Learning To Dance Again Despite the Past


I had a dream I needed to stay at my friend’s house and the building used to have a bunch of boxes and spider webs and I was explaining to this guy I used to like that I used to sleep on the second floor and now the first floor, even out in the living room. 

The building was clean, no cow webs.

There were two guys and they were jealous, they wanted to get close to me.

I woke up with a salsa dance song in my head.

It’s mexican.

Yesterday I was dancing salsa with a few strangers, they were all mexican.

The last few months, everyday I was meeting Mexicans everyday.

I guess my connection with Mexicans is very strong.

I like how they like to dance, party and celebrate life. They like to have fun. Their culture is a reflection of the childlike nature within me.

I grew up in a tumultuous home. When I was younger my parents fought a lot. I still have a clear vision in my head where they were throwing things at each other and they grabbed me and fought for me. There was lots of shouting and so I did the safest thing I could think of, I hid under my table and played by myself all day.

That may be why I had minor scoliosis and I can’t bend my back a certain way. But any I pray complete healing over my back in Jesus name.

My dad left and my parents divorced. We left for America, we left the remains of yesterday. 

But today I woke up with no animosity or tension in my heart. I felt that I was finally getting my joy back. I was no longer angry at the conservatives who hurt me, I was no longer angry at my parents, at friends who betrayed at me, people who persecuted me.

Why? Because I’ve learned to dance again.

You have to find the things that bring you joy. You can’t sit brooding, being angry or sad. The devil loves to steal your joy. He would love to get you stuck on the past, he wants people to focus on a virus, he wants people to hide in their houses. 

I was so angry at people, I was so sad, I was hurt but God healed my heart.

How can I stay angry at people when I can dance and enjoy my life? Why waste another minute of my life living in regret? When I can enjoy my life? Why allow people to steal your energy, time and joy?

I know God is bringing my husband too. Like I said I’ve been meeting men everyday, sure, people I’m ministering to on the road but the more I feel this joy in my heart, the more I can feel my husband’s heart. I can feel it is approaching me.

You know how I’m led by the Spirit? I can feel my heart being led to the people. When I meet them, I can feel whatever their heart is feeling. 

It’s coming, all that you’ve been waiting for. If you trust your heart enough to be led by your heart.

Trust your heart as it has always been leading you.

Dance on the grave of yesterday.

It’s all in the past.

Live today like it’s a party. Laugh and dance, don’t live another day waiting for tomorrow. 

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