My Crazy Dream Begins

I just booked a one way ticket to Bangkok, Thailand.

How I feel right now:



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How To Travel The World Without Breaking The Bank

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I decided to address this question “how do you afford to travel?”

First off, I’d like to say that I’ve traveled and moved all my life. I was born in Germany, moved to Taiwan, then to LA. I’m used to a migratory life and actually get bored if I stay in one place for too long. I’m what they call a third culture kid.

Second of all, my parents were backpackers too. My mom said one time she camped out in a tent in snowing and freezing weather. She drove 10 hours straight without stopping while my brother and I were asleep in the back. I am used to travel and I sleep very well in transportation such as planes and trains. It’s in my blood because my mom was an adventurer.

So in essence, traveling is not something that’s luxurious to me, it’s a way of life. Travel is a way of life. It’s a choice. For example, I could buy the newest version of the apple laptop or I can decide to live for experience and spend that money on a flight. I can go binge drinking with people or I can enjoy a glass of wine at happy hour. 

You don’t need to be Einstein.

Third, I’ve been self-employed for 4 years so career, travel, life hacking is my specialty. I can find a good deal at a department store or a discount store, it doesn’t matter, I’ve hacked deals before. Travel is not anything different. You can get my ebook “How To Make Money Doing What You Love” here! Being an entrepreneur was a choice I made. I made a commitment to my own happiness. I quit my full time job because I wanted to be happy and when you follow your bliss, you will live your bliss, even if there are hardships on your journey….in the end you know you did it because you committed to your own happiness. That is key. So the whole “how can I afford it” isn’t in the question. How can you afford to be unhappy in this lifetime? If you truly want to be happy, you will do whatever it takes to follow your dreams.

Here are common objections:

1. I don’t have money- First off, as I write in my book, it’s not HARD to sell off your shit. STOP playing the victim game and sell your unnecessary shit already. People have STORAGE rooms in AMERICA, shit they don’t even NEED!!!! OMG, sell it and live your dreams. STOP making excuses and be creative. There is a solution to your “broke” – ness. I know because being an entrepreneur meant thinking of creative ways to pay rent. I’m not a trust fund kid and never got allowance from my mom, so people who say they don’t have money….-.-! You’re being ridiculous, no offense.

Plus you’re living the victim mentality. That will get you nowhere. You are more creative, more awesome than you’ll ever know. But you have to believe it first.

Solution: Make your priorities priorities. If travel is on the top of your list, stop wasting money on shit you don’t need or want. For example, the 10th thousands shoes you bought because you really neeeeeeddddd it to show people who don’t care about you that you’re cool. Oh okay.

Not all travel costs money. There are ways to make money while traveling, like selling your ebooks, selling stuff on ebay. You can read about this on my ebook. 

I’ve couchsurfed for 2 weeks at a time in Paris and Sao Paulo, I have met random strangers and stayed with them. I’ve found really great hotel deals, I’ve gotten free stays for writing about the location or hotel. Hostels costs $5-$10 in countries like Ecuador or Czech Republic.

I also made a decision that I wanted to live a life of travel, that means my career takes me places. In May I got to speak at a women’s conference and they covered my hotel stay, food, transportation. I’ve gotten paid for speaking, I’m a prophetess that delivers life changing messages and people love hearing what I have to say so they are happy to host me.

If you know what you have to offer this world, traveling shouldn’t be a luxury for the super rich, it should be part of who you are. I have made life time connections on airplanes, in bathrooms, at bus stops. I know that God sends me around the world to make amazing spiritual connections, to impact people, to inspire people to dream again or to point out something they’ve neglected to do in order to pursue their dreams. I believe the world is full of sleeping giants and I know that I’ve been chosen to be the catalyst. I have that effect on people.

People start living their dreams or they start believing that they can live their dreams because they see me living it. 

Because I know my purpose in this life, I make my vision, purpose, desires, talents, skills and personality all come together. That is living YOUR DREAMS.

I also made a choice that because I want a life of travel, I’d rather not have my own apartment or furnitures. I sold almost everything I had, my couch, my bed, dishes, etc. I wanted to be free as the spirit led me to pick up and go. I’ve become a minimalist so that I can focus on what really matters to me: Love, Community, Creative, Freedom.

