Pure Stupidity or Pure Faith in God


As I was trying for explain to someone that no one in their right mind would someone go to a foreign country with $20 in their pocket, you would either think this girl has stupid faith or pure faith.

Why would anyone in their right mind try to survive in a foreign country and continue to go forward to different countries to minister to those God has led me to?

I didn’t take photos of many places I went to because I didn’t even have a working phone.

It’s either I’m delusional or I’m obeying God. Why would I sit at in a hostel bed with 6 other people and pray with a previous Muslim believer so she could hear jesus’ voice? Telling her it’s going to be okay.

Why would I endure not knowing where I’m going next, where I’m staying tomorrow, not knowing where the finances would come from?

No one in their right mind would do this if it wasn’t for pure faith in Jesus.

Why would I stay at hostels where the music is blasting loud outside or be in a hostel room where it’s hot as hell in a country where WiFi is not freely available and there are no toilet seats?

Why would I go stay in the suburbs of South Africa to reach one individual who had walked away from God? People ask me, why did you stay in centurion? I stayed there because God told me to, and it wasn’t just for him, I prayed for people all over the strip malls. I prophesied over homeless people, Chinese restaurant owners, janitors, I’ve prayed for and ministered to thousands of people.

And to be honest, it paid really shit salary. It was like enough to pay for food and accommodation. So if I was doing it for the money, no one in their right mind would do it.

I did it because God spoke and God kept speaking and when God speaks, I listen and I reach those He tells me to reach.

Because no one else will. Or most don’t seem to care. I’m not perfect, I’m just willing.

It was hard and grueling, self sacrifice, hot, I walked everywhere and took local buses that everyone warned me not to take. Even the locals in South Africa said I was insane. They said car accidents happen often with those local buses.

But I got to minister to those on the bus.

The list goes on.

I just be insane or I have faith in a God who is leading me.

Why would I endure 5 months without a working phone while I pray for strangers without getting any pay and just enough provision to eat and sleep?

It was a horrible paying job if you think about it, being a pastor to the lost sheep. Yet God provided! God always made a way.

Of course God has been improving my living conditions lately and I’m grateful for it. I never thought I could stay in a real hotel since I was literally slumming it in hostels for months.

I must either be really insane and delusional or I’m following the voice of God.

Take your pick. I don’t actually care what anyone thinks because my own mother didn’t talk to me for days when I told her I was going overseas.

Am I insane or I believe in God who makes all things possible?

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Australia and South Africa

Even thinking about all the hard times I had to endure, suitcase in tow, not having enough money to sleep somewhere and then God making a way….I cry just thinking about it.

And to think that people still doubt my motives.

Jesus says “do you love me?”

Yes lord.

Then feed my sheep.

I feed His sheep because I love Him intensely as He loves me intensely. It’s been painful, it was not a vacation. It was hard af. But freely He loves me, freely I love His sheep.