Daughter of A Father


5,she said.

And I am 23 years older than you. And yes I have a happy meal too. I admit when I see little girls with their fathers I often feel a twinge of jealousy.

The most time I have spent with my dad is when I visit Taiwan, and even those precious times of being a daughter of a father, I am grateful I have a father who is alive.

I suppose hardships keep you grasping for some positive mindset.

You are going to meet someone, I hear as I am walking to Mcdonalds.

I met a 5 year old girl. God often surprises me. She is a daughter of a father who was sitting with her. And I, well, was sitting on the far end of the booth playing with my transformer robot alone.

It is sometimes in these moments that God reminds me how I am never alone, that as my father He sits with me and watches me play like a 5 year old. In these moments I am reminded that His love is unconditional and fatherly.

To this I am grateful. 14743200213181913755183