Wisdom From a 27 Year Old Philosopher


Writing from the Airport Resort and Spa Phuket (Thailand)

 I’ve studied life and purpose for as long as I can remember. As I travel, I have solidified a few wise sayings…here I go! 

1. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s worth it- not all free things are worth taking. Sometimes it comes with a cost. 

2. If it belongs to you it will come to you, if it doesn’t, it will eventually leave (even if you try to control or manipulate it). Same goes with people. If you attained something with force or manipulation, it will leave with deceit since it has to. 

3. You attract what you think you’re worth- hard work is out the door, i have worked with clients that had lots of debt but know how to create wealth and live a high standard of living- eventually the debt will disappear because worth outweighs debt. They are simply using debt to create wealth. 

4. I was eating noodles outside 7 -11 and saw a banana pancake moving stall, I wanted to chase after it but thought “no I’m eating noodles now, I will be present with it. If I’m meant to have a pancake, it will stop”. The stall didn’t stop so I figured a better one will come along or I’ll have one tomorrow. 

What’s yours don’t need chasing, it will come in the perfect time. You must be present for what’s in front of you.

5. Now I noticed I often rushed to get to somewhere fun or what I call relaxing and realize I should relax NOW. 

You must relax the whole journey- not when you get there, but every moment. 

I once ate with a lady who was constantly on her phone while we talked. Now I was helping her and giving her wisdom about her relationship, she had an emotional affair with a guy and her husband left her because of it. 

I thought to myself, here I am, a wise woman spending precious time to help her and she is downloading games on her phone. 

When we were done eating she said she had a hard time being present, in fact her mind was already planning her next event and which way she was going to walk to her car.

How sad. 

She would never see me again, because I knew she wouldn’t appreciate the presence that is me and I wouldn’t waste my time with someone who can’t see my worth. 

People who are not able to appreciate the present will not see a goldmine or a prince if they yelled at them. They will not see an opportunity even if it was flying in their face. 

People who are not content with themselves or see their own worth will not be able to see other peoples’ worth. 

6. Luxury, design does make a difference. Yah I live out of a bag but I’ve been voted best dressed traveller. A big bed, bathtub, cleanliness, light shielding curtains, ac, quiet, coffeemakers, amenities make a huge difference.

Comfort= Sanity 

Is it worth paying more for sanity sometimes? Yes. If it means you will feel better inside out so that you can be a magnificent being. 


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