It’s not that I don’t like stability, it’s because stability is in my heart.

I’ve truly NEVER felt happier because I’m free to live a life of travel.

2. I don’t have time- Well, if you’re working a job you hate, quit already. No one is putting a gun to your head to live a life you hate. Second of all, if you’re spending your time doing anything you don’t like, why live at all? 

Solution: Live 100% of your time on this life doing what you love.

3. I’m scared I’ll get robbed, kidnapped, raped even- those are possibilities even where you live or outside your door. You can live in fear your whole life or choose to overcome by doing.

Solution: Focus on what you want to happen- like amazing adventures meeting awesome people. Second, be smart and wise. Don’t go in dark alleys and watch your drinks. Try to meet kind people while traveling, so when you go out with them, you can feel safe. Plus Americans think every other country is dangerous…when our country probably is the most dangerous.

Have I come back from a trip feeling broke? Yes, have I been emptied of all my cents and dollars?


But was that the end of my world?


Because I know how to create income.

So you should get my ebook, because I highly recommend it.

You can get my ebook “How To Make Money Doing What You Love” here! 


BTW what are my travel plans? I’m waiting for my renewed 52 page passport, I’m waiting to hear about Rorotonga and I should be going to Thailand/Southeast Asia.

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My Unconventional Life Led Me Around the World


When I was 14, I looked around me and didn’t really see anyone living an extraodinary life. I needed examples of heroes. But then I felt like most people lived in fear.

If I told my 14 year self that I would end up acting, writing a book, backpacking through the world, going to a black church, becoming a star, well, I think I would have believed it. It’s just I got caught up in a lie for awhile, and thought I wasn’t successful enough. I felt like I had to get my shit together ASAP or else I would die an unhappy woman. 

I went to ten thousand weddings growing up and I would snore through most of them.

I would wake up for the food and get really excited about dancing.

I’ve come full circle to the beginning of what I’ve always wanted. For a few years I accumulated a lot of stuff, clothes, I was selling stuff on ebay, but then everything became a product I could sell. I was super savvy, I shopped at thrift stores and found great deals….but I also kept a lot of things I didn’t need to keep.

The point is, I hustled in my entrepreneurial years, but I didn’t live in grace. I thought I was living in grace, but I wasn’t. I was still living under the world’s system of worshipping “money” and “stability”.

I’ve realized that life is FAR VASTER than pieces of cardboard and paper. If you didn’t know already, America has worshipped money for a long time. In fact, someone invented “credit scores” as a way to lock people into fear. The way of divine love has UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES.

The last few months, I saw that ANYTHING can manifest and a lot of times without you receiving the “paper” to do it. A lot of people end up working jobs they hate or choosing a career path because they think they need a certain amount of money to give them happiness. My question is, what do you want to do with that money?

You have to know how you want to live your life first, what are you passionate about???

Don’t even think or worry about pieces of cardboard.

My everyday choice to follow my heart has led me around the world.

Who knew I’d end up in Australia for a month in 2011, Ecuador and Brazil in 2012, Taiwan in 2013, Barcelona, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Naples, Rome, Florence in 2014, and this year Hawaii…..before I was in Japan, China…etc. I’ve met incredible friends, life-long friends. I’m doing what I love now. 

I don’t think about whether something I do will reap the “papers”, I am freed from the monetary system of fear.

The way of divine love has UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES. 


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Writing From Rome – Thoughts on Being 26 & Living My Dream Life


I’m sitting in a bed (I haven’t exactly slept on a real bed for 12 days) writing this blog post. The sun is reflecting the old rugged building and I’m staring at one of the most beautiful cities on earth, Rome.

