The All In Anointing

It’s a baby in the sky!

With the favor comes the jealousy.

Joseph was favored, he had a dream but his brothers were jealous and threw him in a pit.

You can’t be in my circle if you don’t have the all in mentality. God called me to sell everything and follow Him, through the tears I did it. People don’t know how hard it was. He told me to break up with my ex, I did it. He told me to forget my best friends who betrayed me, I moved on.

He told me to quit my career, I did it. My family talked ill of me for years and still do. They don’t understand my calling.

Because nothing else mattered, only Jesus. Nothing could suffice. My heart was coming alive. I tried to find identity in everything else but in Christ alone my hope is found!

Now that people are seeing the favor and anointing on me, they’re getting jealous. They think I haven’t suffered?

I’ve suffered alright.

I’ve been through the fire 🔥. I gave every penny to Jesus when my rent was due. He asked me whose house I was building, His or mine?

I cried. Jesus.

I’ve been through the furnace. New Zealand was hard. I had many moments of the pit. Walking around with a few dollars wondering what I’m going to eat or where I’m going to sleep. The furnace was hot. I ended up scrubbing toilets for 4 days wondering what God was up to. Instead of sharing God’s love with people, I was sharing toilet germs. Sure, I was still doing kingdom work but never thought housekeeping was on the menu.

God soon brought me out of that so I could do the real work. I prayed and reached out to stranger when I felt like I needed more help than them.

But I had so many prison moments in New Zealand. Being accused and having the police show up. Asking strangers to donate and being judged by religious folks. The things God ask me to do scares the shit out of me sometimes.

People want to experience the anointing but they’re not willing to obey the smallest things in their own lives.

I tell people to move on, they won’t move on. I tell them it’s time to quit their jobs or to let go of a guy, they won’t.

Then they come complaining to me.

I said “I already told you”.

It hurts more now because you didn’t obey when God told you to break it off.

I already said so.

It doesn’t mean I’m cold hearted, it means please trust God at His word and stop being lukewarm with your love for God.

It wasn’t easy for me either!

But I’d rather cry at the difficulty of obedience than the difficulty of relying on my flesh. I’d rather cry now than later.

You want to experience true freedom?

Be all in! Say yes when God calls.

Don’t be afraid. Say yes!

His call will break you and then you will become a warrior you’ve never encounter. Powerful by the Holy Spirit!

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