A letter to the wounded

This is the painting I described yesterday.

Whenever I meet someone who has been wounded by Christians or the church, my heart breaks. I feel their pain. I understand how it feels to be betrayed by people you thought you could look up to, trust. I’ve met many people on this trip who grew up Christian but walked away.

I find myself listening to worship music and going to Jesus, I know how it feels to be totally isolated in a deep pain, a pain no one seems to understand.

You’re not alone.

I hear the Lord say to you

“You’re not alone. I never ever left you, I was always with you. Even though you doubt me, you turn your back to me, even in the pain, I’m with you. I see you. I never left you.

I feel and understand your pain. Though others have forsaken and abused you, I’ve never left you. I’m always with you still. Even if you curse me and say you are an atheist.

I’m not interested in being right. I’m only interested in loving you.

When I went to the cross, every beating I took for you, I thought to myself you are worth it.

I took the pain for you.

Will you lay down your pain now? Will you stop hurting yourself, punishing yourself?

It wasn’t your fault you went through what you did.

You live in an imperfect world but my grace is sufficient for you.

In your weakness my strength is made perfect. So lean on me. Lean into my strength. You are perfect in my eyes. Lean into me. Cast your cares on me for I am lowly and humble in heart”.

I will never leave nor forsake you says the Lord. You don’t have to go it alone. You are not alone.

I pray today that if you have been seeking a God who loves you -that you would open your heart to Him.

His name is Jesus.

Pray this out loud- Dear God thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. From today on I’m without blemish and I’m whole. In your eyes you only see Jesus. I’m saved by grace and today I’m a child of God, no longer an orphan. I’m righteous in Christ Jesus. My life will never be the same and I open my heart to knowing you Jesus. I’ll walk with you forever. In Jesus name amen!