but was constantly jumping off the cliff into absolute risk. But I had faith. It was a financial struggle, it was a faith journey, it was becoming whole on the inside. 

I left everything. I sold my furniture, my apartment. I found what I wanted to live for and it wasn’t the accumulation of stuff. I wanted to live for love, for peoples’ healing and God had always been the perfect friend…I could go anywhere because I no longer needed peoples’ approval, acceptance. Neither did I care about status or fame. 

For me, it’s the instant when you tell your story and people say “wow I’m not the only one. Now I have courage to heal and live my dreams”. That’s what I live for. 

O- wow. 

R- I remember writing a blog post about our interview in 2015. 

O- yes so is it kind of like law of attraction? 

R- yes. You see it’s visualization but people don’t understand that when you imagine, you have created. There is no mistake about it. Our minds create our life. 

O- we will come back to talk after the commercial. 


My Crazy Dream Begins

I just booked a one way ticket to Bangkok, Thailand.

How I feel right now:



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How To Travel The World Without Breaking The Bank

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I decided to address this question “how do you afford to travel?”

First off, I’d like to say that I’ve traveled and moved all my life. I was born in Germany, moved to Taiwan, then to LA. I’m used to a migratory life and actually get bored if I stay in one place for too long. I’m what they call a third culture kid.

Second of all, my parents were backpackers too. My mom said one time she camped out in a tent in snowing and freezing weather. She drove 10 hours straight without stopping while my brother and I were asleep in the back. I am used to travel and I sleep very well in transportation such as planes and trains. It’s in my blood because my mom was an adventurer.

So in essence, traveling is not something that’s luxurious to me, it’s a way of life. Travel is a way of life. It’s a choice. For example, I could buy the newest version of the apple laptop or I can decide to live for experience and spend that money on a flight. I can go binge drinking with people or I can enjoy a glass of wine at happy hour. 

You don’t need to be Einstein.

Third, I’ve been self-employed for 4 years so career, travel, life hacking is my specialty. I can find a good deal at a department store or a discount store, it doesn’t matter, I’ve hacked deals before. Travel is not anything different. You can get my ebook “How To Make Money Doing What You Love” here! Being an entrepreneur was a choice I made. I made a commitment to my own happiness. I quit my full time job because I wanted to be happy and when you follow your bliss, you will live your bliss, even if there are hardships on your journey….in the end you know you did it because you committed to your own happiness. That is key. So the whole “how can I afford it” isn’t in the question. How can you afford to be unhappy in this lifetime? If you truly want to be happy, you will do whatever it takes to follow your dreams.

Here are common objections:

1. I don’t have money- First off, as I write in my book, it’s not HARD to sell off your shit. STOP playing the victim game and sell your unnecessary shit already. People have STORAGE rooms in AMERICA, shit they don’t even NEED!!!! OMG, sell it and live your dreams. STOP making excuses and be creative. There is a solution to your “broke” – ness. I know because being an entrepreneur meant thinking of creative ways to pay rent. I’m not a trust fund kid and never got allowance from my mom, so people who say they don’t have money….-.-! You’re being ridiculous, no offense.

Plus you’re living the victim mentality. That will get you nowhere. You are more creative, more awesome than you’ll ever know. But you have to believe it first.

Solution: Make your priorities priorities. If travel is on the top of your list, stop wasting money on shit you don’t need or want. For example, the 10th thousands shoes you bought because you really neeeeeeddddd it to show people who don’t care about you that you’re cool. Oh okay.

Not all travel costs money. There are ways to make money while traveling, like selling your ebooks, selling stuff on ebay. You can read about this on my ebook. 

I’ve couchsurfed for 2 weeks at a time in Paris and Sao Paulo, I have met random strangers and stayed with them. I’ve found really great hotel deals, I’ve gotten free stays for writing about the location or hotel. Hostels costs $5-$10 in countries like Ecuador or Czech Republic.

I also made a decision that I wanted to live a life of travel, that means my career takes me places. In May I got to speak at a women’s conference and they covered my hotel stay, food, transportation. I’ve gotten paid for speaking, I’m a prophetess that delivers life changing messages and people love hearing what I have to say so they are happy to host me.

If you know what you have to offer this world, traveling shouldn’t be a luxury for the super rich, it should be part of who you are. I have made life time connections on airplanes, in bathrooms, at bus stops. I know that God sends me around the world to make amazing spiritual connections, to impact people, to inspire people to dream again or to point out something they’ve neglected to do in order to pursue their dreams. I believe the world is full of sleeping giants and I know that I’ve been chosen to be the catalyst. I have that effect on people.

People start living their dreams or they start believing that they can live their dreams because they see me living it. 

Because I know my purpose in this life, I make my vision, purpose, desires, talents, skills and personality all come together. That is living YOUR DREAMS.

I also made a choice that because I want a life of travel, I’d rather not have my own apartment or furnitures. I sold almost everything I had, my couch, my bed, dishes, etc. I wanted to be free as the spirit led me to pick up and go. I’ve become a minimalist so that I can focus on what really matters to me: Love, Community, Creative, Freedom.

It’s not that I don’t like stability, it’s because stability is in my heart.

I’ve truly NEVER felt happier because I’m free to live a life of travel.

2. I don’t have time- Well, if you’re working a job you hate, quit already. No one is putting a gun to your head to live a life you hate. Second of all, if you’re spending your time doing anything you don’t like, why live at all? 

Solution: Live 100% of your time on this life doing what you love.

3. I’m scared I’ll get robbed, kidnapped, raped even- those are possibilities even where you live or outside your door. You can live in fear your whole life or choose to overcome by doing.

Solution: Focus on what you want to happen- like amazing adventures meeting awesome people. Second, be smart and wise. Don’t go in dark alleys and watch your drinks. Try to meet kind people while traveling, so when you go out with them, you can feel safe. Plus Americans think every other country is dangerous…when our country probably is the most dangerous.

Have I come back from a trip feeling broke? Yes, have I been emptied of all my cents and dollars?


But was that the end of my world?


Because I know how to create income.

So you should get my ebook, because I highly recommend it.

You can get my ebook “How To Make Money Doing What You Love” here! 


BTW what are my travel plans? I’m waiting for my renewed 52 page passport, I’m waiting to hear about Rorotonga and I should be going to Thailand/Southeast Asia.

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