I’m a Leaf Flowing In the River

We are always making memories

We must not dwell too long on the past

Or tinkle and worry about what is to come

Ironicly- the past and present will pass, and the future in split seconds take you by a whirlwind.

Your mind keeps wandering

when in fact we should

Sit. and Know. and Be.

On the outside, we move, we play, we speak, we sing, we dance, we love, we run, we smile, we laugh, we cry, we weep.

On the inside we must Be.

We must Know. We must Hope. We must Love. We must Reflect. We must,

soul and mind, be in each moment of our lives, be present.

For in the present, we will Be.

And in being, our hearts will reach for the eternal.

And in the eternal, our hearts will skip a little faster.

And a little more peaceful and at home will we be.

And in that we will know

what it means when our Creator whispered,

“Be still and know that I am God”.

Rebekka Lien: For in life, like a leaf, following the current, each second clearer, each second brighter, so in this, we see what real love is, what being means. I’m dedicating this poem to M.E.


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