Overthinking can become a disease

There’s some, a majority of people, that never think. They never think about the implications of what they do, who they are, and what is really happening in their life. They live passively, letting circumstances and environment form them into who they become…which I think is a product of society.

And then there are the few that think and reflect deeply about everything.

But then….like me, they overthink. Which can also become a fatal disease. This causes them to pass by the good moments of life…honestly, thinking. Many forget to feel, they are over logical and overthink everything. I am asking God to restore unto me the joy of my salvation, the joy of being a child, the joy of dancing, the joy that supposedly people say i have. I heard this the other day, “you are the most joyful person i know in my life”. I laugh inside, what? Really? Well, maybe you haven’t seen the sorrows in my life, out of my sorrows came joy. I can only say that’s God inside of me.

But. The childlike unabandon I used to have seem to be dwindling down into moments of. pieces.

because…i am too deep in thought. I need my spontaneity back- give me back!!!  Just give me a dance floor and I’ll show you who I really am. Too much schooling is bad for a child!!!


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