5 Unconventional Steps To Creating Your Business- Have Faith


Without Faith It is impossible to do what you want with your life. You ask, what is this mumbo jumbo? Faith is belief. Do you believe in yourself? Do you have belief in something greater? Do you have belief that your business is viable?

I had a dream last night that I had won a $5,000 scholarship to achieve my dreams. In the dream I kept showing people a collage board I created, “LOOK GUYS! This is the exact amount I needed!” There were pictures of cars.

It reminded me of all the scholarships I won when I was about to attend college. I challenged God “If you want me to go to fashion school, then provide the funds”. Ever since then, I have had this mentality. If I have enough faith to move the universe, then I have what it takes to become a successful business woman. Of course, instead of hanging out at lunch, I was always running into the career center and applying for scholarships. I applied to over 50 scholarships, and was able to write my way through college.

One summer, I did not have enough to pay for college the next year. I was stumped. I wrote down the possibilities- work in the summer or go overseas for volunteer work. One day, while waiting for the bus, I received a call from a foundation I had applied for the previous year. She told me that she wanted to award me a scholarship because I was a runner up the previous year. She said that instead of looking for new applicants, she would just award me the scholarship for this year. I was so blown away, I just stood there in shock. Looks like God really does exist. I don’t think anything in my life is a coincidence and I have much more stories like this to prove my point.

Another time, when I was first starting my unconventional, non-business plan, let’s see where this goes business with a big vision, I was short on rent. I was short by $400 as of that day. I was praying and heard “someone will give you money”. I was surprised and wondered who. That day, my friend and I went to a cafe down the street from silverlake, the barista loved my ring and wanted to buy more. I drove back home and got my whole case of jewelry.

I was nervous that day, and extremely stressed…

Right there, at the cafe I sold $100 worth of jewelry to the baristas and cafe workers. I mentally reduced the $100 from my rent. I needed $300 more. I continued to have faith even though I had no idea how I was going to make $300.

That afternoon, I went to my friend’s house to get my eyebrows done. She does a fabulous job of plucking my eyebrows. She gave me a christmas card. I did not think anything of it. I just continued to have faith in my heart. When I was driving off, I opened the envelope and out dropped $300. In the note, she had written that she had actually been blessed by a car accident and received money from the incidence. She wrote that since it was God’s money, that she would bless me with it since she knew I had been struggling with my business.

Yah, you guessed it, I started balling.

I have not experienced miracles this intense, especially when I felt like my life was at stake (or the roof over my head). Sometimes you just don’t see miracles until you put yourself on the line.

Mind you, I did not tell my friend about how I was lacking this amount for rent. I did not even tell her about my rent situation that day. She gave me the exact amount that I needed.

You can call it a coincidence or you can call it divine contribution.

Call it what you may, but you need to dream big and do big things first, before seeing any evidence that it will succeed. Sometimes, we need to move the universe, God with our dreams and the universe will be delighted to provide what we have had faith for. If you have a vision, nothing can stop you…even the small stress balls that get thrown your way. 


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