Wholeness in Relationships – Why You May Be Attracted To Brokenness

I saw this in a store the other day!

I just had a huge epiphany.

I realize lately I’ve been meeting a lot of fathers who have broken relationships with their kids.

I’ve met guys who are broken, beautifully yet tragically.

I’ve heard raw stories and it’s broken my heart and caused me to feel burdened. I’ve spoken life into them and tried to encourage them.

But I also realize that at times I feel false responsibility. I feel weighed down and tired. Then I realized that I am trying to help them the way I couldn’t with my dad. As much as I tried to help my dad with his feelings of unworthiness, I realize that I could only do so much and that it’s God’s responsibility to open his heart.

And that is why God brought mirrors to me. These men were not necessarily mirrors of me but mirrors of my dad. These were guys I wanted to help the way I wanted to help my dad.

That as long as I felt responsible for my dad, I’d meet these men.

And it’s not that it’s bad, but if I am to meet my future husband it’s important that I no longer feel responsible for my dad.

That I realize it is God’s responsibility to heal his self worth and identity, and not me.


Big epiphany.

I hope these words will help you realize why you always run to one type of guy, why you’re attracted to brokenness, why you always have to be a savior in a relationship, why you seek financial security in a guy or why you feel especially burdened when you’re with one type of guy.

Our romantic partners often reflect what we lacked in our parents, what we are seeking.

However, sometimes we look for exactly what we lacked and it’s detrimental.

You are not responsible for your parents. I am not responsible for fixing my parents. I am not responsible for any human being. Sure God will have me pray and minister to people but it’s not my responsibility to change them, it is God’s job.

As you allow God to open your heart, remember you are worthy of love. You are worthy of a man/woman who gives to you as much as you give to them. You don’t have to be a savior to your significant other. Jesus is their savior.

You are worthy of a good love.

You are worthy to be spoiled.

You are worthy to be cared for.

You are worthy of encouragement and love.

I pray that you will know your worth so much you will no longer compromise.