Reflections On Leaving Everything Behind To Follow Jesus

If I looked at myself, the self that was crying alone in my mom’s car, in fear of lack, in fear of being stranded, I’d say “God does provide”.

Just thinking back on how I started literally following Jesus to the lost sheep starting last July, I’m literally not the same person.

I went through so many challenges. Food poisoning, flus, almost being stranded, having $5 left and asking strangers for help, flight cancellations, weird noises in the walls of hostels, not being able to sleep, tv noises, spiritual warfare, fears.

But then I also experienced tons of miracles. Healed spines. Healed hearts, people accepting Jesus into their hearts, people realizing they are saved by grace and not works, non Christians hearing my testimony and being open to Christ.

I spent Christmas with 2 Chinese Christians that entered the room at 9pm. We ended up praying late at night for china and their family. That was in Chiangmai, Thailand.

I spent my birthday in Perth, Australia with a family that I prayed for in Bali, and their small group.

Though I didn’t see my family or talk to my family much, I gained family in Christ all over the world.

I prayed for people in buses, on the street.

I also gained friends online. When I least expected and when I needed finances, God inspired people to give. You, you know who! My readers. Some of you have become my most loyal supporters and friends. Thank you.

There were times I thought my friends would help me but it was readers who I didn’t even know that contributed to this kingdom work.

Thank you.