I’ve made it, I’m here. I managed to couchsurf for the last 12 days in Paris due to the kindness of a stranger and I’ve been to more cities than I could imagine. I’m living my dream life. Did I think I would be living like this when I was a teenager? I knew I did not want to be like any of the church members I grew up with, don’t get me wrong, I am still close friends with some of them..but I mean the young adults (the ones that got stable jobs and got married, and then had 3 kids). I’m all for it if that’s what you want, but I knew that I wanted something more than that. I’m not saying that I don’t want to get married or have kids, but that’s not all my life is about. I’m also not belittling the dream of stability, but I also know that stability is not in a “stable” job or a 401k.

To me, stability is within ourselves. It’s in a higher being, it’s in becoming one with the spirit, it’s about entering into a deeper relationship with the one who created the whole earth.

My life is about making an impact in this world, becoming someone truly significant, truly phenomenal, truly groundbreaking. It’s about feeling alive and embracing every moment. 

Sometimes I forget I’m only 26. I’ve tried so many things in my life that I forget there’s no rush to accomplish more, that whatever I do, I’ve already won because I’m only competing against myself…and the higher meaning is to embrace and live every single moment.

Stability? I don’t have that yet, not in the world’s eyes. But stability in the spirit? Yes, and the great thing is that even when the world keels over and the banks are destroyed, I’m stable because if God is for me, what and who can be against me?

Did I imagine that I’d be sitting here in Rome, hearing the traffic of the bustling city? No.

But I did imagine myself flying around the world, wearing my fashionable bag and outfit, feeling very powerful and in tune with myself. I left my stable 9 to 5 job in July 2011 to be the adventurous, entrepreneurial woman that I am. I still recall people popping 3 pain killers a day to kill the pain within. People cling onto worldly stability but the only stability is our sanity, is our inner peace. 

You see, the only way to be happy is to see that you are unique in the eyes of God and that you have a higher purpose in this life. Until you find out who you really are, answer the calling of being the magnificent person you are and connect it with all the talents and skills you already have, you’ll feel miserable trying to fit into other peoples’ box of what you should be and what you should do. 

A few years ago, I told myself, I’m totally the girl version of Tony Robbins. I also told people I was Asian Oprah. You see, most people get really frustrated because they don’t see enough progress. Progress takes time, every day at a time. It can take 30 years, 40 even for you to see fruition of your ideas. When I wrote my ebook, I knew it wasn’t the best that it could be, but it was magnificent enough for people to learn from. I knew I wasn’t as good as a speaker as Oprah, but I knew I was good enough, and that if I practiced, I’d be just as good….with the help of the spirit. 

Everyday you are simply learning who you really are– people like to tell you otherwise, but everything you have within you is ENOUGH, more than enough to manifest your dream life and complete happiness. It’s all within you. You were born with it. 

I left everything the world called stability. I didn’t have health insurance for 3 years, I was barely scraping by. I lost friends who didn’t understand why I was sacrificing everything to go after my vision. My family misunderstood me, called me crazy. They laughed when I said I would be Asian Oprah. Maybe I haven’t made millions, sold thousands of ebooks yet, but I sold a few, more and more….I’ve put myself out there and created workshops to help others, I’ve created courses and have seen people get healed and touched. I’m already there, I’m here. Here is all I have and I can either wait to be “successful” or I can call myself “a success” as is.

Every time I thought I couldn’t go on, another miracle happened. Days turned into months, months into years. That’s because I didn’t give up and I didn’t do it so others could like me, I did it because of a burning desire for something better, something significant, life changing. No I don’t want to live so I could retire. I want to live now. Every time I thought I was going to die broke, another idea came through and another miracle happened. When I want to give up, I look at the days, the years I’ve been able to be self-employed, the multiple streams of income I’ve been able to create without hating my life. GOSH am I lucky, am I blessed. But it took perseverance, it took vision. 

I can wait for other people to approve of me, or I can know that I am approved of and loved for who I am.

Until you come alive now, you will never feel like you are enough. You are enough, you are magnificent, brilliant, a shining star. I believe in you.

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What It’s Really Like To Live In A Hostel

Some people get freaked out when I tell them I’m staying at a hostel.

Well, it’s not that scary. Movies like Taken and Hostel just instills fear in people, it keeps people from traveling because they think traveling has to cost a lot. Well, it doesn’t have to cost a lot. Plus, people think the world is a dangerous place or that perhaps they’ll get slaughtered and cut up or locked up in the basement of a hostel (aka the movies).

