Overcome The Past

I am overcoming things. I had a dream a girl with pink dreads pushed a dead person down the drain and I was also eating curry but then I got bored and left. I asked this girl for a ride. Death has to do with overcoming things or moving from one season to another. Food has to do with nourishment.

I had a breakthrough last night where I felt my emotions and cried. I talked to my friend’s friend, I met him for the first time. I listened to me talk about relationships and told me “yah a lot of women will seek abusive relationships and find comfort in it”. Not that I was in an abusive relationships but I believe that by being honest with each other even at the end, you can receive closure by relaying your heart to each other, the truth about how you feel. Guarding your emotions actually doesn’t help you move on. 

It’s releasing how you feel to that person that actually helps you receive closure.

I was like “what is wrong with me? How come I can’t move on”. 

But it was like a flood when I talked to my friend about his ex that we came to this understanding- we deserve better

YOU DESERVE SOMEONE WHO WILL BE VULNERABLE WITH YOU, someone who will love you and say what’s on their mind, someone who will care for you and not play games out of spite.

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