Here are some friends I’ve made in London (at the hostel). You meet a lot of life-long friends and you can travel with them 🙂

This is us the other night, we found the only hip hop club in London, after much persistence the DJ finally played DRAKE. Then we hit up another electronic and house club and sure enough, it was what I expected of the UK. Well, I didn’t expect so many hipsters. Brixton is the place to be and if you want to stay at a fun hostel, try Hootannany Hostel. There’s a great bar downstairs, I’ve gotten used to the noise with ear plugs, nothing can wake me up!

Great staff and lovely surroundings. I’ll be heading to Amsterdam on a megabus on Wednesday, if you’re there, would love to meet you-

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Here’s the kitchen and our daily hang out place.

10252020_10154651506840603_1252813667617550726_nThe common room where everyone lounges and watches hours of television, play guitar and relax10403323_10154654804950603_6266110333751947287_n

My attempt at making English food.


The Promised Land

As you know the story of Isrealites trying to get to the promised land…well I feel that the last few days have been just that. My friend told me the story to encourage me.

He said, “you know how they had to go through Egypt and get to the promised land? Well, many elders never made it because even though God clothed, fed, and provided for them, they still complained…because it was taking forever and well, the journey was long”. We can complain, or we can trust God- he said. Some people will never get there because they keep complaining and never trust God.

“Sometimes we just need to shut up, let God take care of the people that bug us and trust that the promise is still there”.

Whatever you believe in, the universe, God, the forces will take you through to the promise land if we trust and focus on our promise.

As for the elements and people in our lives that hinder us from enjoying our life, shrug it off and trust. If we believe in our honesty, in what is true, then let the current take you.

Yes, let the flow of the river take you and focus on good.

For me, envisioning the times I traveled to various beautiful and heavenly locations in the world focused me on the beauty of life versus the negative circumstances. Why should you travel, because of this:

Me in Cairns, Australia. I was backpacking alone, had massive throw up sessions on the boat, but what do I remember? The oasis of the ocean, iridescent colors of fishes and ocean life; The ocean is my oasis.

When my body is embraced by the ocean, I only think of peace. Nothing else.

The Promise Land for me that month was the oasis of the ocean- the Great Barrier Reef. What it took for me to get there? I threw up about 5-6 times.

Other times? France – stranded and missed my airplane, slept in airport and didn’t shower for 4-5 days. Ecuador- saw the most amazing stingray snorkeling, got food poisoning and knew no spanish in hospital (got injected with what…I have no idea). China- feelings of culture shock, lived in a no AC apartment in 105 degrees heat, kept slipping and falling on my head stepping on rain puddles. I guess the list can go on a bit.

But last night, I thought about the good times. I thought about my promised land, the oasis, the quietness of the ocean, stillness, peace. This is what I thought about.

Watch this without sound:

Post Travel Syndrome

For the past week and a half, I kept wondering what was so different about South America and United States. Finally, the word came to me “sterile”. Compared to days I spent dancing in Rio, my days in the US seems so sterile, so apart from bacteria, so safe, so clean, too clean, too safe.

Of course there are misconceptions of what Brazil is like. Not everyone is good looking, not everyone is the hot brown bod gentleman or lady. There are some seriously creepy men and the beaches are beautiful, but they are parts that aren’t that clean. Sanitary-wise, they don’t use disposable toilet seat covers and not everyone is that friendly.

Having said that, South America just seems so much more alive than the “to-the point” productive society that is LA. I’m trying really hard to analyze what is different and how I can transfer some of my travel lifestyle into my everyday life.

Some changes I am making:

1. Broaden my circle of friends: attend networking events, join groups, go to various demographic bars/clubs, events.

2. Go out more: in general, go out more…

3. Travel. Period. Sorry, I don’t think I can ever be normal again, travel just makes you weird. You just don’t think the same. You talk to strangers and want to be friends with people really unlike you and you get tired of the same environment. You get tired of the same demographic, the same roads, the same culture…

If you have any tips, help a sister out.

Dancing in Rio